Friday Morning Music Shuffle – A Distant Ship Mix

I don’t know how, but somehow January has gotten away from us.  Welcome to February.

We have another jam-packed shuffle so – let’s do it… after le jump

Darling Underdog
Jill Sobule and John Doe
A Day at the Pass (2011)

Released for Record Store Day 2011. Indie Folk/Rock darling with X man John Doe. Exene wrote the lyrics for this song.

When You Were Young (The Killers Cover)
Garrison Starr
Relive (Noisetrade Version) (2012)
Cover of the first single from The Killers 2006 album, Sam’s Town. Garrison first released a cover of this song on a free EP in 2012.  We have it off a Sampler via Noisetrade.

Comfortably Numb (Live)
Pink Floyd
 Pulse (1995)
This Gilmour/Waters tune from The Wall (1979) – recorded live during The Division Bell tour. Vocals here are by David Gilmour and Richard Wright.  I have become…

Bayou Tortous
James McMurtry
Just Us Kids (2008)
Opening track from McMurtry’s 2008Just Us Kids album.

On We March
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
The Social Network: Five Track Sampler (2010)
Track from the Oscar-winning composers.

Can’t Talk To You
The Boilers
City Without a Subway (1986)
Awesome Nashville 80s Rock – from a 1986 benefit album fro 91.1 WRVU. The album cover featured a painting by Howard Finster. 

(video for another Nashville 80s rock band – Guilt)

Lonely Holiday
Rhett Miller
Live at Eddie’s Attic (2012)
Live acoustic version of a song from Miller’s old band’s fourth album. (Old 97s/Fight Songs (1999))

TV in the Bedroom
TV Girl
The Wild, The Innocent, The TV Shuffle (2012)

San Diego Lo-Fi Indie Pop band – from their 2012 mixtape


October (1981)
Spare and beautiful.  

Nat Baldwin
People Changes (2011)
Part of Dirty Projectors – nice shattered pop music from a fractured age… 

Trembling Hands
Explosions in the Sky
Take Care, Take Care, Take Care (2011)
Nifty Alt-Rock instrumental from the Austin-based band.

Hard to Build a Home
Marvin Etzioni
Marvin Country! (2012)
Classic “talking” style country sound as interpreted by the multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist.

Here’s another Marvin Country! track

The Curse
Josh Ritter
So Runs the World Away (2010)
Nice way to close out the shuffle – this track from Josh Ritter’s sixth full-length album.


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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Eerily Familiar Mix

Are you scared yet?

HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!  A little frost on the pumpkin here in Nashville.

What is your favorite Halloween-themed song?

We aren’t doing a theme today, but the shuffle is scary good.

Montreal-based Michael Silver records under the name CFCF.  He teams up here with fellow Montreal Electronic band Austra with a song from the brand new Paper Bag Records album cover compilation Paper Bag Records vs. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.  They do Soul Love.  Check it…

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We continue to delve into the musical treasure trove that is Marvin Country! by Marvin Etzioni.  We pick up today with Gram Revisited which features some sampled talking by the song’s subject – the late Gram Parsons. 


Here’s different, but still excellent song off Marvin Country!

And here is Gram Parson with The Flying Burrito Brothers

Blind Willie Johnson, the early 20th Century Texas Blues/Gospel musician wrote and recorded Soul of a Man. It was released in 1930.  

One of my favorite covers of the song

Memphis alternative rockers Sore Eyes reported back in July that they were at work on a new album.  Until then, we have a Bonus Track we culled from ReverbNation.  Check out Let It Go:

Here is a different Sore Eyes song via Youtube.



Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Discarded Detritus Mix

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Have you voted yet?  No? Well, go VOTE!  Yes? Well, go VOTE again?  Not sure, well VOTE!  I guess I’m saying – it’s that time of the lunar cycle… no not that time… the time when we ask you, loyal reader, to take part in a demonstration of out-of-control competitiveness and to help determine the Band of the Month for October 2012. Look, music is what matters, and all of the voting etc. is just an excuse to put the music out there again, plus, if two or three bands really get into it, it can be tons o’ fun.  So go VOTE!
 Oh yeah, and for our U.S. readers, there is some sort of election thing happening soon, and you should probably vote in that, too.

