Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Constantly Confused Mix

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Its astounding, time is fleeting Madness takes its toll”

 When we stop to consider the alternative – life, no matter what else it is or seems to be, is a grand adventure, a gift, and a prize offering endless possibilities….

The rational mind pales before the majesty that is imagination.

I offer up another collection of songs which helped me navigate the dangerous waters of life in the still early portion of the 21st Century.


“Fever Dream” by Young Summer (from her forthcoming album)

“Ultra Puzzle Song” by Ghost and Goblin (a weird little number from their new album)

“The Ash and Clay” by The Milk Carton Kids (Have You Seen Me?)

“Smilin’ When We Talk” by SetInStone (Corinth Mississippi band)

“In a Delorean” by Game Theory (One of my favorite songs by them)

“Swing Wide the Gate” by Raina Rose (from Austin Texas – like this song)

“Always Another” by Heligoland (from Paris France off of the Commission 45 sampler that always includes our friends Sealight)


  • “Me and Caring” by SetInStone from Colors (2013)

 I really like this song which comes from the band’s second EP. Colors is available for Name Your Price at Bandcamp – use the widget above to stream and/or download.

  • “Friends of the Family” by Game Theory from Real Nightime (1985)

“You and I work in factories
We run the big machinery
The will to try leaves slowly
The murder goes on daily”

The past month has been a real revelation for me – as I have spun my way through the Game Theory Catalog.  There is so much good music.  And then there is The Loud Family…. wow!

  • “The Skeletons in the Closet” by Ghost and Goblin from SUPERHORRORCASTLELAND (2013)

“Nothing seems to be wasted on you” Lo-Fi Doom Pop from New York City.  Yes, The End Men turned me on to this band in a post where the also gave a shout out to Skeletons in the Piano. Are this songs title and that band’s name in any other way connected?  I’m probably thinking to much.  As a long time fan or all things horror, I approve this album.  Check it out… or else….