Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Hollerin’ Mix

First things first:  The Grey A have a brand new video for their timely song “Dumb Fool”.  It’s a fun film noir style video which includes our old friend Howard Rabach pounding on a table.  Check it out here:

Second of all, I had a great time seeing Darrin Bradbury and The Fran’s Eastside Super-High Band deliver a stellar set at The 5 Spot last night. 

Careful readers will recall that back in September yours truly had two reviews featured on the No Depression website.  One was for The Grey A’s album My Country and the other was for Darrin Bradbury’s album Motel Oatmeal. 

Now there is another coincidental connection between the two – if you look at picture above, at the extreme right of the picture – kind of in the shadows on the picture is Trombone player Diego Vasquez who joined the Super-High band last night and also played with The Grey A when I saw them at The Stone Fox (and played on The Grey A album I believe).

Finally, I need to announce that there are big, big things in store for #E2TG in the coming new year.  (Translation: I am basically punting the last month and a half of 2014 so expect nothing from me until after New Years by which time I hope you will have forgotten that I promised “big, big things”) 
Seriously, the Shuffles will continue unabated… well mostly unabated…. well just somewhat abated… well at least occasionally unabated…

!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=”//”;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,”script”,”twitter-wjs”); “Jackie and Wilson” by Hozier from Hozier

So many – especially Nashville radio legend Mary Brace have been talking up Hozier for several months at least.  Sometimes, I slow… I usually get there.  I really dig this song.

“Hollerin’ Mercy” by Sidestreet Reny and Lil’ Bell from Holler

The shuffle’s love affair with Sidestreet Reny continues with another great track from the phenomenal Holler album.

“The Difference” by Dan Coyle from Perfect World, Perfect Beat

Dan Coyle has been bouncing on and off my radar for at least a year or so, and I’m happy that he is now officially on the screen.  His latest album – Perfect World, Perfect Beat takes the listener back to the time when folk music and pop music weren’t two separate worlds. It also simultaneously keeps the listening grounded in the present while offering a bird’s eye glimpse into the great unknow – the future.

“Marnie” by Virginia Wing from Measures of Joy

A random discovery – I still love that type of discovery. Virginia Wing are from England.  I think this quote from their Facebook page neatly sums up this band…

“It’s not often i’ll say that about any music, but i did not get the strange experimental music these guys make at all. I hate to slander but it was too weird it was like 5 minutes before someone sang and even then it was just vowels. “

Ha! I have to love a band that would use that quote.  Check out Virginia Wing….

“Hourglass” by Mr. Kind from Wide Awake/Open Hands

Long time Ear to the Ground fave Brian Bergeron and his current band Mr. Kind are from the Bay Area.  Here is a cool track from their latest EP Wide Awake which was released in August.

“She Knows What to Do” by Stacy Mitchhart from Live My Life

Another great track from Nashville Blues legend Stacy Mitchhart’s latest album.

“Primary Resistance” by Minton Sparks from Middlin’ Sisters

Sassy kids and unrelated aunts.  Minton has an amazing ability to capture who own unique slice of the world in this still relatively young century.

“Boxers” by Matthew Ryan from Boxers

Alt-Country singer/songwriter Matthew Ryan released his latest album in October, and this is the title track.  This is the sound of a justifiably confident songwriter hitting and maintaining his stride.  Ryan has a show in Nashville in December with the amazing Todd Farrell and the Dirty Birds.

“Rain Child” by Hugh Trimble from neighborpoem

I feel in love with the music of folk singer Hugh Trimble from his contribution to the latest Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen compilation. I had to hear more.  This song is from his neighborpoem album which was released in 2012.

“Everything is Broken” (Bob Dylan Cover) by Bettye LaVette from Anti Winter EP/ Thankful and Thoughtful

A great way to end the week’s shuffles…. soul great Bettye LaVette with a cover of a song from Bob  Dylan’s 1989 album Oh Mercy.  The song has also been recorded by Kenny Wayne Shepherd and R.L. Burnside.


