Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Cosmo and Seventeen Mix

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PRESENTING THE  1st Annual E2TG Awards – “The Earies”  (The Earies – it sounds kind of strange, but not really). 

Well, it is December, and as I promised, we will begin our month long celebration of all things E2TG.  Welcome to the first annual E2TG awards.  Our red carpet welcome had to be cancelled due to rain in the Nashville area, plus we don’t have a red carpet, and someone forgot to book the Ryman.  So, this will be an on-line awards show this year… 

I thought long and hard about how to begin this award month, but finally it seemed fitting and proper to begin the 2015 awards with the artist who closed out 2014 by being named the Artist of the Year.

Presenting the first award for 2015 is ….. me…   Thanks, Joe.  The first award to be presented is the Flattery Will Get You Everywhere Award.  It recognizes the artist or artists who have realized that the blog host is basically a big ball of insecurities and self-doubt and that a little bit of flattery (even somewhat dubious flattery) goes a long way.

This artist not only routinely dedicates one of his signature songs to me, but he also included my likeness on the album cover of his most recent release.  I think “Bob” is a pretty handsome guy, even if I would not say that he is short or tall.     The 1st ever “Earie” goes to Darrin Bradbury.  Darrin is currently on tour out West, so I will accept the award on his behalf.  Also, we don’t have actual
statues.  Maybe next year.  

Stay tuned all month for more awards….

On to the shuffle:

“Rules of Change” by Neil Young + Promise of the Real

Neil Young has been making music for over 50 years.  About the only thing you can say for certain is that he has never settled into a comfortable place and sound, but has instead embraced and followed stylist changes and political movements while maintaining a pretty high level of integrity and consistently marching to his own beat.  His latest album The Monsanto Years – addresses contemporary food industry issues and features Willie Nelson’s sons Lukas and Micah plus Lukas’ bandmates Promise of the Real.

“My Name is the Same” by Los Microwaves

This is another track from the 13 O’clock compilation of early and rare New Wave songs put out by Atlanta Label PPNW Records.  Los Microwaves are a San Francisco band, and I believe this song was recorded sometime around 1980.  I have really been digging hearing this music – most of which I missed out on the first time around.

“To Love Is to Fly” by Jonathan Tyler (feat. Nikki Lane)

I grabbed this song – from Jonathan Tyler’s latest album, Holy Smokes – after seeing Jonathan perform at “The Beast” at the beginning of Americana week. Nikki Lane joined him that night, and I am going to say that they sang this song together (until and unless someone corrects me). It was awesome, and it was good to hear it again this morning.  Not a typo and not the Townes Van Zandt song.

“Read About Love” by Richard Thompson

The opening song and one of my favorites from Rumor and Sigh.  I can relate all too well, and that is all I am going to say.

“Ice Forms on the Tips of Her Wings” by Smokey the Firebear

Our first (but not our last) appearance by Smokey the Firebear. Smokey the Firebear is Cade Williams another of those talented kids from Connecticut.  I really don’t know what they put in the water in that state???  I just grabbed his entire and remarkably extensive discography for really cheap on Bandcamp. What I heard was actually the very brief reprise of the opening track of Smokey the Firebear’s Ohm Atlanta album.  The video playlist has the entire opening song.

“Outta My Head” by Blake Babies

The fine folks at Noisetrade not only offer a great way to discover new artists, but they also occasionally put out some cool older releases.  Recently, I downloaded a live album by the 80s-90s band Blake Babies called Live 5-9-89.  Blake Babies was the band that gave Juliana Hatfield her start.  This is the opening track for the live album. The song was on the band’s 1989 second album Earwig.

“AquaLung” by KATO

This song has been hanging around the playlist for awhile. This is another brief track – the last on KATO’s EP, A Summer in Space Beach.

“High Winds White Sky” by Bruce Cockburn

We go way back to Bruce Cockburn’s 1971 second album. This is the title track.  An early listen to one of the most talented living songwriters.

“North Side Gal” by JD McPherson

Oklahoma singer-songwriter JD McPherson keeps the shuffle moving with a rave up, and the opening track of his 2012 Signs and Signifiers album.

“GTO” by Kevin Gordon

We revisit one of my favorite albums of the year – Long Gone Time (as I boldly proclaimed in my review) may well be Kevin Gordon’s best album yet.  Revisiting and expounding on the locales and themes of his previous album Gloryland. GTO is a solid, toe-tapping rocker that slides in references to the complicated racial climate of the Deep South.

“Stoned” by Macy Gray

This recording came from the World Café Session mega-download I got a while back. The always amazing Macy Gray with a song that appeared her 2014 eight studio album The Way.

“Celestial Dance” by Cletus Kennelly and Lori Kelley

And we close out the shuffle with another song from popular DC area duo Cletus and Lori’s album, Lotus. Lori Kelley now resides in East Nashville and is making a name for herself on the local songwriting scene.   I got to see the duo perform together earlier this year at Bobby’s Idle Hour.


