Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Robocop on Unicorn Mix

The picture above is Robocop riding a unicorn.  This is the ultimate in coolness. Robodrum is a band that is neck and neck with our friends Those Mockingbirds in the Red Bull Soundstage contest. Robodrum is not cool. If TMB were going against Robocop riding a Unicorn, I would be torn… naw, I would vote for Robocop – sorry Adam… Fortunately, Those Mockingbirds are up against Robodrum, so it is a no brainer.  Just hit the link, you can sign up with Facebook and vote for Those Mockingbirds today and tomorrow. If they win this contest, the band will have a song in a movie and win an appearance on the Letterman show where they will give a shout-out to Ear to the Ground…;-) jk…maybe…no really…

Anyway, now that you’ve voted and told all your friends to vote for Those Mockingbirds, it is time to get to today’s shuffle:

Wolf & Cub are a band from Adelaide, Australia. They play a funky brand of psychedelic alt-rock. Got Nothing Coming is part of a new Double A-side single which the band is currently offering for a free download over at Bandcamp.  Check it out and then check out their back catalog.

Next up, is a song about the sometimes artsy, sometimes gritty part of town across the Cumberland River. East Nashville Skyline is not on the album of the same name by Todd Snider, but it does appear on a Rarities disk and on the live double CD we have today which is called Todd Snider Live – The Storyteller. It’s a nifty ditty which name-drops late lamented icons like The Slow Bar and Radio Cafe as well as The Phoenix a cool radio station from back in the day.

Next up – Zero Dark Thirty is a recent track by the always amazing Aesop Rock.  It is the first track off the forthcoming Skelethon album.  

And finally, as the shuffle fates would have it, we have our good friends Taco Land  again with another track off their fine, fine Heart of Texas album.  This one is called Gimmie The Sky
 Here is another Taco Land video….
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Lone Wolf and Cub: The Bell Warden Lone Wolf and Cub: The Bell Warden
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Todd Snider - Happy To Be Here - MP3 Download Todd Snider – Happy To Be Here – MP3 Download
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True Endeavors (Aesop Rock Remix) True Endeavors (Aesop Rock Remix)
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