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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Whiskey Thunder Mix

Another day, another cool mix of music….  Today we close out a few albums we’ve been spinning for some time, we have a track from one of the coolest and most underrated bands of all time, and we close things out with four tracks in a row from some Ear to the Ground favorites. 

In case you missed it (shameless self-promotion): Check out an audio rendition of a excerpt from my novel-in-progress… 

Shuffle begins right after the jump:

“deep on the inside” by The Lies from whatever

The Lies are from New Jersey.  Like 95% of all New Jersey bands I play, Popa’s Tunes helped make me aware of this rocking band.  We’ve been shuffling songs from their album whatever for a while now, and this really awesome track finishes up the album for us.  The Lies video is one of their contributions to the 2014 Couch by Couchwest (I’m willing to be Popa had a hand in that, too).

“The Bends” by Solardrive from Solardrive

For the second day in a row, we have music from Solardrive.  This closes out this album for us.  In case you are wondering, this is not a cover of the Radiohead song, but an incredible original which I think you will dig.

“Devil on my Back” by Stoney from More Than Animals

A deep blues vibe from Austin, Texas’ Stoney.  Another final track from an album we’ve been featuring for several months.

“Like Calling Up Thunder” by The Gun Club from Miami

You don’t know how much I love having a Gun Club song in my shuffle.  Fronted by the late, great Jeffrey Lee Pierce this California punk, blues band set so many standards, and they were already legendary during my formative musical years in the mid 80s.  This song sounds fresh and even progressive 32 years after the fact.

“Whiskey Rain” by The End Men from Odds and Ends

Reigning E2TG Band of the Year, The End Men return to the shuffle with another track from their latest collection.  Whiskey Rain shows the band at the top of their game.  The accompanying video is from a series of videos about the recording of the song from Songcraft. All the gearheads who read this blog should definitely check that shit out…

“Justice is Due” by Tomas Doncker  from Power of the Trinity

True Groove Global Soul!  Tomas Doncker Band from the Ethiopian influenced Power of the Trinity album with some killer sax work.

“Glory” by Mr. Kind from Wide Awake/Open Hands

The full EP Wide Awake/Open Hands is now available from Mr. Kind.  We’ve presented two of the tracks already.  Here is a third – showing Brian Bergeron and company doing what they do so well…

“Moanin’ at Midnight” by Tomas Doncker Band from Moanin’ at Midnight: The Howling Wolf Project

!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=”//”;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,”script”,”twitter-wjs”); And we close out with an encore from The Tomas Doncker Band with the title track from their stunning Howlin’ Wolf tribute. 


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Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Daddy Sang Bass Mix

Took a drive across the river last night, to a little dive bar in East Nashville called Fran’s Eastside. Saw E2TG favorite Darrin Bradbury and the amazing Tim Carroll.  Fun night with great music, meeting cool people, and even the Music City Roots bus was there… and why not?  I have some pictures, but my phone is being stingy and won’t release them yet.

By coincidence and because I have a ton of his music loaded right now, Darrin is in the shuffle again today – an older song – one of the first that really caught my attention.  He has a new release which I will be sharing more about soon….

To the shuffle:

“You Were Mine” by Year of October from WDVX Blue Plate Special 4/12/2014

We begin with E2TG favorites  – Nashville’s Year of October from a live radio show in Knoxville from this past spring. They have a new record coming out – appropriately enough in October.

“The Day” by They Might Be Giants from First Album Live

The first of three songs from a recently released (and Free on Noisetrade) live version of their self-titled debut album. Filled with great songs like this one and the other one and the one after that…

“Boat of Car” by They Might Be Giants from First Album Live

Giving us the subtitle of this post.. the opening line of this song was later used in the song Will the Circle Be Unbroken? and in a song by Johnny Cash (written by Carl Perkins)… or I could have my chronology mixed up…

“Memorial Day” by The Danbury Lie from Fourth Time’s a Charm

Another great track off the new release by another E2TG favorite.  The Danbury Lie are on of the most original bands I’ve come across, and I will keep spreading the word… 

But don’t trust me – listen/read the words of Jason from The Grimm Generation: ““I downloaded the new The Danbury Lie for my ride in this morning and oh man. Love this record. Weird subsonic classical merged with something like The Shins, all sparkly sounding and weirdly well thought out. Well done, tDL.” – JKrug “

“She’s an Angel” by They Might Be Giants from First Album Live

That other song from the previously mentioned live album.

