Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – My Body is a Dumb Question Mix

A whopping 25 songs to get to, and not much time…  Jump to it

EXTRA:   “Wish You Were Beer” by The Great American Novel    “My Body’s a Question” by Telepathic Teddy Bear     “I Love You” by Said the Whale    “Fuego” by Shake Jack    “Part One: The End” by Dylan Leblanc    “My Body is Dumb” by The Great American Novel   “San Francisco” by Foxygen   “Amped Up”  by Robert Randolph  and the Family Band   “Fine Tooth Comb” by Lys Guillorn   “Jacks Soup of the Day” by Darrin Bradbury    “Maliced Hearts” by Mr. Kind   

Transition Song of the Day
“Walk of Life” by Bhi Bhiman (Dire Straits cover)  (from Substitute Preacher.  This song was the inspiration for this whole covers album.  Side note unrelated to this cover: The Dire Straits’ video for this song – with  the sports clips almost ruined this song for me.  End of side note…)

“The Old Black Hole” by Dr. Dog (from their Eastside Manor Session. A song from their 2012 album Be the Void.)

“Cock of the Walk” by Stoney (from More Than Animals.)

“Hopscotch (and Tumbling)”  and “Whispers” by No Shoes (both from Cow Drawings EP. From a bandcamp recommendation by Black Doctor Jr.)

“The Fixer” by Mark Robinson (from Quit Your Job – Play Guitar.)

“Devastate” by Amanda Shires (from Down Feel the Doves.  One of the best albums of 2013 by one of Nashville’s finest.)

“Light On (Mage the Blackheart Remix)” by Bad Cop (from Jeffery Drag Records – Summer Sampler 2013.)

“October” by prattle on, rick (from A Decade Begins.)

“The Place I Love” by The Jam (from All Mod Cons.)

“Lady Day” by Lou Reed  (from 1974-05-14 Stockholm.  Sweet Lou…)

“Don’t Be The Last One In” by Mr. Kind (from Mr. Kind.  Brian Bergeron – one of our earliest featured artists – his new project Mr. Kind has been around a year or so – maybe more – and this is their new EP.  We had another song from this EP in the Bonus Tracks section earlier.)

“The Globe” by Ben Sollee (from Inclusions)

“Little Bird” by Andrew Ferris (from Yellow Lorry.)

“Fire Ants” by Darrin Bradbury (from NEW!!!!The Almost Great Crepe’s (Demos).  Seems like we’ve had one or two Darrin Bradbury songs every day lately.  Do you hear me complaining?  We have the newest song from Darrin in the video playlist)

I didn’t have time to update the Amazon powered web store.  I will update hopefully when I have time to update it.  Meantime – enjoy the videos…


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