Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Big Music Mix

Hesitation Blues is an American standard which has been recorded and adapted by dozens of artists since the original lyrics were published nearly a century ago.  Today’s version is by Doc Watson and his son the late Merle Watson and was released on their 1984 album Down South  (which you can purchase by clicking on the picture above – Amazon).  I ripped the song from one of the Rykodisc Steal This Disc compilations.


Mike Scott is a musical genius.   Be My Enemy comes from The Waterboys 1985 album This is the Sea, and in retrospect serves as a bit of a bridge between the bands Big Music sound and the traditional celtic feel of their later work (Beginning with the follow-up album 1988s Fisherman’s Blues). It’s a rousing number which makes it a great fit for a sleepy walk to work. Get This is the Sea via Amazon by clicking the album cover above.

Red Bank Boogie is a Count Basie song about his hometown Red Bank, New Jersey. Count Basie led his Orchestra for nearly 50 years and worked with many, many legendary singers and musicians. I’ve been a fan of 50s era jazz since the late 80s when I first got into Charlie Parker through a Louis Malle film. Check out The Count Basie Story on Amazon via the album cover above.


Pretty in Pink before it was a 1986 John Hughes film starring Molly Ringwald and that guy from 2 and 1/2 Men (not Charlie Sheen or Ashton Kutcher) was a stand out track on the Furs 1981 sophomore effort Talk Talk Talk.  No sophomore slump evident here. I really didn’t like the recorded version of the song for the movie soundtrack, but the original is still a classic.  Talk Talk Talk via Amazon can be yours for a click and a credit card purchase.

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Waterboys [UK Bonus Tracks] (Import) Waterboys [UK Bonus Tracks] (Import)
When the Waterboys’ self-titled album was released originally in July 1983, it was an auspicious debut for an ambitious group, its 43 and a half minutes and eight tracks bursting with a powerful, compressed sound and leader Mike Scott’s reedy tenor singin

Doc & Merle Watson In Concert Doc & Merle Watson In Concert
Vestapol Productions presents this concert performance by bluegrass legends Doc and Merle Watson, recorded in 1980, just five years before Merle’s untimely death. Doc and Merle Watson In Concert includes renditions of “Way Downtown,” “Sweet Georgia Brown,” “I Miss the Mississippi and You,” and many others. ~ Matthew Tobey, Rovi

The Piano Style of Count Basie The Piano Style of Count Basie
“(Some of Basie’s Best for Advanced Piano). By Count Basie. By Count Basie. For solo piano and solo voice (on some songs). Artist/Personality; Piano – Personality Book; Piano Supplemental. Big Band and Swing. Advanced. Collection. Standard notation, chord names and lyrics (on some songs) (does not include words to the songs). 72 pages. Published by Alfred Music Publishing”

Pretty in Pink Pretty in Pink
Track Listing: 1. If You Leave, 2. Left of Center, 3. Get to Know Ya, 4. Do Wot You Do, 5. Pretty in Pink, 6. Shellshock, 7. Round, Round, 8. Wouldn’t It Be Good, 9. Bring on the Dancing Horses, 10. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want