TFIF (Thank Frigg It’s Friday) Morning Music Shuffle – Underage in This Funky Bar Mix

It’s always fun to look at my blog stats* and see what kind of searches bring people to my site. Recently, a search for Appalachian culture brought people to yesterday’s post.  I’ve had several searches for former Band of Week – Sealight’s Dead Letters EP which I reviewed here. I also had a recent search for Elvis Costello telling Whitney Houston to let him write some songs for her. 🙂

*Not that I obsessively and compulsively check my stats, because that would be lame.

Got some diverse and fun tracks in today’s shuffle, so let us get to it:

Tons of Johnny Cash news lately – the previously mentioned museum set to open in Nashville this summer, plans for an 80th Anniversary of his birth celebration and probably more…

Today we have one of Johnny Cash’s classic songs.  A few years ago, at a church talent show, the young son of some friends’ of mine did an amazing and funny as hell version of this song.  A Boy Named Sue was written by Shel Silverstein and was inspired by the humorist Jean Shepherd (A Christmas Story) who was taunted as a child for his feminine sounding name.

<—–check out Johnny Cash At San Quentin (1969) at

We shift gears entirely now – In 1991, P.M. Dawn released their debut album, and this song helped unleash an entirely different kind of hip-hop on an unsuspecting world.  Spandau Ballet is sampled heavily.  Today I heard a live version of Set Adrift on Memory Bliss – sublime!

<—-check out the debut album from P.M. Dawn at Amazon

Deer Tick who hail from Rhode Island make stunning and wonderful alt-country music. Twenty Miles which comes off of the Black Dirt Sessions album is one of my favorite songs not only by the band, but of all time – not faint praise for a song less than two years old.

<—check out The Black Dirt Sessions at

And finally – a song that goes way back to 1980 – when I was a wee lad of 14, and a song I know I heard quite a bit on the radio back then (it reached #6 on the charts in the US).  Paul Simon released his fifth album which served as a Soundtrack of sorts (different songs and versions of songs) to the movie which share its name, One Trick Pony.  The song is Late in the Evening – great lines like my mother laughed the way some ladies do, I turned the amp up loud and I began to play and the line borrowed for the subtitle of this post.

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One Trick Pony One Trick Pony
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