Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Riotous Clown Car Mix

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 Ah, mid-week and finally some sunshine here in Nashville.  So many exciting things happening.  Just under a week ago, I had the incredible opportunity to do an hour long phone interview with an amazing musician/songwriter/producer who has been involved in some of my all-time favorite albums/songs/bands.  I cannot wait to present this to you all. I just have to get my butt in gear to get this completed.

I had such a blast doing the interview and I found a great location. I’m looking forward to making interviews a bigger part of the blog.

Let’s get to the shuffle:

First up we have Denver-based band, The Lumineers with Dead Sea off their self-titled debut album which was released back in April. The Lumineers have created quite a buzz with this record, and (but) (so) they make great music. 

Next up, we have our friends and August Featured Artists The Holograms. On The Sacrifice, they are joined by Seattle-based musician Ralph Buckley who sings and plays the acoustic guitar. On soundcloud, the song is labeled as Glamglitchrawk. I’m not even going to pretend to be cool enough to know what that means, but it’s a sweet piece of music with a good beat, cool vocals and a nice sound. 

Here’s an older video from Ralph Buckley

And finally, we wrap up the Morning Shuffle with some West Coast funk and roll via the L.A. band Orgone. Crazy Queen is from their 2010 album Cali Fever – check it out!



Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Losing Grounds Mix

Well… some bummer news yesterday.  It appears that one of our Featured Artists from July – The Raindoggs are going on indefinite hiatus due to some personnel issues. We will keep you informed, but let’s hope they come back soon with some more amazing music like this:

//, let’s get to the shuffle:

First up, we have a song from the latest album by Damien Jurado.  We recently featured Arkansas from his next to latest release, St. Bartlett.  This time we have Working Titles off of his fabulous Maraqopa.

Next up, we have another artist we ran across over at ReverbNation.  This time it is Buffalo, New York native and current Nashville resident Chris Nathan with some sweet Southern Soul music.  The song came across on my MP3 player as Never Needed Nothing, but when I went back to find it again today, the closest I could find was a song called Nothing ‘Til I Needed You and I wasn’t able to listen to see if it was the same song.  Either way, check out Chris Nathan and see what think.
Here is the latest from Chris Nathan.  This EP does not contain either of the possibly two songs.

And here’s a video for a different song

Next up we have Lookout by Orgone from their album Cali Fever.  Orgone are a Los Angeles based Funk/R&B combo who came to our attention when they played a show with Northbrook Garage around the time they were Band of the Week and then Band of the Month.

And finally, we have Run from the British  band Spiritualized’s debut album, Lazer Guided Melodies which was released in 1992.  



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