Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Adjustable Rod Mix

Not much pre-shuffle commentary today.  It is Friday ahead of a three day weekend here in the States, and this is the last Morning Shuffle of August. We have some real gems in the shuffle today, so let’s do it!

“The Second Renaissance (Part III)” by The Danbury Lie from Fourth Time’s a Charm

Working our way backwards through The Second Renaissance series of tracks (we previously have presented part IV and Parts I-II are still to come).  The enigmatic The Danbury Lie offer up a prime example of what they do so well in this instrumental track that transitions effortlessly from gentle folk to progressive metal.

“Thinking Out Loud” by Ron Sexsmith from Other Songs

Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith is up next with a song from his second major label album.  This song really resonated with me this morning.  “But it’s hard to think with all the racket Going on inside our heads”

“Grampa’s Got the Marshall Out Again” by Tim Carroll from Opening Up

Just a fun song – one of the highlights from seeing Tim down at Fran’s. Maybe he’ll do this song with a full-band tonight at The 5 Spot for his Rock ‘n Roll Happy Hour… Go Grampa go! Just not too far…

“If Memory Serves” by Chris Stamey from Lovesick Blues

Chris Stamey was part of The Dbs.  He has played with a virtual who’s who of my musical heroes.  This song is from his excellent 2013 solo record.

“Girl That’s Hip” by Tim Carroll from Opening Up/Not for Sale

I want a girl who’s hip, but not too hip…  #2 from Mr. Carroll. Another favorite.

“Occasional Shivers” by Chris Stamey from Lovesick Blues

I have to say this alternating tracks thing with Tim Carroll and Chris Stamey that the shuffle monster has come up with is pretty damn sweet.  This is another song that really resonated with me this morning…

“Hold Me Up” by Velvet Crush from Teenage Symphonies to God

This record is twenty years old this year, and it still sounds fresh, and it really makes a nice addition to this shuffle.

“Earthquake, Hurricane, Flood and You” !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=”//”;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,”script”,”twitter-wjs”); by The Grimm Generation from The Big Fame

Okay – so several songs are resonating with me this morning.  The mighty, mighty The Grimm Generation sum up a bunch of relationships in a way only they can do. 

“Adjustable Rod” by Joe Bouchard and Marty Carlson from $100 Guitar Project

So, as I understand it, somebody bought a guitar for $100 bucks.  Passed it around to a bunch of great players and let them play and then sign the guitar.  The resulting songs were recorded and released and feature such names Fred Firth, Elliot Smith, Henry Kaiser, and a bunch more.  This track features Joe Bouchard who was in Blue Oyster Cult from 1971 until 1986, and Marty Carlson. 

“People Happy” by The Grey A from My Country

And we close out with another great song from the soon to be released new album from The Grey A.  I have some great lines in my head about this song, but I want to save them for the review I AM going to write this weekend.  Ah heck…. this song is what happens when to take a gentle yet sincere political folk song and incorporate it into a catchy pop song. And I use catchy pop song in the most respectful and positive way. I think too often Pop music becomes too synonymous in some peoples minds with mindless, lame, disposable music.  I tend to call those type of songs crap music. People Happy is none of those previously mentioned things.  It is thoughtful, clever, and timeless. I think (for better or for worse) this song will come off as timely and in the now as it does today.


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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Stalagmite or Stalactite Mix

I am so tired today.  So, I am going to make it short, sweet, to the point, and hopefully interesting – because we have some great music today..

(part of my morning walk –
so you can imagine me as you are reading
and listening to the morning mix)



 I know it’s going to be a good morning mix when it begins with the inimitable Don Ryan.  What can you say about a guy who loves ICP, Townes, Pantera, Nickelback, and One Direction* and who makes great music that manages to not really sound like any of those artists*. 
*one of more of those listed may not belong…
“Top of the World” by Don Ryan (recorded live in the studio. It’s so good to be getting some new music from Don Ryan and company – looking forward to more.)
“Get in Line” by Ron Sexsmith (for some reason, I always get Ron Sexsmith and Charlie Sexton mixed up.  Musically, they are not similar so it must be the sex in the name.  I’ve always gotten mixed up when it comes to sex.)
“Piece of Peace” by Marla Mase (From Scream (Deluxe) – one of our favorite albums of the year)
“Pull My Coat” by Mark Robinson (from Have Axe – Will Groove – another favorite album of the year.  A great blues guitarist from (East) Nashville)
“Infatuation” by Dog Without Warning (from Bark – yet another of our faves – I love this song)


“Cloin’s Lament” by Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray from Live @ DC9 (11-13-12) (2013) originally on We’re From Here (2012)

One of the highlights of CXCW 2013 was the coast to coast submissions from Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray. Yuma Wray also won the Beardliest Beard Award.  Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray are heading out on tour.  Check out the dates and more goodies by heading over to Popa’s Tunes.

