Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Like Monkeys Do Mix

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Well, back to reality and back to our daily shuffle.  More recaps of AMA 2015 will be forthcoming. 

Suffice it to say, I had the time of my life – hearing tons of great music, seeing and meeting people, and sharing some once in a lifetime moments.

It is Monday and that means, I am back to work and we have a nifty shuffle to kick off the post-AMA hangover week…

“Yuma” by Justin Townes Earle

We start of this week with the devastating title track from JTE’s debut EP (2007).

“Missing” by Manilow

I didn’t realize we still have some Manilow in the shuffle.  This is some badass UK punk rock.

“Fighter” by Tiffany Huggins Grant

Another great song from Tiffany’s Jonquil Child album – one of my favorites of the year.

“Don’t Bang the Drum” by The Waterboys

A swelling, expansive track from This is the Sea.

“Railroad Bill” by Etta Baker

Some Piedmont Blues via The Music Maker Relief Foundation.  If I am not mistaken, Taj Mahal plays on this song.

“I’m Poor” by Supersuckers

My Americana experience this year began with a fund raiser for Supersucker Eddie Spaghetti at The Basement East – last Tuesday.  Today, we have a track from a compilation called Their Sympathetic Majesty’s Request. 

“When Tomorrow Never Comes” by Pony Boy

We have another track from Pony Boy’s brand new record, Blue Gold.

“Slow Motion” (Sylvan Esso Remix) by PHOX

We close out the day with a remix of a song from the Self-Titled album by the indie band based out of Wisconsin.


Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Sixty Two at Twenty Three Mix

Welcome to Tuesday….   so, at some point in the past (for reasons which may have made since at the time), I signed up to get e-mail updates from one of the local television channels. I don’t always read them, but today, I did… and there was a story about a music video addressing East Nashville gentrification.  I had heard about this, so I actually clicked on the link and watch the video, and there was Ear to the Ground Artist of the Year and my friend, Darrin Bradbury lip-synching and acting like a champ… Here is a link to the article.

“Rhode Island Summer” by The Danbury Lie

I am pretty sure this song has been in a shuffle before.  The Danbury Lie released this as a download single some time ago, and it has reappeared as part of their latest album Scattered Moments of Connection.  Interesting trivia, when a song I download does not have a picture associated with it, my music player uses some existing picture, and it often repeated uses the same image over an extended period of time.  For awhile, the image it used was the image that came with the single version of this song.  Now, you know…

“True Love” by Darrin Bradbury

Coincidental to the anecdote shared above, last night I realized that I had never featured Darrin Bradbury’s Tur-Lyfe: A Live Recording of Unfortunate Events on Ear to the Ground.  I was appalled with myself, and set about to make it right.  First up off that release is what has been come one of Bradbury’s most popular and best loved songs.  A little known fact is that originally the song was not going to compare true love to a meth lab, but instead was going to compare true love to an indie rock band.  The original opening line was, “Our love is like the death cab in your cuties basement.”   As always remember the jokes are free of charge and worth every penny…. 

“Recipe for Disaster” by Bark

Tim and Susan Lee are cooking up something special for their recently released side project Bark which features Susan on drums.

“And the Blind Man Lead the Way” by The Great Game

From the inbox, comes this band whose members and influences comes from across Europe, the Middle East, and North and South America.   A very interesting sound which I will look forward to checking out more in depth.  The album is also called The Great Game.

“Wicked Mind” by Fancytramp

From a Jeffery Drag Sampler comes this song by the late, great Nashville band Fancytramp.  When Fancytramp ended, a couple of the members went on to form a band called Idle Bloom which I recently saw open for Turbo Fruits at 3rd and Lindsley.

“Lover’s Rock” by The Clash

So… seriously do you not agree that London Calling is just a flat out rad album?

“Vitamins” by Manilow

Another fine modern British punk song from the Cease and Desist album.

