Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Best Ever Mix

(Throw back Friday Pic)

For me, every mix is unique and has value.  Is this the best ever mix? Probably not, that will be Monday or some other time (or many other times in the future).  This is a good mix – a damn good mix.  Why?  ‘Cause it has some of my all time favorites, a couple of brand new (to me) songs that I really dig, a nifty cover, a diverse but not crazily diverse mixture of songs (although I love me some crazily diverse mixtures), and it forces me to break a long-standing officially unofficial blog policy…. but we’ll get to all that.

Meanwhile – let’s just dive right into the mix


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“Mission Bells” by Susan James (One of my favorite albums of 2013 so far is Driving Into the Sun.  This is awesome California folksy rock music with a mellow vibe. Americana, but California-style Americana, and it’s a fantastic album)

“Drinkin’ Problem” by Lori McKenna (I think I may have gotten this from a Popa Tunes compilation – I noticed he was a fan of her music page on Facebook. I am too.  This is a great song. Massachusetts Country Music. Nice.

“Ate” by Alvin Band (From a Noisetrade compilation that includes songs from several different Alvin Band albums. I’m realty growing to dig this music.)

“The Music in My Headphones” by Telepathic Teddy Bear (When someone called Telepathic Teddy Bear follows you on Twitter, you follow back.  When they have music for download, you download. You don’t know why you do this, but you do. And, you are glad you did.  I’m glad I did.)

“Into the Mines” by The End Men (The opening track on The End Men’s latest album, Play With Your Toys, makes big promises and prepares you for something beyond what you would expect from the band.  “Into the Mines” seals the deal.  A chillingly dark tale to be sure.  Remember, this is only a show, but it’s a show you do not want to miss…


“Cool Me Down” by Promised Land Sound from Summer Sampler 2013 (Jeffery Drag Records)


Jeffery Drag Records is a pretty bitchin’ cool label based here in Nashville.  It is the mad brain child of Bad Cop front man Adam Anyone Moult. Last year some time, we reported that Jeffery Drag had become part of the French Kiss Label Group. Anyway, they have this new compilation out on band camp – click on the picture of Promised Land Sound to get to that compilation – and it’s a pretty great mix of music.  Bad Cop, Natural Child, Majestico, and Useless Eaters. Plus it’s got this band.  Promised Land Sound (or Promised Land – I’m kind of confused…) are really great. Hell, they are “Jack White digs them” great (they put out a 7″ on his Third Man label).

“Old School Friends” by Honeyhoney from American Songwriter Sessions (originally on the band’s 2011 album Billy Jack)


Per their Facebook Page, Honeyhoney are from Nashvillle, but now live in Los Angeles. This song left me wanting to hear more from this band.  It’s a song that sounds like a classic, the minute you first lay ears on it.

“Changing” by The Gypsy West from Accomplices III: No Barcodes (2013)


Another of our favorites of 2013.  We reviewed this record early in the year.  The EP is the finale of a trilogy of songs that tell the story of a revolution.  This is the opening song from this EP and highlights the power and the creativity of this Brooklyn band.

Finally – at some point, I made a solemn vow, or an idle promise … I honest don’t remember the circumstances, but I made a promise that I honestly thought would be easy to keep.  But, today, I find my self (sort of) breaking that promise.  There are only a hand full of bands for which I would even consider breaking that promise.

“Boyfriend” (Justin Bieber Cover) by Valued Customer from “Fun Covers”


It helps that this isn’t so much a cover as it is a deconstruction.   I do love me some Valued Customer….  I don’t have a video of the song, but I have a video of Patrick from Valued Customer covering another song – plus another cover of this hit song by another familiar face.. You’ll have to watch the Playlist below to find out.








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