Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Time Heals, Time Forgets Mix

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Time rolls on, and suddenly it is Thursday – that means tonight is Week 2 of the Campfire Propaganda residency at The 5 Spot, followed by Coverfest at The Basement East.

Shuffle time!

“Tara” by Roxy Music

We begin the brief and beautiful instrumental from one of the best albums of all time (Avalon).

“Two Sad Tales” by Bang OK Bang

The first of two songs in the shuffle from the Nashville-based Heavy Rockers. This is from a recently release live album – Live at East Nashville Underground. It was recorded at The East Room back in the spring. Bringing some heaviness into the shuffle for a Thursday of what has been a pretty crappy week so far…

“The Matador” by Gretchen Peters

The always amazing Nashville singer-songwriter with a track from her 2012 album, Hello Cruel World.  By the way, the title song from the album is my default ringtone – kind of a pessimistic view of calls from numbers I generally don’t know.

“Time Heals” by Gear Daddies

Another track from the album Billy’s Live Bait… “You should smoke those goddamn cigarettes…”

“All the Lonely People Left Behind” by Bang OK Bang

The second track of the day from the live album. I really dig this song a bunch. 

“Ambition” by Velvet Elvis

Velvet Elvis were a band from Lexington, Kentucky that caught the attention of Mitch Easter (of Let’s Active) whose production credits included the early albums by R.E.M. Through Easter, the band caught the attention of Enigma Records which released the Easter produced self-titled album in 1988.  Great to hear this song again.

“Amazing Grace” by Cora Fluker

From the Music Maker Relief Foundation… A stirring and powerful version of the spiritual classic sung by the late singer who was born in Alabama around 1920.

“Wehmut” by Tess Parks and Anton Newcombe

Our second listen from the album I Declare Nothing by Canadian singer and the founding member of The Brian Jonestown Massacre.  Good stuff…

“Physics of Form” by The Vigilance Committee

Time to close out this Thursday shuffle with a track from Exit a Hero from the Progressive rock band from Long Island.


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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Bukowski in my Underwear Mix

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So, I find myself short on time, so I have to speed through this. I hope you find time to dig deeper.  I could not find the exact track for all the songs for the Video Playlist, so you my have to do some internet searches.  Some great stuff, and well worth the effort.

“Racing to the Ruins” by Syd Straw

I have enjoyed so much revisiting Syd Straw’s classic album Surprise. Truly one of the best albums of the late 80s.

“Reprise” by The End Men

What a reprise! From the 2013 E2TG Band of the Year’s latest album, Terms and Conditions. The End Men are currently tearing up Europe!

“Takin’ a Ride” by The Replacements

The opening track from the first studio album by the one and only Replacements!

“Send Me on My Way” by Rusted Root

Some people say, I don’t have enough 90s music on Ear to the Ground.  Actually, to my knowledge no one has ever said that, but they may have thought it… but I can’t prove it.  In any event, here is a song released as a single in 1995.  A rough version appeared on Rusted Root’s debut album, Cruel Sun.  The song was rerecorded and included on their second album (and major label debut), When I Woke.  Undeniably infectious.

“India” by Roxy Music

A lush instrumental from the classic 1982 album, Avalon.

“Magnetic” by Michael Sackler-Berner

A song from the Shimmer and Shine EP by the fast rising New York singer-songwriter.

“One Too Many” by Tiffany Huggins-Grant

From the forthcoming album, Jonquil Child, by Nashville-based singer-songwriter Tiffany Huggins-Grant, this song was written by Pamela Jackson (one of only two songs on the album written by others). The album was produced by E2TG favorite Mark Robinson who also produced David Olney’s 2014, When the Deal Goes Down. Really digging this album so far. 

“Snow is Falling” by Cletus Kennelly and Lori Kelley

Another track from the long-time D.C. area duo.  Lori Kelley is now a Nashville resident, and I got to hear her perform Sunday night.

“Just Like You” by Gill Landry

A fantastic track (and first single) from the recent self-titled solo effort by the Old Crow Medicine Show guitarist.

“On Your Knees” by fIREHOSE

From Ragin’ Full On…  one of my favorite fIREHOSE songs.

“The Road Ahead” by Boy Named Banjo

Another great song from the album Long Story Short by the young Nashville band who will be playing Bonnaroo in about a month.

“When the World’s Against Me” by Andrew Adkins and The Colored Parade

I also saw Andrew Adkins perform live Sunday night.  Here he is with his band, The Colored Parade with a song released on KidzlikeDanny 4 a compilation from an organization that raises money for various autism causes.  A great song to end today’s shuffle.


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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Call me Admiral Byrd Mix

Yes, I chiseled my way out through the thick blanket of ice and crossed the frozen tundra to make it to work today.  I only fell once, and I don’t think anyone saw me, and anyway, I fell with the grace and dignity befitting of someone of my importance and position. (that is a joke by the way….)

I had a lovely collection of fine, fine music to accompany me on my treacherous journey….
“Easy Weather” by The Bell Hours

Yes, my shuffle function has a sense of humor – as today’s weather was anything but easy, but I digress. The Bell Hours are from Denver, and I have quite enjoyed listening to their most recent EP of which this is the title track.

“Rudie Can’t Fail” by The Clash

The shuffle function seems to be on a major Clash kick, and who can blame it? From London Calling.

“I Only Want to Be With You” by The Tourists

A slice of pure pop heaven from a band that featured Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart just before they formed Eurhythmics. From the album Reality Effect.

“Sam” by Meat Puppets

Classic Meat Puppets from Forbidden Places.

