Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Set Me Free Mix

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And we are back!  Life happens…  Here is a brief musical recap:

Sunday night. It was Valentine’s Day and it was Sunday and it was a messy, cold and rainy night.  A relatively small crowd (relative to the Nashville crowd this show should have brought out) witnessed a text book demonstration of what Rock and Roll guitar music should be.  Brian Wright opened with an amazing band that boasted three powerhouse guitar players (including Wright himself). As I have come to expect from Brian Wright, the songs were excellent and the energy and music were intense. Easily one of the best Brian Wright shows I have seen (and I have seen some good ones).  The headliner was Dan Baird and Homemade Sin. The band fronted by ex-Georgia Satellite Baird and featuring the legendary Warner Hodges on lead guitar – tore through a set of songs that spanned Baird’s lengthy catalog.  Backed by fellow former Satellite, Mauro Magellen  on Drums and Micke Nilsson on bass, the band was on point and played as though they were playing a sold out arena show.  The band tours extensively in Europe, but Nashville shows are rare.  I hope next time around, the weather and calendar aligns and Nashville will pack out wherever they play.

A very different evening last night at The Post East coffee house/juice bar/smoothie joint for East Nashville Storytellers #77 which featured renowned poet Bill Brown and Darrin Bradbury (accompanied by Megan Palmer).

Due to circumstances, I missed seeing Jon Latham, Zach Schmidt, Jeremy Pinnell, and Carson McHone on Monday night, but by all accounts it was every bit as awesome as I would expect.

On to the shuffle – since I know you got to be jonesing for one by this point…

“Dead Man’s Glory” by Jonas H. Sjøvaag’s Navyelectre

Some orchestral swinging music from Norway.  The album Large Ensemble has been in rotation here a while, and the songs are all amazing.

“Bye Bye Baby” by Bob Margolin

From My Road, a cover of a Nappy Brown song by “Steady Rollin'” Bob Margolin. Some awesome modern blues music.

“Pending Vegan” by Ben Arthur

Author Jonathan Lethem (not to be mistaken for E2TG Artist of the Year, Jon Latham – although I would love to witness the two in conversation about music) is one of the best contemporary writers and one of the most in touch with the power and importance of music.  It is therefore appropriate that Ben Arthur’s Call and Response will include a song that is not only based upon a story of Lethem’s but is in fact a collaboration.  Since there is not a video yet for this track, I posted a Ben Arthur video along with Jonathan Lethem interviewing Patti Smith.

“Who Carried You” by Malcolm Holcombe

The legendary North Carolina singer, songwriter Malcolm Holcombe from his recently released The RCA Sessions.  “Who Carried You” was originally released on his debut album A Hundred Lies which was released back in 1996.

“Bodysnatchers” by Dave Rawlings Machine

More instant classic music from Nashville Obsolete. I honestly believe this is music that will be listened to and discussed for years to come.

“Happy Halloween” by The Green Pajamas

Happy Halloween! is the name of the 2014 album from this long running Indie Psycho-Pop band from Seattle. I’m sure this was added to my playlist back in October, but really, there is never a wrong time for incredible music like this.

“You Keep Me Hanging On” by Vanilla Fudge

Vanilla Fudge with a rocking cover of the Holland-Dozier-Holland song which was a huge hit for The Supremes in 1966. The Vanilla Fudge version was a top ten hit. Kim Wilde took the song back to number one 20 years after The Supreme’s version.

“Starless” by Zaibatsu

And, we close out the shuffle with more awesome music from this Italian pregressive rock band – off of their record Zero.



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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – The Trial Mix

Reasoning beyond all reason, to every purpose there is a season
Meaning over meaning, layers upon layers 
Days to weeks, looks turn to stares
Following my muse, following my bliss
Every single dream and vision ends up like this.  
(J. W-M 3/7/2012)
Welcome to my space on the internet.  Music. ‘Kay. Walking in – nice day, sunshine and not too cool. To the list:
We featured Kafka a few days ago, but he is back with another track off the fabulously diverse and wonderful Mysterious Skin set.   We got you hooked up at Amazon using the album cover link below.  Check out out the previous post about Kafka to see about getting hooked up with some free Kafka!
(Run With the Buffalo from the album Mysterious Skin by Kafka)
I continue to be blown away by how great the new Leonard Cohen album, Old Ideas, really is. Today with have Crazy to Love You.  Check out Old Ideas at Amazon below.
(Old Ideas by Leonard Cohen at
Gaz Coombs was the lead singer and vocalist of the British band, Supergrass. He has a debut solo album due out in May.  Today we listened to the song Subdivider .

(Pre-order Here Come the Bombs by Gaz Coombes at Amazon)
Frozen treats and sweet beats… Recurring Ear to the Ground artist Hayden Coleman asks and answers the musical question Is It Real?  If “It” refers to the the Mr. Coleman’s legit beats, then by all means, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

Malcolm Holcombe makes rich folk blues delivered in a joyous and lively baritone.  Malcolm Holcombe has had a storied and tumultuous life, and is currently enjoying the peace and serenity that comes with long-term sobriety.  Where I Don’t Belong off of last year’s To Drink the Rain, is a tender yet deep song of yearning and loss and being found. 
(To  Drink the Rain by Malcolm Holcombe –
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