“Avant Gardener” by Courtney Barnett from The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas

Courtney Barnett is from Australia, but she would fit in well here in Nashville and is welcome here any time.  Says me, the official gatekeeper of who can come to Nashville….  Cool song, and I approve of the title and so do the Avant Guard Dogs.

“My Baby Took My Baby Away” by Bobby Bare Jr’s Young Criminal’s Starvation League from Undefeated

Great song by Nashville legend and son of a Nashville legend Bobby Bare Jr. who has been a staple on the Nashville scene since I was a kid… come to think of it, he must have been a kid, too because he isn’t that much older than me.

“Twenty Little Soldiers” by Darrin Bradbury from The Almost Great Crepe’s (Demos)

The aforementioned song by the aforementioned Mr. Bradbury.  Nashville readers go see this guy either Wednesday’s at Fran’s or sometime…  for the video I picked a version done by his old band Big Wilson River who were a Featured Artist here before I even knew Darrin. 

“Good Enough” by Mr. Kind from Wide Awake/Open Hands

Yet another new song from Bay Area band and E2TG favorites Mr. Kind.

!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=”//”;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,”script”,”twitter-wjs”); “Winter” by Year of October from WDVX Blue Plate Special 4/12/2014

And we close out where we began with a song from Year of October’s Blue Plate Special session.  For the video I chose a slight more seasonally appropriate song Indian Summer.




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Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Cold Start Mix

Well here we are.  It’s a new year. 2014 is shaping up to be a good one with new music promised from The Foresters, Humming House, The Lucky Jukebox Brigade, and Taco Land just to name a few off the top of my head.

I haven’t finished adding new music to our playlist, but we have some sweet music – new and old already queued up so let’s jump to it.

“Drunken Hearts” by Wallpaper

“Tusk” (Fleetwood Mac Cover) by Kopecky Family Band

“Black Star” (Radiohead Cover) by Gillian Welch

“Lie Awake” by Angel Snow

“No Exchange” by Minutemen

“The Best I Can Do (Is Love You)” by Mr. Kind

“Desperate” by Solardrive (feat. David Gould)

“Your Majesty” by Slack Armada

“Wrecking Ball” by Swear and Shake

“Street Hassle: Waltzing Matilda” by Lou Reed

“F(e)ar O(f)f Place” (Home Demo) by Black Doctor Jr.

“On a Night Like This” by Bob Dylan

“Southern Seamstress” by Humming House

“Urethane” by Grounded

“Lady Stardust” by David Bowie

“The Hungry Wolf” by X

“Happy Good Morning Blues” by Bruce Cockburn

“Themselves” by Minutemen


Wallpaper are from Oakland.  I think we grabbed this from Amazon. Dig it.

A couple of really cool covers. Kopecky Family Band covering the Fleetwood Mac classic, and the incredible Gillian Welch covering Radiohead.

Angel Snow wrote “Lie Awake” with Viktor Krauss and it was included on Victor’s sister’s 2011 album Paper Airplane. Viktor’s sister is Allison Krauss.  Here’s Angel doing the song herself from her self-titled album. 

The great thing about featuring Double Nickels on the Dime by The Minutemen is that it has so many songs, the featured posts carry on for a while.  The Minutemen are always a great way to start the day.

Another from Mr. Kind‘s self-titled release.

Solardrive is the new band/project from Balthazar Getty and this track features David Gould who is bassist in the band Mother Tongue.

We also have some cool music from Slack Armada out of Chicago, Swear and Shake out of Brookyln, Humming House from Nashville, and Grounded from Florida.

The Home Demo we feature from Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen artist Black Doctor, Jr. is pretty damn awesome.