“Élysées 99,84” by Kansas Bible Company

The first track on the new 4 song EP called Dad’s Day by the Nashville based band that has way too many members to keep up with.

“Nobody’s Child” by Maria McKee

Another great track from Maria McKee’s self-titled solo debut. I am glad to have rediscovered this album recently.  Sooooo good…

“Try Out My Love” by Matt Phillips

A great song from Matt Phillips’ debut album Bones which was released in 2012.  Saw and met him at Music City Roots a couple of weeks ago.

“Southern Ground” by Judah and the Lion

Nashville band Judah and the Lion are on roll with appearances on Letterman and a tour of Scandinavia and an upcoming Nashville show at Ryman Auditorium with Mat Kearney.  This song comes from their EP called Sweet Tennessee. 

“Avalon” by Roxy Music

The title track from one of the best albums of all time.

“Kanga Roo” by Big Star

The shuffle is also on a Big Star kick…. there are reasons I love the shuffle… and this is a big one…

“Skilly Bom Billy Flop” by The Imperial Rooster

#E2TG favorites are on hiatus, but this song (and video from Couch by Couchwest) from their album Cluckaphony offers a good taste of what they do, and I hope to hear some new stuff from them in the future. 

“Pigeons Eating Glass” by Forebear

From the Inbox, comes L.A. Indie band Forebear with a song from their self-titled EP which was produced by Scott Gordon who has worked with Alanis Morissette and Ringo Starr among others.  Looking forward to checking out more of this EP.

“Clampdown” by The Clash

A great way to celebrate the successful completion of my Arctic trek….  More Clash from London Calling.


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Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Another Magic Mart Mix

Kiely Schlesinger, Lindsay Ellyn, and Jon Latham at Two Old Hippies 1/21/2015

Had a great time watching three of my favorite songwriters trade songs yesterday evening in The Gulch.

Reminder, TONIGHT: Darrin Bradbury and the Fran’s Eastside Super High Band will be starting off a great night of music at The 5 Spot in East Nashville.  Be there! 9:00p.m. $5.00.


“Drinkin’ In My Sunday Best” by Maria McKee

From the very first time I heard Lone Justice, I knew Maria McKee was something special.  This song is off of her solo debut, and it was a fine burst of energy to start my morning.

“Little America” by R.E.M.

R.E.M.’s second full-length album Reckoning ends with their “road” song. “Jefferson, I think we’re lost…”

“More Than This” by Roxy Music

The emotional connections I have made to this song are numerous and deep.  This is the first track on the classic Avalon album.  For some reason, this song brings to mind a hungover/still buzzing sunrise at the end of a wild night.

“Love On Low-Fi” by J.R. Wyatt

Another track from J.R. Wyatt’s excellent solo record, Empty Room Sessions.  I dig the songwriting and the voice of this song Nashville songwriter.  Glad I got to see him on Tuesday at The 5 Spot playing with a full band.

“Natural Disaster” by Gretchen Peters

Speaking of fine Nashville songwriters.  Gretchen Peters is a living legend.  Another stand out track from her album Hello Cruel World.

“The Boogie Man” by The Cadillacs

I think this one has been creeping (pun partially intended) around the Playlist since Halloween, but really is it ever not the right time for the Boogie Man?

“Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone” by Matt Prater

This is an awesome track off the forthcoming Tables and Chairs by Alabama based songwriter/performer Matt Prater.  Recommended if you dig great songs and REAL Country music.

“Metropolis” by The Belle Brigade

The Belle Brigade are an LA Brother and Sister duo.  This is from their 2014 album Just Because.  This was on a friend’s annual mix CD, and I really dig their sound, and I definitely want to check out more.

“On and On” by Joey Bada$$ (feat. Maverick Sabre and Dyemond Lewis)

How about some Hip Hop sounds to take us out of this Thursday Shuffle.  Brooklyn-based Joey Bada$$ released his latest album B4.Da.$$ just about a week ago.  This song is on that album.  I am by no means an expert on Hip Hop music, but I also am not willing to dismiss it all without listening.  I didn’t really expect to, but I do like this a great deal.


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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Fifty Amp Fuse Mix

A short but very sweet shuffle as Nashville gears up for coming arctic blast… We’ve reached mid-week, let’s do this damn thing!

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by The Rolling Stones

From Let It Bleed… The year was 1969, and the 1960s were winding down… As we all do, the children of the revolution lost their innocence…  “If you try sometimes, you get what you need…”

“Burden” by J.R. Wyatt

From the Empty Room Sessions…  As the only recent song in today’s shuffle and surrounded by some of my favorite songs and artists of all time, this song held its own… A well written song, and the sparseness of the sound (recorded in an actual empty room) was spot-on perfection.

“Little Doll” by The Stooges

From their self-titled album. Like Let it Bleed, The Stooges was also released in 1969.  The Stooges were not the only predecessor of what would become Punk Rock music, but they were certainly one of the best.

“Take a Chance With Me” by Roxy Music

It is kind of hard to believe that Avalon was the last Roxy Music studio album, but man what a way to go out! Avalon remains one of my all time favorite albums, and it seems like whenever I write about the aftermath of a night of some sort of debauchery, I always have the characters listening to Avalon (usually the title track or More Than This).  Although vastly different, like The Stooges, Roxy Music had an influence of their own on the development of Punk and New Wave music especially in the UK.

“Make a Little Love” by Alex Chilton

From his album High Priest, Alex Chilton brings it on down in all the best ways… This is a cover of a 1967 song by Bluesman Lowell Fulson.

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