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Some awesome old school American Rock and Roll music from the Jersey Shore…. The final track on their self-titled debut.

“Easy to Love” by Ivan and Alyosha

A track from the 2009 album The Verse, The Chorus from this Seattle based indie-folk/pop band.  Grabbed this from a recent Noisetrade release.

“Fingertips 1: Everything is Catching on Fire” by They Might Be Giants

From Apollo 18, the first of 21 short Fingertips tracks on the 1992 album.

“I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight” by Richard and Linda Thompson

We close out the day with one of my all-time favorite songs…  the title track from the classic 1974 album that does not sound at all like it is over 40 years old.


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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Dream Too Much Mix

Had a great time last night on my first visit to the (relatively) new City Winery Nashville.  The first ever Nashville Nights featured Darrin Bradbury and Tim Easton with Megan Palmer with special guest Amy Speace.  It’s a gorgeous building and the music sounded great.

A bit short on time.  As I do every year on this date, I begin the Video Playlist with a song (not part of the shuffle) by Cracker from their self-titled debut.

“Kumbayah” by Guadalcanal Diary

Let’s sit around the campfire and hold hands!

“Paradise Found” by Gretchen Peters

So happy that Gretchen Peters’ awesome 2012 album Hello Cruel World is available on

“Control Issue” by Manilow

Fun fact, it is next to impossible to find this band on YouTube without seeing hundreds of Barry Manilow videos… Also, wouldn’t it be funny if this was actually a secret project by Barry Manilow. It’s not, but it would be epic.  This is some great sounding punk inspired music.

“Wild Horses” by The Rolling Stones

One of my favorite Stones’ songs.  Old and in the Way  (Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Peter Rowan and Vassar Clemons) do an awesome cover of this song.

“Fire from Heaven” by Guadalcanal Diary

Hearing this got me reflecting on how great a band Guadalcanal Diary were.

“Nomadic” by Nicke Borg Homeland

It’s been a good week for cool music from Sweden.  This is another random find on Freegal that I like quite a bit.

“Okay is All She Said…” by Batkhi Dahn

Another from the amazing Batkhi Dahn (aka Hayden Nork of The Foresters).  Cool stuff!

“High Fidelity” by Elvis Costello and the Attractions

Keeping it going in High Fidelity!

“You Dream Too Much” by Richard Thompson

Can you dream too much? Apparently so… Rumor and Sigh is the bomb!

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Closing things out with another from Hello Cruel World which made me think about seeing the Greta Garbo film Camille in high school drama class…


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Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – DCCC Mix

!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=”//”;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,”script”,”twitter-wjs”); window.amznpubstudioTag = “eartothegro00-20”; Made it to 800!  You are currently reading the 800th post since I transferred the blog from Posterous (RIP) to Blogger.  Also, assuming a few of you read this or some other post, Ear to the Ground will reach a milestone number of pageviews (aka one with a bunch of 0’s). 

It seems appropriate that this milestone (of a sort) post, contains a pretty random shuffle of some cools songs – including artists we’ve never featured, some old favorites, covers, pop culture references, and more.  We do this just about every day. 

In honor of post 800, I thought I would attempt to start a new hashtag meme – #twt (three word Thursday). 

“One Step at a Time” by The Slang from The Slang EP

Columbus Power Pop

“Poor Boy” by Pork Chop Willie from Love is the Devil

Hill Country Alive

“Ed Wood, 1994” by Sci-Fi Romance from October

Follow your dreams

“Spitfire” by INTL from Deer Head Music Presents: Indie Mixtape Nashville/Mystery

They broke up 😦

“Starman” (Bowie cover) by Golden Smog from Blood on the Slacks

Great Bowie cover

“An Anthem for the Broken” by Matthew Ryan from Boxers

Speaks to Me

“Abe Lincoln” by American Aquarium from Burn. Flicker. Die.

Real Roots Rock

“Law Here” by Manilow for Cease and Desist

Band not Barry