Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Ding-Dong Mix

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First of all I have to give a huge shout out to everyone who helped make the inaugural The Finger and Ear to the Ground Presents: The Most Dangerous Game Show a huge success! Big props go to John McCollum and Darrin Bradbury without whom this would not have been possible.  Thanks to everyone who came out.  Thanks to The Building. Thanks to DJ Warbles for spinning great tunes between sets.  To Russell Thompson, Lindsay Ellyn, George Terry McDonald, and our very special guest Bob Dylan I mean Darrin Bradbury.  Let’s do this thing again!

We have a short but sweet shuffle. Only five songs thanks to the seventeen minute opening track… Jump

“Sister Ray” by The Velvet Underground

Coincidently, this song came up in the shuffle on The Velvet Underground’s drummer, Mo Tucker’s birthday!  There are only a handful of songs that I can tolerate for 17 minutes.  This is one of them.  Around the time that my passion for music was really starting to broaden and expand, Polydor Records released several of the Velvet Undergrounds classic albums along with VU a “new” collection of outtakes.  Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side” had been one of the songs that hit me early in my musical journey, and although I knew he had been in a band called Velvet Underground, I had no way (from my small-medium sized town in the middle  of Tennessee) to hear that music.  The saying is that not many people bought the Velvet Underground albums, but that everyone who did formed a band or something like that.  I did not form a band, but nothing was the same for me after I heard The Velvet Underground. They were and to me still are a burst of fresh, dank, dark air. Their subject matter often shocked my suburban sensibilities, and they could be tender one minute and brutal the next.

“Used to Call Me Baby” (Split Lip Rayfield Cover) by The Blind Owl Band

The Blind Owl Band Saranac Lake, New York.  The released the 3 song EP Professionality (COVERS) which in addition to this Split Lip Rayfield song, also contains covers of songs my Man Man and The Devil Makes Three. The EP does a great job of showing off the diverse influences which help to make The Blind Owl Band who they are. This is our final song from the EP… it is delightfully raucous and catchy and fun.  For fun, I included the original Split Lip Rayfield version followed by The Blind Owl Band doing an original song (I could not find a video of them doing this one.

“Meredith Moonshine Land Trust” by Discount Ravioli

So, “Sister Ray” was over 17 minutes long… this one clocks in at around 0:45 seconds. Yet another from the Dord Music Group and their subsidiary(???) Discotime Records. I am not entirely sure what is going on here, but you know what? This and all of the music coming out the Dord compound is helping to restore my hopefulness of the kids of today (in the most weird and twisted way possible).  No video, so I added a Bandcamp widget of this track.  Do listen.

“Sink or Swim” by The Train Set

Another track from Never California.  This album came to me through e-mail, and I am so glad it did.  It is a very tasty slice of 80s era Brit-Pop.  There were so many great bands that came to my attention in that formative phase of my life, and even though I missed out on The Train Set the first time around, hearing it now is like discovering a long buried treasure.

“The Morning in Her” by Raging Fire

Besides The Velvet Underground and Brit-Pop, one of my major musical passions during the 80s was the vibrantly chaotic local music scene bubbling up in Nashville.  The whole thing seemed on the verge of bubbling over in the best way, but for a variety of reasons it never did. Nevertheless, some really awesome bands and music came out of that era.  Raging Fire were one of the best of that time.  I was happy to see recently that they are rereleasing much of their back catalogue and playing a reunion show at the Exit/In on October 3.  Melora Zaner has one of the most original and amazing voices in rock and roll.


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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – You Say You Want Mix

As of this morning, I had 119 songs in my July 2012 Playlist which I have not yet had the chance to present to you.  Today, I will knock that down to 115.  I was reflecting on the added music for this month – an eclectic mix of old and new music – spanning a geographic and musical landscape that can only be called spectra-normous. I just made that word up – by the way.  Interestingly enough, today’s random shuffle of those 119 songs yielded three songs from the same band. More on that later.

First up, we have our good friends and sure bet for a wildcard spot in our Band of the Year poll, The Dead Exs.  They have a new album set to drop soon.  A couple of weeks ago, we introduced a new song they released around the 4th for July. The song recently, reached number 3 on the Hype Machine’s Twitter chart.  It’s called Relovolution and it shows off this hard working band’s dirty blues-rock style in fine fashion.  It was an excellent way to jump start my day.  You can get a free download below:

And while you are waiting for the new record – go buy their last record Resurrection by clicking the image below ( Also, The Dead Exs really want to come to Nashville and play Grimey’s – so if you’re in Nashville – spread the word!