Starting 2014 with a classic Lou Reed epic is a statement of the endless and timeless quality of his music.  This song brings together two of the artists who had a huge influence on my early musical taste and development (via a spoken word bit by Bruce Springsteen).

Great classic music from Bob Dylan, David Bowie, X, and Bruce Cockburn round out this excellent beginning to what is promising to be a great year.




Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – A Few of My Favorite Things 2013 Mix – Part Three

We continue our 2013 Year in Review via shuffle with another great mix of music.  Today, I thought I would focus on the various ways that new music comes to my attention.  Why? Because inquiring minds want to know even if they do not know that they want to know.

Shuffle ho!

Today 3 of the artists featured came to me from a particular music promoter who has a great track record in terms of the music he sends my way.

6 artists came to me directly or indirectly from the awesome Popatunes.  Of those, at least 1 was from a Popatunes compilation, at least 2 were from Couch by Couchwest, 2 were found via artists who were directly recommended by Popa, and 1 was a direct recommendation from the man himself.

2 artists approached me directly at some point.

1 was long ago a Twitter follow.

and I met one at an unofficial Americana Fest event this past September.

Can you match the artist to the categories above?

“Scream” by Marla Mase

“Sinners, You Better Get Ready” by Black Jake and the Carnies

“Chili” by Dog Without Warning

“Pine Box Hell” by The Imperial Rooster

“Driving Toward the Sun” by Susan James

“Better Than” by The Coal Men

“Vices” by The Quick and the Dead

“Languishing in Lower Chakras” by The Gabriel Construct

“R U Thinking What I’m Thinking” by The Great American Novel

“Silence” by Beijing

“Long Pig” by Skeletons in the Piano (from Please Don’t Die)

“The Sun Will Set” by Beijing (from Night)

“Mental Trapeze” by The End Men (from Play With Your Toys)

“Exit Me” by The Imperial Rooster (from Cluckaphony)

“Out of Time” (Blur cover) by Mr. Kind and Tektite (from Mr. Kind and…*)

*the title of the Mr. Kind album actually has the ampersand, but that symbol messes with the formatting on Blogger so…)


Marla Mase is freaking awesome.  Her album Speak was released in 2012, but a Deluxe version was reissued in 2013 making eligible for inclusion in this Shuffle. Plus it’s my shuffle so whatever I say is eligible is eligible. (I’ll try not to let that power go to my head) (Oh who am I kidding… it’s gone)

Reason number 724 why I love using the “shuffle” function: Black Jake and the Carnies, “Chili” by Dog Without Warning, and The Imperial Rooster back to back to back. 

Susan James had X drummer D.J. Bonebrake emcee the album release party for her previous album. This gives here a million cool points in my book.  Driving Toward the Sun is a great album of amazing California-style mellow folk – think Joni Mitchell and Kate Wolf if it’s helpful to have a reference point.

The Coal Men: It’s still inconceivable to me that it took 4 albums for me to catch hold of this band.  Thanks to the blogger Too Much Country for the introduction.

The Quick and the Dead is the new band from ex- Cosmonauts – Joe Mansman.  I was pleasantly surprised and heartened by the sound of this band.

The Gabriel Construct is a project I was so happy to have the opportunity to feature. It is a complex, progressive, and evocative interior journey. At times sparse, at times discordant it is an amazing musical achievement. It is music unlike most you are likely to hear (on this blog or anywhere else).

I’ve written quite a bit recently about 😦  the latest album from The Great American Novel. The album was recorded at Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen – a definite hot bed of amazing music.  Side note: for some reason Amazon was okay with 😦 as an album title, but seemed to not like The Danbury Lies title ‘?’.

Representing Connecticut in today’s mix is a great hard rock band called beijing  whose strong and consistent album Night is one of my faves from the year.