We have a packed music shuffle today, so let’s get to it.

The Imperial Rooster keep it concise and to the point with this track from Decent People. 45 Seconds of Blood delivers just what it promises (actually the track clocks in at 48 seconds, but the blood only lasts for 45 of those).


Here’s The Imperial Rooster from this year’s CXCW fest (anti-fest?)

San Diego Indie Rock band Future of Forestry released an album in July called Young Man Follow.  Today we’ve got Would You Come Home. There is a certain lushness to this record that I’m really digging. Check it out:

Tipi Valley have been on our radar for a number of months.  We’ve had them as a Featured Artists and several of their songs have appeared in Morning Music Shuffles.  In July, Tipi Valley released an acoustic-leaning EP called In the Woods. Now, they are back with the follow-up, Beautiful Sunrise, on which they plug in, power up and offer 4 great new songs including Needle For Your Love which is part of today’s shuffle.  Man oh man, I love this song.  Obviously, I’m a fan of Tipi Valley, and I’ve been impressed by the diversity of music they’ve offered.  Needle for Your Love offers a sonic blast reminiscent of Husker Du/Bob Mould with some Beatlesque hooks and enough fuzzy goodness to maintain the band’s shoegaze rep (I still don’t know what shoegaze means by the way).  Check out the latest from Tipi Valley., we continue digging into Marvin Etzioni’s excellent and epic double album, Marvin Country!  Lay It On the Table features the lovely and talented Lucinda Williams joining Marvin for a Sam Shepard worthy tale of broken love and fractured hearts.

Here’s a video of Marvin, Lucinda and friends playing together.
And finally, The Dixie Hummingbirds are a Gospel group who have been making music for more than 80 years.  They perform a version of You Are the Light on Marvin Country!  Here we have When the Dollar Rules the Pulpit which we pick up off on of the albums to come out of the Occupy movement.



Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – 47 Percent Elegance Mix

Man you guys, I think I need an intern or something.  I mean if Kramer could have an intern, I could – right?  So much goodness going on – Our good friends, The Dead Exs dropped their sophomore album, Relovolution, while we were AMAing, and we are going to have a lot to say about this one.  Cosmonauts are just a week away from unveiling the video to the song they recently debuted and which we had in the shuffle yesterday, Cold Harbor. The Disappointment have a new video, we just heard a killer new song from Dogs of Oz. There is new music out or coming soon from The Avett Brothers, Mumford and Sons, Band of Horses, John Hiatt and just about everybody else.  We made some good contacts at the Americana to-do, and some big things are coming for little ole us.  So of course, by nbl (non-blogging life) is also exploding and time become a precious commodity, but it’s all good.

Our shuffle today features two artists we saw live last week plus a song from the early 2000s and a relatively new song that sounds like an old song…  Let’s jump into the shuffle:

First up we have Leeds’ own, The Dunwells, who we saw last Thursday at Live on the Green with I Could Be A King off of their debut record, Blind Sighted Faith.

Up next, we have a retro-sounding fuzzy guitar-driven, Garage Rock song called Driven by Love from the band 45 Spider which comes from Supercharged Sounds (the 8th Volume of the Best of GaragePunk Hideout) which came out in July. 

Next, we have the debut single by California ska-punk band OPM from way back around the turn of the century. Heaven is  Halfpipe promises skating after death. The debut album was called Menace to Sobriety (see what they did there?)

And finally, we have another song from the fantastic Marvin Country! album by Marvin Etzioni who at The Station Inn in Nashville along with his Marvin Country! String Quartet. I had the chance to talk briefly with Mr. Etzioni, and hope to have the opportunity to have a longer chat with him soon.

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Semi-Circle of Life Mix

Greetings and Salutations….

