Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Tall Order, Short Change Mix

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 Couch by Couchwest continues… head over to the Official Couch by Couchwest site
 today has already featured a world premier by our friend Vance and his band Sci-Fi Romance plus tons of other great artists.  To see my mini-review of E2TG favorites from Days 1 and 2, click HERE.

We have 10 videos in the daily Ear to the Ground You Tube playlist which is embedded at the bottom of this post.  6 songs from the pre-shuffle and 4 from the shuffle.  


“She’s So Sick/100 Watt Girl” by The Bluefields (who’s new album dropped on iTunes today.
“Lovers Lane” by Hunx and His Punx
“Rave On” (Buddy Holly Cover) by Julian Casablancas
“What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had to Go This Way) by Wolf Parade
“King’s Flashlight” by Rose, de Costa Elliott
“Wreck Your Wheels” by Kim Richey
“With Signs Following” by Daniel Bachman

Today’s shuffle is after the jump

  • “Suit and Tie” by Justin Timberlake (feat. Jay Z) from the forthcoming The 20/20 Experience (2013)

Okay ya’ll JT is a Tennessee boy and he is probably one of  the most multi-talented chaps around. His work on SNL, his “History of Rap” numbers with Jimmy Fallon and yes his new music is really cool.  This is mainstream pop/soul/rhythm and blues/hip-hop of the sort you don’t usually read about on Ear to the Ground, but when I had the chance to grab the MP3 I didn’t hesitate.

  • “Mind Eraser”  and “Little Black Submarines” by The Black Keys from El Camino (2012)

The shuffle brings us a double shot from The Black Keys seventh studio album.  The album is called El Camino which is also the name of a car which infused my pop culture consciousness for much of my young adult life. The cover image is purposefully not a Chevy El Camino. Anyway, this is a really good album and Dan and Patrick are transplanted Nashvillians.

  • “Mama Don’t You Tell Me” by The Howlin’ Brothers from Readymade Records Sampler 2013 (2013)

From the brand spanking new album Howl by The Howlin’ Brothers who officially make this an all-Tennessee shuffle and bring us some good new, old-fashioned music.  We grabbed this from a Noisetrade Sampler by the good folks at Readymade Records. Get your Readymade fix below


The official E2TG Tall Order, Short Change Playlist brought to you by You Tube featuring some of the songs from today’s pre-shuffle and shuffle.  Where the exact song was not available we found a cool video from the same artist.



Angel Snow – Live at Eddie’s Attic – Free Download from Noisetrade

We recommended Angel Snow back last year sometime.  She is an amazingly talented singer/songwriter who my wife knows. Now is an excellent chance to catch up or catch on to her music. The folks at Noisetrade.com have a free* download from a performance at the legendary Eddie’s Attic (near Atlanta, GA).  Use the widget below and for the price of an e-mail address* the 6 song download will be yours.
*as with all Noisetrade offerings, the download is free, but if you like what you hear, and are able, please leave a tip to support the artist.

Country Fried Rock – Offers a Sweet Compilation for a Great Cause

Okay, here is the deal.  I love musicians.  I’m not a musician, but I love music and  despite what a few people think, music isn’t music with out musicians. So, I do what I can to support musicians.  I’m not wealthy so I can’t often drop tons of money to support bands I love. One of the reasons I started this blog was as a way to give back to the bands and songwriters and singers and guitarist and bassist and drummers and cellists and (well you get the point) who have enriched my life. 

Unfortunately, we have lost too many great people too soon to suicide.  Suicide is always a complex issue.  Often mental illness and addiction are involved.  These are complex problems.  So complex that many of us who have been touched by it feel powerless to help.

Right now, you can help.  Our friend Sloane Spencer who runs the always amazing Country Fried Rock show has curated this awesome compilation which is available now at Noisetrade (the widget is below). Because it is at Noisetrade, the compilation is free, but because it’s at Noisetrade you can leave a tip.  You should (but maybe don’t) do that anyway, but this time you really should.  All proceeds – that’s 100% – are going to go toward Nuci’s Space 

Nuçi’s Space is a non-profit health and music resource center in Athens, GA. The aim of the organization is to prevent suicide by providing obstacle free treatment for musicians suffering from depression and other such disorders as well as to assist in the emotional, physical and professional well-being of musicians.

So, it’s a great cause, and an amazing compilation and yeah.


I’ll leave you with a video montage of some of the great musicians we’ve lost to suicide:

Jim Ellison of Material Issue

Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse

Stuart Adamson of Big Country

Owsley (Will Owsley)

Phil Ochs

Kurt Cobain of Nirvana

Michael Hutchence of INXS

Robert Quine (Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Brian Eno, Richard Hell)

I could go on….  Go get a great compilation, skip a Venti Starbucks or two and donate to this great cause.

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Reverse Course & Full Stop Mix

The edge of town to the middle of the road… Night fell and somewhere a band was playing, “There Goes My Baby”, and the singer wasn’t very good, but he was perfect for the moment.  You and I stared out into the distance and dreamed about a better day which secretly we never believed would come our way.  But, there is a time for everything and season change and the world moves on.  On a night, no unlike the other, I found myself down at the edge of town in the middle of the road, and somewhere a band was playing…

In the U.S., it’s tax day – pushed back due to the 15th falling on a Sunday and yesterday being an obscure holiday in Washington D.C. So I could have subtitled this post, Tax Day Blues Mix or something… but I didn’t.

