Ear to the Ground Voter Guide – October 2012

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With just over a week to go, you may still be unsure which of our awesome Featured Artists to vote for in the Band of the Month poll.  While, we try to stay neutral on this important decision (the whole point of letting readers vote is that we are too codependent to make a decision ourselves), we do have some valuable and  not so valuable information to share which may just make your decision easier.

Reasons to vote for…

45 Spider: 1.

2.  Cleveland Rocks!
3.  This is your band if you dig turbo charged, high-energy, fun rock n’ roll.

 Bad Cop 1.  They are at the forefront of a renaissance of Nashville Rock n’ Roll that is garnering national headlines.

2.  To my knowledge, they have no official association with the ABC series Nashville.

3.  They are your band if you dig rock music with a fuzzy undertone, and because “Wet Lips” just plain Rules!

Black Jake and the Carnies: 1.  Your mom warned you about trusting the carnies, but she never said you shouldn’t listen to their music.

2.  They are from Ypsilanti, MI and play Crabgrass music. You need more?

3.  They are your band if you dig murder ballads played in a old-time string band style at a punk rock, break-neck pace.  Prepare to move your feet!

Brennen Leigh: 1. She is a true Texas songbird whose music has a timeless quality.

2.  At the Americana fest, she sang a duet with the fabulous John Scott Sherrill. 

3.  She is your artist if you dig beautiful vocals set to amazing sounding country/bluegrass sounds.

Forest Mountain Hymnal: 1.  Rebecca and Jonathan are incredible people who financed their wedding in part by busking on the streets of Nashville. 

2.  They play brilliant versions of traditional and traditional sounding folk tunes and made a record perfect for Halloween.

3.  They are your band if you dig well-grounded, earthy and organic folk music and arent’ afraid to take it to the streets.

The Foresters:  1.  Writing about them and a few other bands has finally allowed me to learn to spell Kahnettykut – wait, is that not right? Shoot!

2.  If they Rock this hard now, wait until they hit those teen angst years… 

3.  They are your band if you dig melodic, pop-punk music played with energy and heart.

Pigeon Park: 1. They are from British Columbia which is in Canada not in Central America like I thought… :-/

2.  Cause Pigeons are Bert from Sesame Street’s favorite bird.

3.  They are your band if you dig big, bluesy rock music made to fill arenas.

S3X: 1.  It’s fun hearing the words Salt Lake City and Punkcore in the same sentence.

2.  S3X… I mean come on!

3.  They are your band if you dig aggressive, fast, loud music with a melodic streak played with verve and passion.

Tim Lee 3:  1. They’ve been a part of the fantastic Couch by Couchwest Festival. 

2.  They like barbeque – pulled pork baby!

3.  They are your band if you dig wild, bluesy, rootsy southern rock n’ roll the way it was meant to be played.

Valued Customer: 1.  They are most likely the coolest, weirdest band I’ve ever heard.

2.  Patrick Power sometimes wears a tie and plays Afro-Latin Polka…?????!!!!!!

3.  They are your band if you dig experimental hip-hop with a twisted sense of humor and a sick mellow groove.

There you have it.  You are now informed so vote:

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Band of the Month Polls are Open

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Read up on the October Featured Artists and then vote below:

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October Featured Artists – Check in

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 So… we are ten days into October and I thought it would be a good time to check in with our Featured Artists via various Internet portals.

45 Spider – 

1. An Upcoming Show

2.  A video for the season

3. A recent Facebook LikeHeavy Rebel Weekender

Bad Cop – 

1. Now on Tour

 2. Cool Song Usage

3. A Recent Facebook Like: Smoke DZA

Black Jake and the Carnies – 

 1.  Upcoming Show

2.  A cool cover  (UPDATE TO BETTER VIDEO)

3.  Recent Facebook Like: Lindsay Lou

 Brennen Leigh – 

1. Show Tonight (Austin Texas at the Broken Spoke – Details) (Uses Bandsintown App)

2.  An interview with Brennen

3. A cool quote about Brennen:
 “Brennen brings that… fearlessness, that willingness to do whatever needs to be done to get the song across, to her writing. At turns, tender, violent, sentimental, foolish and wise, she is always Brennen. Confident and at ease with herself, without being a jerk about it.”
-David Olney

Forest Mountain Hymnal – 

1.  A new song!

2. A seasonal song

3. A Recent Facebook Like:  Lightning 100
The Foresters – 

1.  Big Opportunity

Help The Foresters open for Sum 41 – 5 Stars a day!

