Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – You, You Know I’m Right Mix

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I had a good time last night at The Basement East.  I got to see performances from two people I was first introduced to at the Safety Harbor Song Fest way back in late March – Chris Gelbuda and Daphne Willis.  It was the soft EP Release Show for Willis – whose new EP, Get It, will be released on Friday. 

Opening the show was Kyshona Armstrong.  She actually played the first Safety Harbor Song Fest in 2014.  She plays some wonderful acoustic soul music and was backed by an outstanding band.  I really enjoyed her set, and I will be on the lookout for more opportunities to see her again.

Daphne Willis played next back by yet another outstanding band.  I am always hesitant to assign genres when the artist/band does not.  I will say there is a real pop instinct to her music.  The overwhelming impression is energy, enthusiasm, and a very clear understanding and appreciation for the way her music sounds.  Chris Gelbuda, who co-produced her new CD, joined her for a couple of songs, and then was the next on the bill.

I found out after the set that Gelbuda and his band only got the chance for minimum rehearsal time before the show, but I can honestly say, that did not come across. Gelbuda is an accomplished producer (he produced the latest hit single for Meaghan Trainor) and a professional songwriter.  I was very impressed by the caliber of his songs. 

Unfortunately, I had to leave before the last act on the bill was done, but Sonia Leigh – playing with much of the band that accompanied Daphne Willis – sounded great.

On to the mid-week shuffle for your listening pleasure…

“Stupid Bird (This Time Next Year)” by Dean Fields

Another track from the Harvester Sampler.  This song relates the migration (leaving only return) to the similar effect small towns have on people.  I really like this one.

“Generic Bike Rider” by Batkhi Dahn

The return of Batkhi Dahn to the shuffle.  They have a new single out, but this is from the Plays 15 record.  This song is not about a name brand bike rider. Just so we are clear.

“City Kids” by Motorhead

What’s that? Why does Ear the Ground never have early period Motorhead in the shuffle?  The hell you say!  Ta-Da.

“The Bulrushes” (Bongos cover) by Tim Lee 3

When I came across this song a few weeks ago, and then discovered it was a few years old, I had to wonder why it took me so long to learn of its existence. Some of favorite people and E2TG favorites from Knoxville, Tennessee covering one of my favorite songs by one of the best bands of all time.  The song appeared on an benefit album for Hurricane Relief – I think following Sandy.

“The Hydra’s Heart” by The Unravelling

One of my favorite local songwriters has been posting lots of metal links today (that really doesn’t narrow it down much), but before I even knew that, this song came into the shuffle from the progressive metal band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  The lead track (I think) from Tear a Hole in the Collective Vision. ROCK!

“It’s All Gone Now” by Jeremy Nash

Nashville-by-way-of-New York singer-songwriter Jeremy Nash just released a new album called Getaway Driver.  I got to hear him do some songs in a round Sunday night at Bobby’s Idle Hour.  This is our first listen to Getaway Driver, and it will not be the last.  We start with the last track on the album because that is how our randomness rolls sometimes. I’ve just listened to a few tracks on the album, but I really dig what I’ve heard so far.

“Monterey” by The Milk Carton Kids

Monterey is the title track from the latest album by the folk duo, The Milk Carton Kids. The track came to us via those 100 World Café Session downloads we got back several months ago. It is a great performance of a gorgeous song.

“Collide” by Dan Coyle

Another track from Random Thoughts and Incomplete Sentences – the 2009 album of one of our favorites. 

“I Don’t Wanna Know” by Human Radio

We close things out with a favorite from the self-titled Human Radio record.  The band is working on a new album and playing some shows in Nashville and Memphis – including this Saturday at The 5 Spot. 


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Monday Morning Music Shuffle – And it Burns… Mix

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It’s rather hot and miserable here in Nashville.  

We have 11 songs in the mix today.  New music and old music and new to me music. 



  1. “Real Full-Time Guy” by Drive He Said
  2. “It’s a Miracle Gone”  and 
  3. “Weapons” by EndAnd
  4. “The Plan” by Year of October
  5. “Moving On (Towards Better Days)” by Luke Winslow-King
  6. “Who Needs Enemies” by Nikki Sue and the Bad News
  7. “New Lover” by Josh Ritter 
  8. “Honey, Honey” by The Milk Carton Kids

Shuffle – after the jump

  •  “The Dog is Mine” by K-OS from BLack On Blond (2013)

Grabbed this one off an Amazon sampler.  Pretty decent song.

  • “Love Reign O’er Me” by Pete Townsend from The Quadrophenia Demos 2 

A stripped down demo version of the Who classic.

  • “Ring of Fire” by 37 Targets from Another Day (1986)

A cover of the June Carter song made famous by her husband Johnny Cash as covered by an 80s band from Chattanooga, Tennessee.  I have a version of this from a vinyl EP called …And it Burns.  This version was included on the latest month mix tape by the fine folks at Feel Bad for You.



Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Constantly Confused Mix

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Its astounding, time is fleeting Madness takes its toll”

 When we stop to consider the alternative – life, no matter what else it is or seems to be, is a grand adventure, a gift, and a prize offering endless possibilities….

The rational mind pales before the majesty that is imagination.

I offer up another collection of songs which helped me navigate the dangerous waters of life in the still early portion of the 21st Century.


“Fever Dream” by Young Summer (from her forthcoming album)

“Ultra Puzzle Song” by Ghost and Goblin (a weird little number from their new album)

“The Ash and Clay” by The Milk Carton Kids (Have You Seen Me?)

“Smilin’ When We Talk” by SetInStone (Corinth Mississippi band)

“In a Delorean” by Game Theory (One of my favorite songs by them)

“Swing Wide the Gate” by Raina Rose (from Austin Texas – like this song)

“Always Another” by Heligoland (from Paris France off of the Commission 45 sampler that always includes our friends Sealight)


  • “Me and Caring” by SetInStone from Colors (2013)

 I really like this song which comes from the band’s second EP. Colors is available for Name Your Price at Bandcamp – use the widget above to stream and/or download.

  • “Friends of the Family” by Game Theory from Real Nightime (1985)

“You and I work in factories
We run the big machinery
The will to try leaves slowly
The murder goes on daily”

The past month has been a real revelation for me – as I have spun my way through the Game Theory Catalog.  There is so much good music.  And then there is The Loud Family…. wow!

  • “The Skeletons in the Closet” by Ghost and Goblin from SUPERHORRORCASTLELAND (2013)

“Nothing seems to be wasted on you” Lo-Fi Doom Pop from New York City.  Yes, The End Men turned me on to this band in a post where the also gave a shout out to Skeletons in the Piano. Are this songs title and that band’s name in any other way connected?  I’m probably thinking to much.  As a long time fan or all things horror, I approve this album.  Check it out… or else….



Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – rearviewmirrormix

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Wow! May is sure flying by, and I still have some wrap-up to do for April – ah well, when I can, when I can…   I have a nifty selection of songs today, so let’s get to it.
Pre-Shuffle Shuffle:
1. “If You Would Love Me, Too” by Prattle On, Rick (A Nashville artist who I “discovered” via Twitter. Really digging this guy and wondering why it’s taken me so long to catch up with him.  The video in our Playlist is for another song of his – as are several of the songs today).
2. “I Am” by Sealight (Our friends from across the pond are back with a new song – a follow up to their Dead Letters EP which I reviewed some time back in my very first Ear to the Ground record review!  I Am can be found on a Sampler put out by the band’s French Label, Commission 45.

3.”Stealing Romance” by Milk Carton Kids

4.”Without You” by Natalie Maines

5.  “Failing Love (acoustic)” by Seth Philpott

The Milk Carton Kids and Seth Philpott tracks were grabbed from Noisetrade.  There is always fresh new music up for grabs at, and as always tip if you can, spread the word and support the artists however you are able.

The Natalie Maines’ track is the lead track from her long-anticipated and brand new album Mother.

SHUFFLE is up – after the JUMP

  • “Fall Apart” by Jeanette Lynne from You’ve Got Me (2013)

I’ve had several songs from this album in our Pre-Shuffle over the last couple of weeks, and so far I’ve loved every thing I’ve heard. This one comes via fellow blogger, madman, genius and reigning Mayor of Couch by Couchwest – David “Popatunes” Horton.  Ms. Lynne, as I understand it, went to school with David’s sons which got me to thinking about all the amazingly talented musical artists who’ve passed tangentially through my life – children of friends, friends of my children etc. Which I suppose it all part of the philosophy of Ear to the Ground – keep listening and you will be amazed at what comes your way.

  • “Bad Year at UCLA” by Game Theory from Distortion of Glory

A truly great song from the legendary San Francisco band.

  • “Athens to Athens” (live) [Vienna] (acoustic) by Joe Bonamassa from An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House (2013)

Look, I honestly can’t say that I’ve ever been a huge Joe Bonamassa fan. It’s not that I don’t like his music so much as I’ve never really listened to it. That being said, I love this song and I love everything else I’ve heard so far from this album. This sounds amazing – not a surprise given the historic setting and the reputation Mr. Bonamassa has as a musician.

  • “The Detach” by EndAnd from Mechanics and Energetics of Stilt-Running (2013)

You’ve seen several tracks from this new record featured of late. I’m rather enjoying this album – perhaps even more so than I did the band’s previous album The Adventures of Hi-Fi in Space which I also liked.

It occurred to me that several of the songs in the mix today are from 2013 releases, and that in just four months and a week, this year has produced some amazing music. And, there is much more to come, as we await new music from Nikki Sue and the Bad News among others.