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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Onward Mix

Longish shuffle today – time is fleeting… here we go…

“Three Car Jam” by the Minutemen (from Double Nickels. One of three “car jams” on the album. A classic)

“Easy Does” by Let’s Active

“Hey Grace, Hey Tony” by Grace and Tony (from November – it’s almost here)

“The Spins” by Potty Mouth (from Hell Bent/ Massachusetts Rock)

“Midnight You” by The Coal Men (from Escalator.  Such a great song)

“A Morning Song” by Elephant Stone (another from their Seven Seas album – we featured the title track earlier this week)

“Think About It” by Stevie Nicks (from Bella Donna)

“My Heart and the Real World” by the Minutemen (another from Double Nickels)

“Mama’s Baby, Daddy’s Maybe” by Swamp Dogg (aka Jerry Williams… yes!)

“Onward” by The Danbury Lie (from ‘?’.  It was good to see Danbury Lie doing a show with our friends the Grimm Generation.)

“Hombre Secreto (Secret Agent Man)” by Matthew Sweet (from the Repo Man Soundtrack tribute. Sweet cover The Plugz who were covering a song made famous by Johnny Rivers)

“Down by the River” (live) by Indigo Girls (Another cover – this time it’s a Neil Young cover by Amy and Emily. )



Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Not Gonna Mix

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Time is marching on.  Hey, if you haven’t now is the time to vote for the Band of the Year. The E2TG elves are busy, so don’t expect much outside of Morning Shuffles and Band of the Year voting SPAM, but we have great things on tap for 2013.  Shuffle it up after the jump:

Stevie Wonder’s classic album Talking Book turned 40 in 2012.  Today we have You Are the Sunshine of My Life.  

By 1989 Neil Young had left Geffen and returned to his old label Reprise.  Freedom was a big, bold album which produced the now iconic Rockin’ in the Free World.  Today we have No More from that record.
One of the bands we featured during our first year of existence was the L.A. alt-rock band The Hunting Accident.  One of the songs we love by them is As You Choke which we grabbed from a 10″ Master released by the band. It’s also on their Trees and Parks EP.

U2 are back in the shuffle for the second straight day.  This time we have a song from their iconic third studio release, WarThe Refugee features interesting rhythms, classic Bono vocals and strong meaningful lyrics.

We’ve been posting a bunch of Minutemen stuff recently, and we make no apologies. The band was known and named??? for their minimalist approach which included many, many songs which clocked in at 1 minute or less.  More Spiel from Project: Mersh which was part of the early 90s CD release Post-Mersh Volume 2 is an exception, at nearly 6:00, the song features minimalist lyrics and a free-jazz sound.  By their last studio album, the band was making still great but more traditional rock songs (3:00 or so).  This song showcases a band following their muse and letting convention and expectations be damned.

In depths of our pre-history, in the first weeks of the existence of Ear 2 the Ground, we (without much forethought – as is our custom) named a group called Maxim Ludwig and the Santa Fe 7 as our first ever Band of the Week (a feature which continued for 1 year ending in May of this year when South of Ramona was named our last Band of the Week).  Earlier in 2012, Maxim disbanded the Santa Fe 7 and started a new band called Drive He Said.  That band has just released their first music and we have a song called Run Like Hell from their EP entitled Multitudes.

Not finding a video for Drive He Said – so check out the EP at the band’s website.

Another early Band of the Week – the Canadian trio Inner City Elegance called it quits in 2012.  We wish all three of those guys the best in whatever they choose to do.  Today we have All Square so check out what you missed.

I don’t know much (yet) about the band Twin Berlin except Popatunes saw fit to include them on one of his awesome compilations and they rock as per expectations.  Check out Skulls and join me in getting educated about this band.
 here’s a different tune (produced by Travis Barker)
 Everything has been coming up Watt and Hurley recently which is pretty cool in my book.  Here’s those guys second band – fIREHOSE from their album Flyin’ the Flannel with Lost Colors.

Richard Barone (Bongos) solo masterpiece Cool Blue Halo turned 25 in 2012.  Here is Flew a Falcon from that great record.


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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Red Door Mix

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Greetings from chilly, overcast Nashville, home of the hit television series and a bunch of other things, too.   Well, this could very well be the final Music Shuffle from my current cellular telephone.  A new phone is scheduled to arrive today, and if all goes as planned, we will begin a new era of superior music shuffling here at Ear2theGround.

Meanwhile, as you know (you do know, don’t you?) we load up the memory card with fresh tracks on Monday nights. We had some fun selecting songs this week and some of the fruits of our fun make an appearance in this morning’s shuffle. Shall we?