2. The Submission Video

3.  Recent Facebook Like: Mark Mulcahy
Pigeon Park – 
1.  Upcoming Show:  
2.  A Pigeon Park Video:

3.  Recent Facebook Like: Whoa! She’s a Babe
S3X – 
1.  The Music
2. Watch This!
3. A Random or Recent Facebook Like:  All the Lights
Tim Lee 3 –
1.  A Residency
2.  A Video shot at a cemetery

3.  Recent Facebook Like:  Close Shave
Valued Customer – 
1.  New Album Coming Soon
2.  New Video
3.  ?????????

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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – One More Warning Sound Mix

Hey ho! Time is short so we will make it sweet….  whatever.

Song #1 I Kept Watch Like Doves (Murder Ballad) from West Cross Timbers by the amazing Amanda Shires.

Song 2 is Lungs by Steve Earle from his Townes Van Zandt tribute album, Townes.  Van Zandt’s version appeared his 1969 self-titled 3rd Album.

Song 3  is Sympathy from one of our Featured Artists, Salt Lake City Punk/Metalcore/whatever band S3X.

Song 4 is We’re Comin’ Out by Bright Little Field from Treatment Bound: A Ukulele Tribute to The Replacements. Bright Little Field is Jonathan Bright and Tom Littlefield. Littlefield led the legendary 80s Nashville band, The Questionaires.  We’re Coming Out was on The Replacements best album, Let it Be.

Song 5 and our final song for the day is Messin’ Round by another of our featured artists for the month Pigeon Park and can be found on their 2010 album, The Sun.


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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Representin’ Mix

Well, well, well… my Americana weekend doesn’t officially begin until tomorrow, but the music starts tonight.  Freehold, New Jersey’s own Jo Wymer, who is a fantastic blues singer was one of part of our first class of Featured Artists back in June, is part of an in-the-round tonight at 7:00 at the Red Rooster on Demonbreun St. at the very end of Music Row near the Musica statue.  Get out to Red Rooster if you can.

I also want to send out a reminder to check out our Featured Artists of the Month – you can find out about them by going to the Featured Artist Page on the right sidebar or HERE:

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First up we have some Punkcore music out of Salt Lake City.  You never know what is going turn up on Ear to the Ground do you?  I got connected to S3X via a #FF from a really awesome group called The Foresters  from Connecticut (if you keep up with on Facebook or Twitter you already know about these kids.  We’ll have more about them here – very soon – let’s just say they make Northbrook Garage look like the Rolling Stones – agewise) – Here S3X is representing their hometown with 801 which also features Fronz from the band Attila – an Atlanta rock band. This is some serious hardcore that kicks in with a killer hook  – you’ll want to scream along and shake your fist in the air and generally look like a doofus ’cause you are 46 years old… wait that’s me.  You’ll like it.


Next up, we have Welcome to Pittsburgh by River City Extension who are from Tom’s River, New Jersey of their most recent release Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Your Anger. This is a great record – please check it out.


Next up, we have Rumi who is from St. Legier which I think is in Switzerland.  Living in the Mirror  is some cool, mellow Pop/Folk. It comes off an album called Stand Against.

And finally, we close out this decidedly eclectic mix of music with I am the Man, Thomas a gospel bluegrass song written by Ralph Stanley and Larry Sparks and performed here by Mr. Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys.  

How does one get from Punkcore to Gospel Bluegrass in one simple shuffle?  As I written before, I believe in connections when it comes to music.  I’ll admit, I was hard pressed to explain this connection, but here goes…. While looking up info on the Ralph Stanley song, I found an unattributed quote: “Bluegrass is to country what heavy metal is to rock and roll.”
 Which it occurred to me could be paraphrased as follows: “Bluegrass is to country what hardcore is to punk.”  So… think that puts a neat bow on the shuffle, brings things full circle, ties up the loose ends and whatever other expression you want to use.

The Banjo of Ralph Stanley The Banjo of Ralph Stanley

(From Old-Time to Bluegrass). By Ralph Stanley. DVD/Instructional/Folk Instrmt. DVD. Guitar tablature. 1 pages. Homespun #DVDRALBJ21. Published by Homespun

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