Monday Morning Music Shuffle – If a Tree… Mix

Here we go into another week. Couch by Couchwest has come to an end, but you can relive the glory here:
We got 10 songs this a.m. so let’s get to it:
UK band, The xx are up first with VCR from the album xx. Be Kind and Rewind…
 Next up is Portland, Oregon band Loch Lomond with the lovely Elephants & Little Girls.
East LA band Los Lobos have been around since the mid 70s, but their breakthrough came in 1984 with release of the T-Bone Burnett produced How Will the Wolf Survive?  We have A Matter of Time today which I actually converted from a vinyl copy of the out of print Slash Records compilation Slash Cuts.
In typical random fashion, Bruce Springsteen’s spare solo album Nebraska was the first CD I purchased (a few days before I bought my first CD player).  Atlantic City is our track today.
Beggars Banquet was released in 1968 and was the 7th studio album by the Rolling Stones.  Street Fighting Man  is just a great song.
The Sea and Cake come from Chicago.  Up on the Northshore from The Moonlight Butterfly album is a beautiful song that I fell in love with instantly.
Nashville’s own Will Kimbrough (via Mobile, Alabama) fights against his Southern upbringing by deciding to be Less Polite a politically charged song from his politically charged album Americanitis. (Hint: This album is unlikely to be played at a Tea Party Rally).
I honestly didn’t know until I started writing this post that Sam Prekop was in The Sea and Cake.  It makes sense, though.  Up above we have a link to an earlier release by Sam Prekop.  The song today, Arizona comes from a film called Pavilion by Tim Sutton.  Mr. Prekop contributed to the score. You can download your own copy of Arizona and stream another track called The Eve.  Stereogum will hook you up – here.
“Don’t forget the Motor City…”  Outrageous Cherry have been around for ten years and have nine full-length albums to their credit.  Thanks to Beyond Beyond is Beyond and Bang Bang Boogaloo for turning me on to the band. Today’s track, Unbalanced in the City is off of the band’s latest album Seemingly Solid Reality.
And finally, Magnolia Electric Co. have been absent from the public since 2009 due to on-going personal issues of founder Jason Molina. You can find out more about that  – here. We have the amazing song, Whip-Poor-Will from the album Josephine.
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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – War of the Enzymes Mix

War of the Enzymes – you know that Decemberist’s song, “You and me and the war of the enzymes.”?  Eh, never mind…

So last night, I added a bunch of songs to the old MP3 player, but a few didn’t get added for some reason, so I decided to “Rebuild” my database.  Seemed a harmless thing, but it turns out it wiped out the new playlists I had created.  Sooooo… this morning I tossed together a new playlist of the 20 songs that were successfully added last night, and they are all relatively new releases – I think and all new to me.

Noisetrade (which you really have to check out if you are a band or a fan of music… to be honest, I’m not sure how it works, but it seems to be a great way to connect great music to music fans… anyway, they aren’t paying me, so….) recently offered up a couple of  Delta Spirits’ EPs, and our first song is a track from that one called Gimme Some Motivation – which rocks out in a modern way.

Friends of the blog – Makar are back (two days in a row) with a another song from their Funeral Genius album – this one is called In the Know.

The Bang Bang Boogaloo compilation Beyond Beyond is Beyond is available today for general distribution. It contains a butt load of diverse tracks all generally falling under the psychedelic category.  This one features groovy, echoey vocals, fuzzy but strong guitars and a hand clapping beat.  It sounds like it could come from the ’60s, but it doesn’t sound dated.  This one is by a Detroit band called Outrageous Cherry and is called Unbalanced in the City.

My good friend Hayden Coleman just released a album (available on Bandcamp) of beats from 2007. The album is called From ’07: The Beat Tape – H.C. is a connoisseur of hip hop and he knows his stuff.  That much is evident in this beat called Bossa Nova Nuestra. Rumor has it, he makes a pretty good milkshake, too.
Finally, Charles Manson stole this song from the Beatles, U2 stole it back and now The Shake have taken it out on extended loan.  Helter Skelter here is a live cut recorded live at Maxwell’s. ===========================================================================
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History of Hip Hop, Including: Bebop, Old School Hip Hop, New School Hip Hop, History of Hip Hop Music, Universal Zulu Nation, Har History of Hip Hop, Including: Bebop, Old School Hip Hop, New School Hip Hop, History of Hip Hop Music, Universal Zulu Nation, Har
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Love, Peace & Poetry: Turkish Psychedelic Music Love, Peace & Poetry: Turkish Psychedelic Music
Track Listing: 1. Bundan Sonra – Selda, 2. Uzun I Nce Bir Yoldayim – Ozdemir Erdogan, 3. Kirpiklerin OK OK Eyle – Alpay, 4. Sur Efem Atini – Mazhar/Fuat, 5. Yagmur – Erkin Koray, 6. Kara Yazi – Tim Ersen/Ersen, 7. Yakar Incedeni Inceden – Edip Akbayram, 8. Bir Yagmur Masali – Hardal, 9. Ince Ince Bir Kar Yagar – Selda, 10. Hop Dedik – Erol Buyukburc, 11. Tatli Dillim – Cem Karaca, 12. Aglarsa Anam Aglar – 3 H?r-El/Uc Hurel, 13. Kirpiklerin OK OK Eyle – Baris Manco, 14. Halicte Gunes in Batisi – Mogollar, 15. Sen Varsin – B?lent Orta?gil, 16. Gitmek Dus Tu Bana – Erkut Tackin