Thursday (Covers) Morning Music Shuffle – Cathedrals in my Heart Mix

Here we are the last official morning music shuffle of 2011.  It comes on a Thursday which means it is cover versions of songs.  Name the Coverer, the Coveree and the Covered Song  – if you want to cheat and/or check out some related music then click the link after the clues…

Cover #1

Coverer:  they take there name from two noted writers not two noted explorers (Who did the cover?)

 Coveree:  he once fell to earth and hung out with alien arthropods and sang with hope’s pal….(Who got covered?)

 The Covered Song: “Strange fascination, fascinating me” (Cover #1) (The Original #1)

Cover #2

Coverer:  snl musical guest, swede pop sensation  (Who did the cover?)

Coveree: were once called pectoralz and then starfish…(Who got covered?)

 The Covered Song: “I’d rather be a comma than a full stop”  (The Original #2)

Cover #3

 Coverer: they were singing about vandy girls in there famous song  (Who did the cover?)

Coveree: see #2 above (Who got covered?)

The Covered Song: “Be my mirror, my sword and shield”  (Cover #3) (The Original #3)

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