Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Waters Part Mix

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It’s nice outside… I’m gonna make this as quick as I can…


PRE_SHUFFLE (Two Word Review)

“Christian’s Head” by The Blind Owl Band (modern traditions)

“Rock On” by Blondie (Rock On!)

“Cleaning Your Mind” by The End Men (Mind Cleaned)

“April” by The Imperial Rooster (Clucking Great)

“Deadly Surf” by Shake Jack (Killer Waves)

“Waters Part” by Let’s Active (Pure Heaven)

SHUFFLE (Four Word Review)

“Nathan’s Blues” by Natural Child (2013 single) – also on Jeffery Drag Records 2013 Summer Sampler


Nashville – Bluesy, Ballsy, Stonesy

“Piece of the Moon” by Katey Laurel from From Here (2011) – on Noisetrade Sampler

Beautiful Music, Heavenly Voice

“Looking for a Reason” by Brad Jones from Oh Well, My Love, Farewell (2012)


Nashville – Rootsy, Folksy, Authentic

“Hypertension” by Useless Eaters from Hypertension (2013) – also on Jeffery Drag Records 2013 Summer Sampler

Nashville: Punky, Raggedy, Garage

“Wandering” by Susan James from Driving Toward the Sun (2013)


California, Easy, Folksy, Wandering


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News: Jeffrey Drag Records Joins Frenchkiss Label Group Roster

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spacer 10.22.2012
spacer Indie Nashville Imprint Signs Exciting New Deal With Esteemed Distributor spacer

There must be something in the water down in Nashville that has lead to the recent rise in buzzing talent in Tennessee’s “Music City.” One of the best examples of this is Jeffery Drag Records, a young label that has consistently released quality, southern-fried jams for the last three years. What began as a vessel for co-founders Adam Moult and Mike Gicz to release cassettes for their band Bad Cop has expanded to include Natural Child, Useless Eaters, Turbo Fruits, and Pujol.  And now, Jeffery Drag has signed a distribution deal with the highly coveted Frenchkiss Label Group (FKLG).

Frenchkiss creator Syd Butler feels that JDR will be a welcome addition to his company’s roster. “We’re incredibly excited to have Jeffery Drag coming aboard the Frenchkiss family and to see them grow as a label as they continue to put out a steady stream of extremely high-energy rock records,” says Syd. In joining with the FKLG, Jeffery Drag will gain a worldwide digital retail presence, a team of seasoned industry veterans who will help them expand their label’s business as well as roster, and a family of labels that will support and nurture the JDR team.

The recently executed deal will position Jeffery Drag Records within the Frenchkiss Label Group family of independent labels. FKLG specializes in a “handshake mentality” when it comes to music distribution, emphasizing the nurturing and connecting of label communities in order to grow an imprint’s visibility. This professional ideology, coupled with their recent partnership with The Orchard, gives Frenchkiss a solid and experienced foundation that aims at delivering and streamlining distribution.


EP Stream: Majestico – Love Is God

via our friends at Audible Treats:

If you are one of the few who still think Nashville is all about Country or even Americana, prepare to have your illusions shattered.  We present the brand new EP from Majestico called Love is God. This is just the latest in a growing line of fabulous offerings from Jeffery Drag Records.  The label that brought you Natural Child, Turbo Fruits and current Ear to  the Ground Featured Artist Bad Cop.  Jeffery Drag was started by Adam Anyone Moult of Bad Cop.  Read on….

Absurdist Psych-Rock Nashvillian Releases New EP Today   spacer

The EP:

After a year of recording and preparation, Nashville’s Majestico is excited to unleash his latest project, Love is God, unto the world today. The 7″ EP, released via hometown imprint Jeffery Drag Records, marks the psych-rock artist’s third release following his 2008 debut album Boundary Conditions, and 2009’s Live in Japan. Physical copies of the 7″ are now available for purchase on Jeffery Drag’s website, and digital copies are available on iTunes and Amazon. 

