Featured Friday Music Shuffle – Territories Mix

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Today we shuffle up songs from the final three of our featured Artists.  The other 7 appeared on the previous two Feature Fridays.  Here and Here .

This week we turn the spotlight on three very different bands with a shuffle that highlights the diversity found here on Ear to the Ground:

Galen Wade is a mid-day DJ on Radio Station WSBS in Massachusetts.  When he’s not spinning tunes, and giving away food-based prizes, he’s making tons of great music.  Here at Ear to the Ground, we’ve followed Galen around for some time and have had music he’s worked on in our morning shuffles a time or two.  He primarily releases music via Soundcloud, and it through that site that he hooked up with Wade Walker. Thanks to the marvels of this magical age, the nearly two thousand miles that separate the two Wades, they have come together to form The Holograms who are not to be mistaken for Holograms – the Swedish band.  Today we have Make Believe, a nifty instrumental with cool electronica mixed with a bit of hip-hop sounds.  Check it out:

Next, we have a epic sounding indie-rock ballad from Germany by way of Canada. Rooftop Runners – Streets off of the band’s We Are Here (from earlier this year) offers brilliant, passionate vocals combined with music that brings us all down to the Streets.

And finally, SIRS are a hard rocking band with a great sound, who come from Chicago.   Boo Hoo is the title from the band’s EP which was released just about a year ago.  
Here a video for another song from the EP


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Did You Know? Featured Artists for August Edition Vol. 2

Did you know….

The Danbury Lie:
…had their song Morbid Becoming featured on the CTIndie Summer Mix Tape D60.

Pony Boy:
is neither a pony or a boy. Nor, do they, do my knowledge have any official affiliation with C. Thomas Howell. They do make some really awesome music.

Rooftop Runners:
are brothers Tobias and Benedikt MacIssac.  Benedikt is a choreographer and Tobias is a dancer. They are based in Berlin, but come from Canada, and are currently (or at least recently) playing some shows up there.

…is the name of another band that (due to extreme near negligence on my part) almost ended up a Featured Artist without my even having heard them.  Gratefully, I caught my error in time. The featured Sirs are from Chicago and are working on some new music.

And now, a video-treat!

Featured Artists for August

The Page is up now – please say hello your

 Featured Artist for August
 (Lots more to follow throughout the month.)


Monday Morning Music Shuffle – I Don’t Know What Mix

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  It is Monday, and we have a pretty good rocking shuffle to get your blood pumping…

First up we have Sonny and the Sunsets with Teen Age Thugs  from their sophomore album Hit After Hit.  Trivia – Jackson Browne’s son plays bass for Sonny and the Sunsets.

Next we have a track from the 2008 album Centerline by Jason & the Scorchers guitarist Warner E. Hodges. Gimme, Gimme scorches just fine thank you…
A Video of Warner and Dan Baird performing as Home Made Sin
Next up, Atlanta-based band Biters with Breakin Your Heart Again from their All Chewed Up EP.  This band has a great classic rock sound, but in a good way… if you know what I mean… or even if you don’t.

From SXSW 2012

Finally – we offer up another fine track from the German band Rooftop Runners – Streets off the We Are Here EP which dropped in April.  Rooftop Runners play an exciting and original brand of energetic dark pop.
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Jackson Browne -- Late for the Sky: Piano/Vocal/Chords Jackson Browne — Late for the Sky: Piano/Vocal/Chords
Jacksonas third release features era-defining songs like “Fountain of Sorrow.” This album-matching folio features professional arrangements for Piano/Vocal/Chords. Titles: Late for the Sky * Fountain of Sorrow * Farther On * The Late Show * The Road and the Sky * For a Dancer * Walking Slow * Before the Deluge.


Jason & The Scorchers Jason & The Scorchers
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