Skeletons in the Piano were the 2012 Ear to the Ground Band of the Year.  They sealed the deal with their truly amazing Please Don’t Die album which was released by Magnetic Eye Records. Recommended for fans of awesome music.   They are from Saratoga Springs, New York. I’m just a guy from Nashville so I don’t know much about Saratoga Springs except there must be a ton of great musicians there and at least half of them are in SITP. Seriously, how many people are in this band? 🙂

The End Men. Boom!  Brownies on the house!

Mr. Kind is the newish band from Brian Bergeron.  This year they teamed up with other indie artists to record a series of covers of classic indie tracks.  Here they team with Extraterrestrial Hip-Hop artist Tektite to cover a song made famous by 90s British band Blur.


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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – My Body is a Dumb Question Mix

A whopping 25 songs to get to, and not much time…  Jump to it

EXTRA:   “Wish You Were Beer” by The Great American Novel    “My Body’s a Question” by Telepathic Teddy Bear     “I Love You” by Said the Whale    “Fuego” by Shake Jack    “Part One: The End” by Dylan Leblanc    “My Body is Dumb” by The Great American Novel   “San Francisco” by Foxygen   “Amped Up”  by Robert Randolph  and the Family Band   “Fine Tooth Comb” by Lys Guillorn   “Jacks Soup of the Day” by Darrin Bradbury    “Maliced Hearts” by Mr. Kind   

Transition Song of the Day
“Walk of Life” by Bhi Bhiman (Dire Straits cover)  (from Substitute Preacher.  This song was the inspiration for this whole covers album.  Side note unrelated to this cover: The Dire Straits’ video for this song – with  the sports clips almost ruined this song for me.  End of side note…)

“The Old Black Hole” by Dr. Dog (from their Eastside Manor Session. A song from their 2012 album Be the Void.)

“Cock of the Walk” by Stoney (from More Than Animals.)

“Hopscotch (and Tumbling)”  and “Whispers” by No Shoes (both from Cow Drawings EP. From a bandcamp recommendation by Black Doctor Jr.)

“The Fixer” by Mark Robinson (from Quit Your Job – Play Guitar.)

“Devastate” by Amanda Shires (from Down Feel the Doves.  One of the best albums of 2013 by one of Nashville’s finest.)

“Light On (Mage the Blackheart Remix)” by Bad Cop (from Jeffery Drag Records – Summer Sampler 2013.)

“October” by prattle on, rick (from A Decade Begins.)

“The Place I Love” by The Jam (from All Mod Cons.)

“Lady Day” by Lou Reed  (from 1974-05-14 Stockholm.  Sweet Lou…)

“Don’t Be The Last One In” by Mr. Kind (from Mr. Kind.  Brian Bergeron – one of our earliest featured artists – his new project Mr. Kind has been around a year or so – maybe more – and this is their new EP.  We had another song from this EP in the Bonus Tracks section earlier.)

“The Globe” by Ben Sollee (from Inclusions)

“Little Bird” by Andrew Ferris (from Yellow Lorry.)

“Fire Ants” by Darrin Bradbury (from NEW!!!!The Almost Great Crepe’s (Demos).  Seems like we’ve had one or two Darrin Bradbury songs every day lately.  Do you hear me complaining?  We have the newest song from Darrin in the video playlist)

I didn’t have time to update the Amazon powered web store.  I will update hopefully when I have time to update it.  Meantime – enjoy the videos…


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Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Fast Cars and Loud Guitars Mix

“Fast Cars and Loud Guitars. Local Bars and goin’ to far.” – Tim Lee 3.

So – I headed out Friday night to a well known East Nashville hot spot to meet and see my favorite Knoxville rockers, Tim Lee 3.  I had an awesome night, met some cool folks, and saw some incredible music…

I was so glad to finally get to meet Tim and Susan Bauer Lee in person.  First up, the audience was treated to a 20 minute preview of Tom Weber’s incredible film (10+ years in the making) called Troubadour Blues.  It’s about the modern purveyors of the folk tradition of the travelling musicians who get paid to drive from town to town and get rewarded with the chance to perform for an hour or two.  The film features the likes of Peter Case, Dave Alvin, Mary Gauthier and many, many more.