Working with Jeremy Ferguson, who has recorded projects for Turbo Fruits, Bad Cop, and Be Your Own Pet at his Nashville-based Battle Tapes Recording studio, Majestico has turned out an EP of four tracks that together create an up-tempo thrill ride through psychedelia. The album’s title track, “Love is God” recently made its video premier via Prefix, and takes viewers on a visual journey as stimulating as the music itself. Together with songs “Gimme Love,” “Boom Boom,” and “Bright White Lady,” Majestico’s latest endeavor proves to be his latest act of “music magicka.”

“Love is God” Video

And here’s the EP Stream

Majestico was born from the breath of a new America, a land at the end of reason where dogma meets God. Singer/guitar player/brainchild Graham Fitzpenn was raised in an occult outside Houston, TX and was admired for his talent for music magicka. At the age of 25, he renounced these devices and turned from darkness. Marked by a new freedom, he moved to Nashville, TN and created his debut album, Boundary Conditions, which was released in 2008. Shortly after, he assembled a band and began to travel. A year later, they returned with Live at Japan, a record of their appearance on a Japanese television show in 2010 which also ended up on an early Jeffery Drag release, a split cassette with fellow Nashvillians and JDR alumni, Ranch Ghost. In the summer of 2011, they recorded their forthcoming 7″ EP Love is God, set for release on October 2nd by way of Jeffery Drag Records. 

Jeffery Drag Records was formed in early 2009 by Adam Moult, frontman of Nashville based band Bad Cop. The label was originally founded to release limited pressings of cassettes and vinyl for Bad Cop and other various acts including The Hussy, Pujol, and Little Viking. In 2011, Bad Cop bass player Mike Gicz joined the Jeffery Drag team, overseeing cassette releases from Ranch Ghost, Electric Dollhouse Groovebuggy, and Majestico. The third and final member of Jeffery Drag is R.J. Jennings. The label has grown tremendously, adding Natural Child, Useless Eaters, and Ghost Dance to the roster. Jeffery Drag Records is continuing to grow on a daily basis and has quickly become a name brand for groundbreaking rock and roll music in Nashville and across the country.

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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Off Kilter Mix

Well no doubt about it, the week is in full swing.  Hope everyone is having a good one.  If not, I hope my merry band of tunes will help turn things around or at least brighten your journey just a bit.

My poor brain has been hatching a scheme, and I really want to make it a reality.  I’ve got some time, but I have the feeling I need to start working on details soon. I’ll be sending some direct messages soon asking for advice etc. And rest assured when the time is right, you my faithful readers will be among the first to know.

In the meantime, this being the first Tuesday of the month, we have loaded up the old MP3 player with a fresh batch of tunes.  The August playlist starts now with what could be a record, 50 songs!  The songs run a pretty wide gamut (is wide gamut acceptable or is it redundant? Oh well…) with music dating from the 50s to the present day with stops in the sixties, the eighties, the 2000s and the 2010s – and perhaps others… in addition, we have covers, live bootlegs, big hit songs and brand spanking new tracks and everything in between.  Here is our first taste:

We begin with a song from the late, great Eddie Cochran. 3 Steps to Heaven was released on his 12 Greatest Hits album which was released just days before his untimely death in April 1960.  


Next up,we have a track from a bootleg of a 1967 live performance by The Velvet Underground entitled Psychedelic Sounds From the Gymnasium.  The track, Guess I’m Falling in Love, appeared surfaced in Instrumental form on the 80s compilation, Another View.  Check out the bootleg here. (via captainsdead)

White Chalk is the first taste of a forthcoming album (Ark – out 10/15) by the British Producer who works under the name, Halls. It’s a spare, murky bit of pop.  Here’s some info on the track.

Next up we have To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High) from Ryan Adams’ 2000 solo debut Heartbreaker.  The album, made just after the demise of Whiskeytown, features Dave Rawlings, Gillian Welch, Kim Richey and Emmylou Harris among others.  Have at it for $6.99 from Amazon – using the pic/link below.


And finally, we’ll close things out today with a song we featured over the weekend. It’s Nashville’s own Natural Child with the song Mother Nature’s Daughter which will be released as a 7″ on August 21 via Jeffery Drag Records.