While, we don’t highlight it as we once did, here at Ear2theGround, we dig a cool cover version.  We have a good one for you today to lead off our Morning Shuffle:  How about legendary Phoenix band, Meat Puppets with a song from a 1981 compilation album covering a song from Neil Young’s second studio album (and his first with Crazy Horse).  Herewith, please find enclosed for your enjoyment, Meat Puppets doing their version of The Losing End from the album Keats Rides a Harley, which is a cover of  the Neil Young and Crazy Horse song which appeared first in 1969 on the album Everybody Knows This is Nowhere.

How about Elvis doing The Losing End

I know absolutlely nothing about our next band. But, we do have another cover.  This one is a cover of the Rolling Stone’s classic Paint It, Black  and is performed by a band called The Insurgency from a Stone’s tribute album called Exiled Again.  I found a band called The Insurgency on Facebook, but I do not believe it is the same band.  This band apparently has done several tribute albums on Cherry Red Records.  In any event, here is the album:

 Here is the real deal since I couldn’t find a video of the cover…

California punk band, White Flag are up next with their contribution to the 1987 compilation Rat Music for Rat People Vol. III called Kitchen Diaster.


Here is another White Flag song from the same era.

And, we close things out with a change in direction of sorts with one of the bands currently in the running for Band of the Month – The Ugly Club with an acoustic version of  their song Last Evenings from their recent, Songs from a 10th Street Apartment.


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Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Miles Standish Proud Mix

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 Well… it’s the end of the week, and I’m hoping to get some time this weekend to listen to all of the music that has come my way over the past week or so.  Looking forward to a quiet weekend…  

Let’s get right to the Morning Shuffle:

First up we have the opening track from the brand spanking new album by Nashville resident Andrew Osenga – late of The Normals and more recently part of Caedmon’s Call. His new record which dropped September 18 and is called Leonard, the Lonely Astronaut. Today we feature – Brushstroke.

Next we have Neil Young’s chilling 1970 song, Ohio.  Our version today comes from a 1971 Bootleg.  The song was originally recorded by CSNandY. It was included on their So Far album in 1974.  The song is a reaction to the May 1970 shootings during a Vietnam War protest on the Campus of Kent State University in Ohio.

Next up we have Legalize It the title track to the 1976 from the solo debut by the late Peter Tosh of The Wailers.  

Finally, we wrap things up with a song (Yesterday (Circa Summer 80 somethin) )  from Cory Branan’s first album in six years, Mutt, which came out in May.  This album also marks his debut with the Bloodshot Record Label. 


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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Black House Mix

Good Morning American how are you? Here we are at the mid-point of the month of August.  Very soon now, I will be posting the Band of the Month Poll. Stay tuned for that one.  We have ten great Featured Artists this month, and I hope we can have some spirited competition. 
We continue to spin some of the newer tracks added to our Playlist in August.  This are brand new songs, newish songs and older songs. Today, we have a plethora of goodies for your listening enjoyment.  Let us get to the Shuffle now!

We begin today with part of the split 7″ we’ve mention a time or two before.  Nashville bands Turbo Fruits and Bad Cop teamed up with Jeffery Drag Records also from Nashville to release a split 7″ single which is tons of fun.  Bad Cop contributed the song Wet Lips while Turbo Fruits have contributed their ode to the burgeoning local scene here which is called Love Tennessee. The Turbo Fruits track is in the shuffle today.


Here is a Turbo Fruits powered Crawfish Boil – Nashville style

Athens Georgia band Five-Eight are up next with an awesome cover of Neil Young’s classic, The Needle and the Damage Done which the band released on their 1993 album The Angriest Man.

Here’s Five-Eight doing Sitting Still with a couple of blokes who might know that song pretty well.
And here is Neil Young’s version this time from the Johnny Cash Show.

Next we have June Featured Artist, Tipi Valley with a track from his latest EP, Into the Woods which you can head over to Bandcamp to pick up.


And finally, we have an ironically danceable track from the 2006 album Ta-Dah by New York band Scissor Sisters in collaboration with Sir Elton John.  I Don’t Feel Like Dancing brought me into my office and closed out the morning shuffle.


Elton John - Elton John's Greatest Hits - MP3 Download Elton John – Elton John’s Greatest Hits – MP3 Download

This greatest hits compilation is Elton John’s ninth album and his best-selling record to date.  Released in November of 1974, Elton John’s Greatest Hits is a collection of ten hit singles, including epic classics like “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”, “Your Song” and “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting”.  The album spent 10 weeks at #1 on the Billboard album chart and has sold over 10 million copies in the U.S. alone.

Five Eight Five Eight

Five Eight

Turbo Fruits Tickets 2012-09-13  New York, NY, Mercury Lounge - NY Turbo Fruits Tickets 2012-09-13  New York, NY, Mercury Lounge – NY

Buy Turbo Fruits, tickets. Tickets for 09/13/2012 at Mercury Lounge – NY in New York, NY are available. TicketNetwork.com gets you in!