“Bowser’s Castle” by Alvin Band from Rainbow Road (2013)

Rainbow road will be released next week, but you can check out Bowser’s Castle and some other songs (old and new) via Noisetrade – using the widget above.

“Lifetime Prescription” by Mark Robinson from Have Axe – Will Groove (2013)


Don’t worry about refills… Another track from the awesome Have Axe – Will Groove album which features some of Nashville’s best blues artists.

“Flood” by Dog Without Warning from Bark (2013)

Dog Without Warning were one of my big take-aways from CXCW this year. I began featuring their Go Girl album.  When the band contacted me to give their new EP a listen, I was blown away.  Not only was this a huge change of direction, it was also an excellent record with some memorable songs.


Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Talking to Myself Mix

In the predawn gloom of a warmish wintery morning.  Backed by choirs of angels or at least by the steady thum of the engine and the slightly muted songs on the radio… driving the newly familiar route passing the same buildings and noticing anything that looks out of place. Past the way too many car lots along my way, filled with cars that never sell and contemplating the meaning of all existence and trying to stay awake. A meaningless, yet invigorating conversation with one of the many interesting characters that fate has brought into my life. Today, the discussion was about letters we would banish, alternate spellings we would outlaw.  Keep it simple… I suppose. 

Then my shuffle begins with a song that holds memories – don’t they all in one way or another?

Shuffle – after the JUMP!

1.  Lost Horizon by The Movement from City Without a Subway (vinyl rip) (1986)

Nowadays Richie Owens heads up The Farm Bureau and runs The Old Time Pickin’ Parlor, but back in those heady days of the mid 80s, he was the go to producer for new music in Nashville, and he headed up a nifty little band called The Movement who made some sweet neo-pop music.  I was fortunate to have seen The Movement live when they lead off an amazing evening of music in the Cat’s Records parking lot on West End Avenue.  We got Lost Horizon from a vinyl copy of City Without a Subway which we mentioned the other day, I also own a cassette copy of The Movement’s eponymous EP.  Up in the Amazon widget, the song is included from an excellent compilation of Nashville’s new music scene from the 80s called Return to Elliston Square 1979-1989.

2.   Etoile Polaire by Phillip Glass from Analog (2006)

Composition dates from the late 70s to 1980.  Analog marked a rare instance of Glass using recording as a means to aid in composition.  We got this off a Glass compilation released on Amazon which does not appear to be available any more.

3.   It Beats for You (Live)  by My Morning Jacket from Live from Terminal 5 – October 2010 (2011) 
Originally on the band’s 2005 album Z.  A previous live version was released on the 2006 double live album Okonokos.  This download was part of a series of free downloads put out by the band a couple of years ago.

4.  Foreign Points by Joseph Mooradian from a Bandcamp download (2012)
 Joseph Mooradian is a singer/songwriter currently in college in Sewanee, Tennessee. I’ve been a fan since I first heard him sing at a coffeehouse at our church – a few years ago.  Like me, he is a big fan of Damien Jurado, and his music features the dense sound, echo-like vocals and deep, thoughtful lyrics that mark Mr. Jurado.  Joseph Mooradian had found his voice, and I hope to hear more from him as the years go by.
Here’s a video of Mooradian doing a different song

5.  The Mermaid Parade by Phosphorescent from Here’s to Taking it Easy (2010)

 Alabama born Matthew Houck got his musical start as Phosphorescent in 2001 in Athens, Georgia.  More recently, he has called Brooklyn home. The Mermaid Parade is really cool, country-flavored song that I really like.

6. I Threw a Brick Through a Window by U2 from October (1981)

From U2’s second album. 

 I was talking
I was talking to myself
Somebody else
Talk, talk, talking
I couldn’t hear a word
A word you said”

7.  Big Boned Gal by k.d. lang and the Reclines from Absolute Torch and Twang (1989)
 From the third album by k.d. and the Reclines. A Goodwill find from this weekend.  Fun stuff.

8.  Get It by Buffalo Killers from Dig. Sow. Love. Grow (2012)
Some pretty awesome rock music from this Cincinnati based band that was toured with the Black Crowes and been produced by a Black Keys member. Black is the new Black…. I guess.

9.  Love Shines by Ron Sexsmith from Long Player Late Bloomer (2011)
Long Player Late Bloomer is Sexsmith’s 12th studio album.  Love Shines features a gorgeous melody and beautiful vocals wrapped up in a near perfect pop song package.





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