 Here’s an older video by Natural Child


MP3: Natural Child To Release 7" On Jeffery Drag Records


via: Audible Treats

Pre-Orders For 8/21 Release Include A Pack Of Rolling Papers With A Digital Download Card


 Critical Praise for Natural Child:

“Somehow, between the dizziness of bong rips, they’ve done more than just spew out mindless releases. They’ve managed to elevate their sound from the commonplace amped-up garage of their early singles to a complex level that’s more accurately likened to classic rock fused with country and blues.” – Stomp and Stammer

“They’re a lot more fun than the Black Keys or Kings of Leon or the few other bands that supposedly carried the torch for real rock in the past decade, and For the Love of the Game shows Natural Child maturing rapidly upon the classic rock radio moves of their debut 1971, and settling into their own skin a little bit.”– Get Bent

“Natural Child led off with their swampy blues-punk, their road-vetted, gritty riffs and doubled vocal melodies a sweaty, stoner-friendly pleasure as always. Wes Traylor probably has my favorite bass tone of any Nashvillian, and Natural Child is basically as much a comedy act as a punk band — what with their face-pulling and intentional cross-talk banter. Truly, one of the best sets I saw all day.” – Nashville Scene

The Song:

On August 21Jeffery Drag Records will release a 7″ from Nashville favorites Natural Child. Side A features the Neil Young-esque track “Mother Nature’s Daughter” while side B features the slow jam “Bodyswitchers Pt. II”.

The 7″ will be available for pre-order on August 13 from Jeffery Drag’s webstore. and each pre-order will come with a pack of Natural Child rolling papers containing a digital download card. Rolling paper packs/digital download cards will also be sold separately. 300 of the 7″ were pressed on black vinyl, 100 on opaque lavender, and 100 on mixed marble.

Get Bent had this to say about “Mother Nature’s Daughter”: “Natural Child isn’t fucking around with this classic rock stuff. For those still digesting the Stones-y country-rock influences all over their latest album For the Love of the Game, this track will be even more of a shocker. ‘Mother Nature’s Daughter’ sprawls over five minutes, features a blazing epic guitar solo, and sounds like a vintage outtake from Neil Young & Crazy Horse in their prime.”

Natural Child is extending their September tour in support of their highly anticipated third LP Hard in Heaven due out September 11. It is the second LP the band is releasing this year. Their tour includes West Coast dates, Canadian dates and a NY show at Brooklyn Bowl on August 11.

Download “Mother Nature’s Daughter” here:

Natural Child Tour Dates:

8/2 – Ottawa, Ont @ Babylon w/ MV&EE
8/3 – Toronto, Ont @ Magpies
8/4 – Hamilton, Ont @ This Ain’t Hollywood
8/5 – Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR (free)
8/11 Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Bowl

8/31 – Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves
9/1 – Lubbock, TX @ Depot Oyster Bar
9/2 – Austin, TX @ 29th St Ballroom
9/3 – Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald’s
9/4 – Beaumont, TX @ Victoria House
9/6 – McAllen, TX @ Simon Sez
9/7 – Corpus Christie, TX @ Theo’s
9/8 – Laredo, TX @ Old No. 2
9/10 – Tucson, AZ @ Plush
9/11 – Tempe, AZ @ Yuca Tap Room
9/12 – Las Vegas, NV @ Neon Reverb Festival
9/13 – Long Beach, CA @ Alex’s Bar
9/15 – San Diego, CA @ San Diego Noise Pop Festival
9/17 – San Francisco, CA @ Elbo Room
9/18 -.Santa Cruz, CA The Blue Lagoon
9/19 – Eureka, CA @ The Shanty
9/20 – Portland, OR @ Rotture
9/21 – Vancouver, BC @ Olio Festival
9/22 – Seattle, WA @ The Comet
9/24 – Fargo, ND @ The Aquarium
9/25 – Minneapolis,MN @ 7th St. Entry
9/28 – Detroit, MI @ Lager House Parking Lot