The live music began with RB Morris of Knoxville. I was shamefully not familiar with Mr. Morris’ music, but that deficiency is in the process of being corrected. He is a top-notch singer songwriter and a poet – gratefully, we treated us to a couple of poems from his latest book.

Next up was Nancy Apple from Memphis.  The undisputed Queen of Memphis Country, Folk, Blues what have you.  Her song about finding out that Johnny Cash had died struck a chord with me.  I got to talk to Nancy and share a couple of my Memphis stories.

Next a couple of locals were invited to join in on the show.  The thing is, when you are in Nashville (and East Nashville in particular), the caliber of locals is pretty darn amazing. Julie Christensen was the first local – a fairly recent arrival. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, try this: she was a founding member of the legendary Divine Horsemen and an integral part of the L.A. Scene which helped bridge gap between punk rock and what would eventually become Americana music. Oh, and she also spent many years singing with the one and only Leonard Cohen.  Beyond that incredible history, she is a breath-taking singer and songwriter.  She performed a song by Memphis song writer Dan Montgomery which has me scrambling to find out all I can about him.

Next was the second local, Amelia White – who we first saw perform last year at the Five Spot. She was every bit as amazing as we remembered.

Next up was the Tim Lee 3. Now, regular readers should already be all over Tim Lee 3, but for the uninitiated, they are a tight three piece rock combo from Knoxville featuring Tim Lee (The Windbreakers) and his wife Susan. They rocked the house thoroughly playing a couple of songs from their latest album, Devil’s Rope, one from their previous double album Raucous Americanus, and a hand full of new songs which bode well for the next Tim Lee 3 album. 

The night ended with RB Morris joining Tim Lee 3 for a few more of RB’s songs including one of his which had been recorded by Marianne Faithful and John Hiatt.

What a night!
Today’s Shuffle is up next:

Okay y’all. Monday morning’s are just freaking hard sometimes. Fortunately, the old Shuffle monster fired up some hard rocking tunes to lead off today’s shuffle and jump start my week.  Here we go:

“Fiasco” by Cloud Gavin  (from Posture – Cloud Gavin are from Danville, Illinois and came to our attention via a Twitter follow – I think. I’ve been listening to this record quite a bit, and I’m glad it finally came up on the shuffle. An excellent way to begin the morning drive.)

“Sleep” by Traams (from Grin – This one came via Amazon’s monthly Rising Artist playlist. Another Rocking tune.  They came from Chichester, England which is also the home of False-Heads another band we’ve featured recently. Hmm.. I’ll have to find out more about that place.)

“Like What They Like” by Goodman (off of the Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen compilation.  Goodman is the brain-child of Michael Goodman of New York.  I don’t know very much about him, but between this and the previous two songs, I was suddenly fully awake and alert. Rock on!)

“Troubled Waltz” by The Howlin’ Brothers (another from The Sun Studio Session. A nice change of pace – with a waltz from this unique Nashville band which was recorded in the studio that helped give birth to this crazy thing we call Rock and Roll.)

“Mumblin’ Guitar” by Bo Diddley (from The Chess Box (Disc One) – You just cannot go wrong with Bo Diddley. Nope. Can’t go wrong!)

“The New Twenty” by Puppet Rebellion (from Chemical Friends EP – another recent Twitter “discovery”. Puppet Rebellion are from Manchester – a place with a storied musical history of its own. I really dig this – my first taste of Puppet Rebellion and can’t wait to hear more)

“Out of Time” by Mr. Kind and Tektite (from Mr. Kind and… – from Mr. Kind’s collaborative covers EP – this time taking on the Blur song and joined by Oakland Extraterrestrial Hip Hop band Tektite. Mr. Kind was formed by Brian Bergeron who was one of the early featured artists at E2TG.)

“The World’s Not Waiting” by Penicillin Baby (from Jams: Volume III – what better way to close out a set that began with three hard rocking songs than with a hard rocking jam from this Nashville band.  Supposedly, I am allergic to penicillin, but I’m just fine with Penicillin Baby.)

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