Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Adolf Builds a Bonfire Mix

The Band of the Month poll is heating up.  Right now, it’s looking like a two horse race, but remember you’re all winners in my book.  There is still time to vote.  The time remaining on the poll thing is kind of wonky, but I believe it will end around 4:30 tomorrow (Thursday) central time.  The poll will begin showing hours remaining whenever it gets below 24 hours.   The poll is on the left sidebar
<—— over there. I believe you can only vote once (at least per computer?).  Be sure to check out all of the bands up for the honor.  They are a diverse but all deserving bunch.   The winner will join In Cages our December winner and move onto the Band of the Year competition in early December.
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Enough – let’s get down to it. Some good lesser known bands and artists get the spotlight in today’s shuffle:
Nik West describes herself as a bassist, vocalist, runway model and her music as Prince meets Erykah Badu with a funky bassline… Eyes Closed is off of her Just in the Nik of Time album.  The song has a jazzy feel and yeah, it has a funky bass line.
(click on the album to view the download page on Amazon. If you do not see the album cover you can right click to the left of this note and open the link)
Next up is a new 7″ release from Fort Lean.  I grabbed a download over at Stereogum of the song, Sunsick. If you aren’t up to speed on Fort Lean this is a good way to catch of with this hot Brooklyn band.
(You can view the Amazon page for the band’s self titled EP which was released last summer by clicking on the album cover left click and open link if you can’t see the album cover)
Finally We have a track we originally grabbed off of a Noisetrade Sampler. The Hawk in Paris is a Nashville based band who deliver very awesome music.  The song we heard today is The New Hello (Hers) – the album His + Hers also has a song called The New Hello (His).
(click on album cover to the left to view the Amazon page for The Hawk in Paris album His + Hers)

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