Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Meet me Tonight Mix

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Continuing to send the love and to hope everyone along the East Coast is safe and sound.  We have a jam packed shuffle that ebbs and flows and cross borders and back and forth and builds and lifts and rises…. Higher….

I happened to catch Frank Ocean on SNL this past weekend (I had missed it the first time he was on), and I was stuck by the stunningly beautiful song Thinkin’ Bout You from Channel Orange. The song of unrequited first love and loss and regret is so emotionally raw and honest. It’s a good reminder of how far the hip-hop genre has come.

We can’t stop listening to The Dead Exs raucous newish album Relovolution.  Another song from that album made an appearance in today’s shuffle. White Collar Crime is more hard blues-rock goodness from the New York band.
Here are The Dead Exs from their Texas run of shows

Ain’t had a enough blues? We continue the raw two-man blues band sound with Husky Burnette from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Coming from the musical lineage of Johhny Burnette and Dorsey Burnette and with experience playing with the likes of Roger Alan Wade and Hank Williams III, Husky Burnette as set out on his own and recruited drummer Tony Jones to join him.  Today we have Mile Marker 68 which comes from Burnette’s 2011 album Face Down in the Dirt.  Check it out.

Coming full circle, we close out today’s shuffle with some more contemporary West Coast hip-hop with a new non-album track from rapper Kendrick Lamar called The Heart Pt. 3 which features Jay-Rock and Ab-Soul.  Lamar’s new album good kid, m.A.A.d. city dropped last week.



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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – You Say You Want Mix

As of this morning, I had 119 songs in my July 2012 Playlist which I have not yet had the chance to present to you.  Today, I will knock that down to 115.  I was reflecting on the added music for this month – an eclectic mix of old and new music – spanning a geographic and musical landscape that can only be called spectra-normous. I just made that word up – by the way.  Interestingly enough, today’s random shuffle of those 119 songs yielded three songs from the same band. More on that later.

First up, we have our good friends and sure bet for a wildcard spot in our Band of the Year poll, The Dead Exs.  They have a new album set to drop soon.  A couple of weeks ago, we introduced a new song they released around the 4th for July. The song recently, reached number 3 on the Hype Machine’s Twitter chart.  It’s called Relovolution and it shows off this hard working band’s dirty blues-rock style in fine fashion.  It was an excellent way to jump start my day.  You can get a free download below:

And while you are waiting for the new record – go buy their last record Resurrection by clicking the image below (Amazon.com). Also, The Dead Exs really want to come to Nashville and play Grimey’s – so if you’re in Nashville – spread the word!

And here’s the band’s classic from Resurrection – “More Stuff”

Now, settle down and let me tell you about the band that shows up three times in a row on today’s shuffle.  The Ratz were, are and ever shall be trailblazers in the Nashville Rock world.  The band formed in 1979, played some legendary gigs and Nashville Rock landmarks Phranks n’ Steins  and Cantrells, recorded a single, played with R.E.M. and The Brains among others and then disbanded in 1981 with it’s members going on to play in such bands as Factual, Raging Fire, The Enemy, Go Jimmy Dub and Royal Court of China. The band, older and wiser but still Ratz, reunited in 2009 and have since recorded some new and old songs. They have a gig coming up on August 11 at The End (which was once the legendary Elliston Square).

So here are the songs by The Ratz in today’s shuffle:

Drop to the Ground (New Song and Recording from 2010)

My Baby Don’t Love Me Cuz I Won’t Cut My Face For Her (Vintage Song, New Recording)
She Shaved Her Head and She’s Crazy 

Go grab some music and check out Nashville80srock.net.

You can also check out The Ratz and other great Nashville Rock from back in the day on this must-have compilation:

 Couldn’t find a You Tube clip of The Ratz (so go check them out live on the 11th) so here’s a vintage clip from Raging Fire.



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