And here’s the band’s classic from Resurrection – “More Stuff”

Now, settle down and let me tell you about the band that shows up three times in a row on today’s shuffle.  The Ratz were, are and ever shall be trailblazers in the Nashville Rock world.  The band formed in 1979, played some legendary gigs and Nashville Rock landmarks Phranks n’ Steins  and Cantrells, recorded a single, played with R.E.M. and The Brains among others and then disbanded in 1981 with it’s members going on to play in such bands as Factual, Raging Fire, The Enemy, Go Jimmy Dub and Royal Court of China. The band, older and wiser but still Ratz, reunited in 2009 and have since recorded some new and old songs. They have a gig coming up on August 11 at The End (which was once the legendary Elliston Square).

So here are the songs by The Ratz in today’s shuffle:

Drop to the Ground (New Song and Recording from 2010)

My Baby Don’t Love Me Cuz I Won’t Cut My Face For Her (Vintage Song, New Recording)
She Shaved Her Head and She’s Crazy 

Go grab some music and check out

You can also check out The Ratz and other great Nashville Rock from back in the day on this must-have compilation:

 Couldn’t find a You Tube clip of The Ratz (so go check them out live on the 11th) so here’s a vintage clip from Raging Fire.



Listen To Punk Rock With Daddy Body Suit

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Zombie Apocalypse Mix

It really isn’t a question of if… it’s a question of when… are you prepared… the CDC has some tips.
And but so, we move forward.  Colder air has arrived, but it’s not too bad.
You may have heard or noticed that some sites including Wikipedia are blacked-out today in protest of the proposed SOPA regulations. Here’s some information about SOPA/PIPA.  One thing that sucks is that in the three or four seconds Wikipedia comes up, I noticed that the article of the day is about Nick Drake. So, tomorrow, be sure to click back to the Nick Drake article.
On we go…
First up, Stephen Malkmus & the Million Dollar Bashers cover Dylan’s Maggie’s Farm for the I’m Not There Motion Picture Soundtrack. (check out this very cool soundtrack below).

Next is another awesome, trippy track from the forthcoming Beyond Beyond is Beyond compilation from Bang Bang Boogaloo. This time, we have Cincinnati-based Buffalo Killers with a track called Lily of the Valley. Below you can check out their album 3.

Ear to the Ground favorite Don Ryan is next with another great song from his Tangle Town album.  This one is called Crystal Star.  Use this as an excuse to check out Tangle Town…

And finally, via Soundcloud comes a song called A Narrow Sky from 80s era Nashville legends Raging Fire: Raging Fire – A Narrow Sky by Allen in Tennessee

And check out their classic EP A Family Thing below.

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Nashville Rock 'N' Roll Nashville Rock ‘N’ Roll
Nashville Rock ‘N’ Roll

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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Sassafras Mix

Added some songs to the MP3 player last night – 13 total – several holiday songs, and some not so much.  There remains this sense of winding down, but I feel a desire to keep the momentum going. There has been a lot of fog so far this season and this morning the fog or mist made a cool morning feel downright cold.
Song #1 of the day:  Bradley Manning is the United States Army soldier charged in the Wikileaks scandal. Cass McCombs is a critically acclaimed American songwriter and performer.  
Bradley Manning is a song by Cass McCombs. 

(click on album cover to get Humor Risk, the latest by Cass McCombs)

Song #2 of the day: It Ain’t Necessarily So is a Gershwin composition from the musical Porgy and Bess.  The songs has been covered by everyone from Cher to Bronski Beat and Sting to Hugh Laurie.   The version today comes from the Chairman of the Board himself Frank Sinatra.

  (click on album cover to get Radio Days (1949) Frank Sinatra sings Gershwin)

Song #3 of the day: The Little Drummer Boy was first recorded by The Trapp Family Singers and popularized by the Harry Simone Chorale. It has been covered many, many times by everyone from Joan Jett & the Blackhearts to The Wiggles and Jimi Hendrix to the Veggie Tales.  Todays version comes from an 80s era Nashville band called Raging Fire Raging Fire – The Little Drummer Boy (1986) by Allen in Tennessee

Song #4 of the day: A repeat from last week, but a damn fine song – Band of the Year nominees You and Me show off the bluesier side of their sound with the track Running Like Hell . Running Like Hell by You and Me

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