We open up today’s shuffle with a random discovery from the Noisetrade site. Joey English is a singer-songwriter from Knoxville, Tennessee. Today’s track is called You Are On My Mind. Go to Noisetrade or use the link above to view his album on Amazon.

Here is a video of another Joey English song, Got to Go
Next up, we have a cover song.  Sad Baby Wolf are from Albuquerque, New Mexico which includes a couple of ex-Shins.  Here they do a cool cover of Neutral Milk Hotel’s Everything Is the title track from the 1994 EP (link below).
Below is an other track New Survival Guide from Sad Baby Wolf
Song number three is from band, I’ve just been asked to given a listen to, so you get to go along for the ride with me.  DRUNKSOULS are a Reggae-influenced Indie Rock band from Marselle, France. The have a relatively new album called Revolution and today we listen to Drifter Song the lead track from the album.  
Here they are playing Drifter Song at Grand Auditorium du Palais des Festivals de Cannes at a benefit for African Reggae star TIKEN JAH FAKOLI.
 Finally, we end up with our old friends The Dead Exs with another track from their Resurrection album.  This one is called Angel from New Orleans.  The Dead Exs are going to be part of the top secret project I am working to complete for Record Store Day.  Stay tuned for more information about that.
Below is a The Dead Exs’ contribution to this year’s Couch by Couchwest.
From our affiliate partners:
Neutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (33 1/3 Series) Neutral Milk Hotel’s In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (33 1/3 Series)
Kim Cooper provides an oral history of Neutral Milk Hotel and the Elephant 6 Collective, from their childhood roots in Louisiana to the moment when Jeff Mangum decided to give it up….

Live at Grimey's EP Live at Grimey’s EP
Live at Grimey’s EP

Band of the Week: Year 2, Month 4, Week 2: Kafka

Hey I’m running late with this, but let’s get to it….

Wayne Kafka comes from Burnley in the UK. We’ve already featured a couple of tracks in our daily music shuffles and with each listen, I became more and more convinced that I needed to write some more about this gifted musician, songwriter and singer.

Go follow, Like, Subscribe to and Bookmark Kafka today!

Kafka has a album out called Mysterious Skin which you can get a taste of via a download from Noisetrade:

 And then you can go get the whole thing over at Amazon.


Kafka the artist makes passionate, intelligent and uplifting music.  Mysterious Skin was produced by Mark Jones who has worked with Peter Gabriel, Black Grape and Blue Nile.

Kafka the man – blogs about important topics.  

Oh and most importantly given the seriousness of the last two paragraphs, Kafka has an excellent sense of humor – a quality much needed in the world today.

And I’ll end this with a clip of Kafka covering on my favorite Replacements songs:

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Adolf Builds a Bonfire Mix

The Band of the Month poll is heating up.  Right now, it’s looking like a two horse race, but remember you’re all winners in my book.  There is still time to vote.  The time remaining on the poll thing is kind of wonky, but I believe it will end around 4:30 tomorrow (Thursday) central time.  The poll will begin showing hours remaining whenever it gets below 24 hours.   The poll is on the left sidebar
<—— over there. I believe you can only vote once (at least per computer?).  Be sure to check out all of the bands up for the honor.  They are a diverse but all deserving bunch.   The winner will join In Cages our December winner and move onto the Band of the Year competition in early December.
Now is also a good time to mention we have a Twitter list which follows all of the Bands (and members) who have been featured on the blog either as Bands of the Week or on one of our Ear to the Ground Recommends posts. Plus, the list also follows Popa’s Tunes, Folk Pop News and a few other friends of the blog.  The list feed is streaming on the right sidebar, and if you are on Twitter you can follow the list.
You can also visit one of our Amazon Stores or search Amazon through this blog or visit one of our affiliates  (links on the top of the right hand sidebar).  We also add affiliated links to most posts with relevant or interesting products.
Enough – let’s get down to it. Some good lesser known bands and artists get the spotlight in today’s shuffle:
Nik West describes herself as a bassist, vocalist, runway model and her music as Prince meets Erykah Badu with a funky bassline… Eyes Closed is off of her Just in the Nik of Time album.  The song has a jazzy feel and yeah, it has a funky bass line.
(click on the album to view the download page on Amazon. If you do not see the album cover you can right click to the left of this note and open the link)
Next up is a new 7″ release from Fort Lean.  I grabbed a download over at Stereogum of the song, Sunsick. If you aren’t up to speed on Fort Lean this is a good way to catch of with this hot Brooklyn band.
(You can view the Amazon page for the band’s self titled EP which was released last summer by clicking on the album cover left click and open link if you can’t see the album cover)
Finally We have a track we originally grabbed off of a Noisetrade Sampler. The Hawk in Paris is a Nashville based band who deliver very awesome music.  The song we heard today is The New Hello (Hers) – the album His + Hers also has a song called The New Hello (His).
(click on album cover to the left to view the Amazon page for The Hawk in Paris album His + Hers)

Affiliated Link: