Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Feels Like It Mix

On the horizon and over the edge….
Hey ya’ll voting is proceeding hot and heave in our Band of the Month Poll. Killing Kuddles was fast of the gate and opened up a huge lead, but of late, Jo Wymer has made a run and is currently just 36 votes behind (UPDATE: Killing Kuddles has increased their lead). The rest of the pack is trailing, but there are still 10 days left.  Go get to the poll and vote for your favorite band/artist.  Vote early and often.
What else….  It’s about time for the me to pick our Featured Artists for July.  I’ve got a pretty decent short list which I am going to narrow down to 10, but it’s not too late, if you have any suggestions or if you would like to be considered drop me a line.  Just put Featured Band – July in the subject line.
Onward we go into this morning’s shuffle:
First up we have a track from April’s double album called, Marvin Country!, which features Marvin Etzioni and some special guests including Richard Thompson, Steve Earle, John Doe, Buddy Miller, and Lucinda Williams.  On You Possess Me, Marvin reunites with his Lone Justice band mate Maria McKee.

(couldn’t find a video of You Possess Me, so here’s the classic East of Eden by Lone Justice)
Next up, we have Andrew Bird covering a song by Alpha Consumer which is a side-project of two members of his backing band.  The song is called, The Crown Salesman. The song is part of a Andrew Bird Noisetrade Sampler:

The Alpha Consumer version is on the band’s 2010 release called Kick Drugs Out of America.

I Love You (But You’re Boring) was originally on The Beautiful South’s debut album Welcome to the Beautiful South. It is the companion piece to I Hate You (But You’re Interesting) which was on Choke. Los Campesinos! recently covered I Love You (But You’re Boring), and frontman Gareth will soon be touring with Beautiful South (and Housemartins) frontman Paul Heaton. You can get details here.  And head to Stereogum for a download of today’s cover.

Los Campesinos! cover
I Hate You (But You’re Interesting) Beautiful South
 And finally, we have The Shins’ A Simple Song from their album Port of Morrow which was released back in March.
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Andrew Bird – Break It Yourself – MP3 Download
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