Tuesday Music – Ascenseur pour l’échafaud Mix

Yesterday, I found out what happens when you drop a cell phone into the gap in the doorway of an elevator.  Hint: The phone can be retrieved, but even rugged phone will not escape unscathed. 

Long story short, my phone which doubles as my MP3 player is out of commission at least as a MP3 player and playing hurt as a phone.  Texting is still possible, though. With no way to shuffle music this a.m., I am forced to do something different – I hope you dig it.

Every day, some really awesome people post really awesome music to Facebook. Here is a a sampling from this morning/late last night:

Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart) by Ricky Nelson – posted by Chris Frantz (Talking Heads/Tom Tom Club) 

Click below to purchase and download Ricky Nelson’s Greatest Hits:

 We’re Gonna Groove by Led Zeppelin posted by Mary Brace (Morning DJ on Nashville’s progressive radio station Lightning 100)

Click below to look at, purchase and download Coda by Led Zeppelin.

 Pile Up by Plimsouls from their 1998 reunion album Kool Trash posted by Peter Case (Nerves, Plimsouls)

(click below to purchaase the CD of Kool Trash by the Plimsouls)

When I Hear My Name by White Stripes also posted by Peter Case from The White Stripes self-titled album:

Finally Helden (the German language version of Heroes) by David Bowie.
Posted by Richard Barone (Bongos).
Click to purchase and download the Heroes/Helden EP by David Bowie

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Thursday (Covers) Morning Music Shuffle – Maybe Superman Mix

Once again, we reach Thursday and to denote the day named for the god Thor, we bring on the cover versions of songs….

The Coverers

Marshall Crenshaw once played John Lennon in an Off-Broadway version of Beatlemania. He has been making consistently brilliant records for around 30 years. In a just world, Marshall Crenshaw would be the biggest thing on the planet.

Wavves is from San Diego, California.  They play surf infused noise punk music, and in January they are going to be part of the Weezer Cruise, which sounds like a totally cool thing to me. I think they should do a remake of the Love Boat and set it on the Weezer Cruise.

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes are a cover band so it’s appropriate that they are on this list.  The band includes members of Foo Fighters, NOFX and Lagwagon.

Is a South Dakota-born singer-songwriter.  She sang backup vocals on Suzanne Vega’s hit song Luka. She has released 7 full length studio albums including an album of cover songs.
The Coverees

Peter Case was a founding member of the new wave band The Nerves. After that band broke up, he founded the Plimsouls who recorded one of my all time favorite songs, A Million Miles Away – among a number for great songs. In 1986, Peter Case released his self-titled album Peter Case. I can remember hearing Walk in the Woods on college radio, and picking up the cassette on a trip to Nashville, and the album being a perfect soundtrack to a drive down a state highway in the dusky dark. I eventually owned that album on CD and Vinyl as well.  Peter Case is the real deal – don’t miss it if you ever get a chance to see him live.

Sonic Youth make a crazy noises. You either love them or hate them, but for better or worse they have influenced a generation of alternative bands. The band formed 30 years ago in New York City. I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge Sonic Youth fan, but I recognize their importance enough to have some of their music in my collection.  Besides, sometimes, you just want to listen to wacky tunings and feedback and distortion.

Kenny Rogers has been making music for over 50 years. He was once a member of the New Christy Minstrals. He later formed the The First Edition.  During the late 1970s and early 1980s, Kenny Rogers was a fixture on country and pop radio. Jason Isbell sometimes sports a vintage Kenny Rogers tour jacket on stage.

The Police formed in 1977 and by the early 80s were the biggest band in the world. At Live Aid, the Police,  symbolically passed the torch on to U2. The broke-up a year later and their bassist and lead singer Sting went on to record an album of lute music.

The Covers

Wavves Cover Sonic Youth