Band of the Week – Year 2 – Week 8 or 9 – From the Outside

For our newer readers, who may be quick to point out that From the Outside is one person, I will point to our long and storied history of Bands of the Week which includes many fine one-person bands and at least one small pony.  Except not the small pony part….  But anyway, as you study this long and illustrious list, you will see that we are dedicated to introducing bands, regardless of genre or geographic locale, who we dig and think some of our readers might dig, too.

From the Outside, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil,  is already part of the extended Ear to the Ground family… yes, I said family… too weird?  whatever… We featured them in an earlier Ear to the Ground Recommends post (or whatever I called it).  But, Rafael Veiga who is From the Outside just released a new full length album, and we gave a listen last night and loved what we heard.

From the Outside does Electronic/Post-Rock stuff, and The Sound of Motion demonstrates a diversity of cool sounds.   The Sound of Motion is a follow-up to the Matching Opposites EP which was released way back in September of 2011.

If you like what you hear, download those two releases via Bandcamp (Name your price), and get all social media-like and connect at Twitter and Facebook.  Or even You Tube.

I’ll leave you with a video of a song from the new one….