Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Retreat Mix

Extended drive this a.m. means an extended Shuffle – so let’s get to it – jump to the shuffle after the break

“Love is God” by Majestico (See – this is what Rock and Roll sounds like. Pure adrenaline and fun. Nashville is home to some incredible bands who do not featured a banjo or a fiddle. Majestico are on the Jeffery Drag Records label)

“Come to My Party” by Black Joe Lewis (this version is off of the recently released Eastside Manor Sessions which is out now on Noisetrade. Black Joe Lewis are red hot right now, and they recently played a show here in Nashville with Jeffery Drag Records flagship artist Bad Cop)

“Nature Without Man” by Minutemen (from the classic 1984 album Double Nickels on the Dime. It’s been nearly 28 years since the world lost D. Boon, and yet this music sounds as fresh as ever.)

“Camellia” by Jesse Turits (another from the Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen compilation. Good stuff from this young Jersey singer/songwriter)

“Travelling Alone” by Jason Isbell (from one of this year’s best – Southeastern comes this heartbreaking song of yearning.)

“Never Too Far” by Moovalya (the first of two rockers from the self-titled album from this band from Arizona)

“Last Day” by The Danbury Lie (another from ?. The Danbury Lie are playing with The Grimm Generation on October 25 at café nine in New Haven, Connecticut. Two of our favorites sharing a stage!)

“Somebody Like You” by Katey Laurel (the Denver singer/songwriter with a song from her From Here album – gorgeous music.)

“Letting Go” by New Victorians (from II. Cinematic indie music)

“To the Throne” by Moovalya (The single from the album)

“Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis” by Neko Case (a stunning cover of the Tom Waits song.)

“Retreat” by Minutemen (another by the post-punk legends)

“After Eliot” by Johnny Flynn (from Country Mile. Johnny Flynn just writes and sings some amazingly awesome melodies)

“Pillow Talk” by Wild Child (the title track from the album by Austin Based Wild Child)

“Agua Dulce Tears” by Susan James (from Driving Toward the Sun. This is one of our favorite albums of the year, and it’s no wonder with incredible songs like this one.)

View today’s Playlist on Video (via You Tube) 


EP Stream: Majestico – Love Is God

via our friends at Audible Treats:

If you are one of the few who still think Nashville is all about Country or even Americana, prepare to have your illusions shattered.  We present the brand new EP from Majestico called Love is God. This is just the latest in a growing line of fabulous offerings from Jeffery Drag Records.  The label that brought you Natural Child, Turbo Fruits and current Ear to  the Ground Featured Artist Bad Cop.  Jeffery Drag was started by Adam Anyone Moult of Bad Cop.  Read on….

Absurdist Psych-Rock Nashvillian Releases New EP Today   spacer

The EP:

After a year of recording and preparation, Nashville’s Majestico is excited to unleash his latest project, Love is God, unto the world today. The 7″ EP, released via hometown imprint Jeffery Drag Records, marks the psych-rock artist’s third release following his 2008 debut album Boundary Conditions, and 2009’s Live in Japan. Physical copies of the 7″ are now available for purchase on Jeffery Drag’s website, and digital copies are available on iTunes and Amazon. 

Working with Jeremy Ferguson, who has recorded projects for Turbo Fruits, Bad Cop, and Be Your Own Pet at his Nashville-based Battle Tapes Recording studio, Majestico has turned out an EP of four tracks that together create an up-tempo thrill ride through psychedelia. The album’s title track, “Love is God” recently made its video premier via Prefix, and takes viewers on a visual journey as stimulating as the music itself. Together with songs “Gimme Love,” “Boom Boom,” and “Bright White Lady,” Majestico’s latest endeavor proves to be his latest act of “music magicka.”

“Love is God” Video

And here’s the EP Stream

Majestico was born from the breath of a new America, a land at the end of reason where dogma meets God. Singer/guitar player/brainchild Graham Fitzpenn was raised in an occult outside Houston, TX and was admired for his talent for music magicka. At the age of 25, he renounced these devices and turned from darkness. Marked by a new freedom, he moved to Nashville, TN and created his debut album, Boundary Conditions, which was released in 2008. Shortly after, he assembled a band and began to travel. A year later, they returned with Live at Japan, a record of their appearance on a Japanese television show in 2010 which also ended up on an early Jeffery Drag release, a split cassette with fellow Nashvillians and JDR alumni, Ranch Ghost. In the summer of 2011, they recorded their forthcoming 7″ EP Love is God, set for release on October 2nd by way of Jeffery Drag Records. 

Jeffery Drag Records was formed in early 2009 by Adam Moult, frontman of Nashville based band Bad Cop. The label was originally founded to release limited pressings of cassettes and vinyl for Bad Cop and other various acts including The Hussy, Pujol, and Little Viking. In 2011, Bad Cop bass player Mike Gicz joined the Jeffery Drag team, overseeing cassette releases from Ranch Ghost, Electric Dollhouse Groovebuggy, and Majestico. The third and final member of Jeffery Drag is R.J. Jennings. The label has grown tremendously, adding Natural Child, Useless Eaters, and Ghost Dance to the roster. Jeffery Drag Records is continuing to grow on a daily basis and has quickly become a name brand for groundbreaking rock and roll music in Nashville and across the country.

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