Time is short, so let’s get to the shuffle:

In contrast to yesterday’s shuffle which contained a mix of classic (i.e. very old music) and new stuff, all of the songs in today’s shuffle were released in 2012.  Let’s get to it…

First up, we have a young band from Florida which I came across during some random surfing on Bandcamp. Grounded play noisy rock and I kind of dig their style… so yeah… The song we have today is called Take the Hit… We have the Bandcamp widget for you to listen and Download Grounded’s three song demo and it’s Free! So take a chance with Grounded.
Next up, we have another superb song from the Marvin Country! album by Marvin Etzioni (Lone Justice).  This one is called Bob Dylan is Dead, and it’s a really great song.  Interesting and totally random incident… yesterday, I went to Twitter and saw that Bob Dylan was trending,and I had to immediately make sure he had not died.  He hadn’t.  Rather he is releasing his 35th studio album soon.   Anyway, you really need to go get Marvin Country!

I could not find a video for Bob Dylan is Dead, so here is a interview with Mr. Etzioni from Inside Music Row.

And finally, we dig deeper into the awesome debut by Nashville rock superground, The Bluefields. The album is called Pure, and the song today is called Trainwreck.  The Bluefields started a three week run of free shows at the Hi-Watt in Nashville.  I missed last night and will have to miss next week, but I am going to try to make it the week after.  If you’re around Nashville head on down for what is sure to be a good time.


Georgia Satellites Georgia Satellites

Product SpecificationsSKU:ABSB000002H3WProduct DescriptionProduct Description    Live at Piedmont Park is the first full DMB concert release on DVD since The Central Park Concert release in 2003.  Dave Matthews Band performed on September 8, 2007 in front of 50,000+ fans at the Meadow of Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia.  Live at Piedmont Park has been remixed and recut since the Peachtree TV broadcast and was recorded in stereo and 5.1 audio and shot in High Definition video to provide viewers and listeners with the ultimate sound and video quality.SKU: ABSB000002H3W

Jason & The Scorchers Jason & The Scorchers

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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Feels Like It Mix

On the horizon and over the edge….
Hey ya’ll voting is proceeding hot and heave in our Band of the Month Poll. Killing Kuddles was fast of the gate and opened up a huge lead, but of late, Jo Wymer has made a run and is currently just 36 votes behind (UPDATE: Killing Kuddles has increased their lead). The rest of the pack is trailing, but there are still 10 days left.  Go get to the poll and vote for your favorite band/artist.  Vote early and often.
What else….  It’s about time for the me to pick our Featured Artists for July.  I’ve got a pretty decent short list which I am going to narrow down to 10, but it’s not too late, if you have any suggestions or if you would like to be considered drop me a line.  Just put Featured Band – July in the subject line.
Onward we go into this morning’s shuffle:
First up we have a track from April’s double album called, Marvin Country!, which features Marvin Etzioni and some special guests including Richard Thompson, Steve Earle, John Doe, Buddy Miller, and Lucinda Williams.  On You Possess Me, Marvin reunites with his Lone Justice band mate Maria McKee.

(couldn’t find a video of You Possess Me, so here’s the classic East of Eden by Lone Justice)
Next up, we have Andrew Bird covering a song by Alpha Consumer which is a side-project of two members of his backing band.  The song is called, The Crown Salesman. The song is part of a Andrew Bird Noisetrade Sampler:

The Alpha Consumer version is on the band’s 2010 release called Kick Drugs Out of America.

I Love You (But You’re Boring) was originally on The Beautiful South’s debut album Welcome to the Beautiful South. It is the companion piece to I Hate You (But You’re Interesting) which was on Choke. Los Campesinos! recently covered I Love You (But You’re Boring), and frontman Gareth will soon be touring with Beautiful South (and Housemartins) frontman Paul Heaton. You can get details here.  And head to Stereogum for a download of today’s cover.

Los Campesinos! cover
I Hate You (But You’re Interesting) Beautiful South
 And finally, we have The Shins’ A Simple Song from their album Port of Morrow which was released back in March.
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Andrew Bird – Break It Yourself – MP3 Download
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Los Campesinos! Los Campesinos!
We believe it is important to preserve what makes music special, and make it easy to craft listening experiences. At MOG, browse millions songs and play them instantly. Or just turn on radio where you can stop and replay songs. You can also create playlists for any occasion, and even download songs to your mobile. We are dedicated to employing the cleanest but most powerful technology so you can enjoy music as much as ever.