Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Slow Day, Fast Time Mix

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So maybe 20 songs in one post was a little excessive…. so I’ll keep it down to 15 today.


“Shit That Matters” by JENNY (the band has a new album called Love and Politics out now)
“Sleeping Through Heaven” by Game Theory (for those keeping track this make 8 Game Theory songs in two days)
“Rest Your Weary Mind” by Elizabeth Cook with Bobby Bare Jr. (Two of Nashville‘s coolest poeple)
“I Still Want a Little More” by Milk Carton Kids (I’m digging on this band lately) 
“You Always Make Me Smile” Kyle Andrews  (Nashville Singer-songwriter, electronic musician)
“Linus and Lucy” by Game Theory (9 in two days – yes it’s the Vince Guaraldi song)
“No Reason” by Jeanette Lynne  (A CXCW alum – When Popatunes  says “Jump”, I say, ‘yeah, right!’. When Popatunes says “check out this music” – I say – ‘hell, yeah!’) 
“Sad Baby Wolf” by Sad Baby Wolf (I love this band and this song is one of my favorites)
“New Jerusalem” by Neighbour (Neighbour is Kacie Williams – Nashville again!)


  • “Dontcu Wanna” by The Joy of Painting from Tender Age EP (2013)

 The New record from The Joy of Painting is called Tender Age which you can Pre-Order using the widget above.  The first single, Dontcu Wanna is available as a Free Download by navigating the bandcamp page.  It’s a good one!

  •  “Falling Apart” by Billy Pilgrim from Bloom (2008)

  • “Complex” By Kyle Andrews from Best of 2006-2012 (2013 Noisetrade)

Nashville is home to a growing list of singer-songwriters who take the city’s propensity toward great songwriting and applies it a wide variety of musical styles. Kyle Andrews is a great example of this.

  • “Museum of Hopelessness” by Game Theory from Lolita Nation (1987)

Ten seconds of sweet sounds…

  • “Girlfriend” by Slim Dunlap from Times Like This (1996)

Minneapolis legend Slim Dunlap who suffered a devastating stroke last year has an incredible musical legacy.  Be sure to check out and support the Songs for Slim releases.

  • “Switzerland” by Bison (The Last Bison) from Quill (2011)/Inheritance (2013)

Okay I don’t have time to figure out the whole Bison/Last Bison thing.  But, whatever, this is a great song and a great way to close the shuffle.

Monday Morning Music Shuffle – A Mean Idea Mix

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  It’s Monday, it’s also Tax Day here in the USA.  Our goal of late, seems to be to cover as much musical ground as possible in the span of 7-10 songs or so.  I hope today’s Pre-Shuffle and Shuffle Shuffle do not disappoint.

Let’s get to it….

Pre-shuffle:  April Verch is a Berklee trained Bluegrass/Traditional music fiddle player and step-dancer.  She has a new sampler out of Noisetrade, so there is no excuse not to check her music out.  We listened to two selections from the release this morning.

We also heard more music from Taco Land’s Pancakes and Pizza album – (see our review). Plus another song from the awesome new record from Sad Baby Wolf.  This morning’s Gershwin song is performed by the late, great Rosemary Clooney, and we closed out the Pre-shuffle with John Wesley Harding with the opening track from his 2011 album,The Sound of His Own Voice.

Let’s head into the shuffle – now….

  • “Stoned and Starving” by Parquet Courts from Light Up Gold (2013)

Parquet Courts are a punk band from Brooklyn. They are currently being featured on Amazon Free Music From Rising Artist April .  

  • “My Old Man” by Joni Mitchell from Blue (1971)

‘Cause you gotta play some Blue on when Tax Day falls on a Monday – it’s the law.

  • “Gates of Brooklyn” by David Lott from Gates of Brooklyn (2011)

One of our Couch by Couchwest “discoveries” we have the title track from the singer-songwriter and native New Yorker who now lives in Colorado.

  • “King of Birds” by R.E.M. from Document (1987)

Did you know that Document was recorded in Nashville?  “I am king of all I see, my kingdom for a voice
Old man don’t lay so still, you’re not yet young
There’s time to teach, point to point
Point observation, children carry reservations
Standing on the shoulders of giants, leaves me cold, leaves me cold”


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Friday Morning Music Shuffle – D Day Mix

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Don’t bother to double-check your calendar, it’s not June 6.  No, the D here is a reference to the Roman Numeral D which equals 500.  What you are reading is the 500th  Blogger Post here at Ear to the Ground.  (Note: We began as an upstart blog on the now (or soon) to be defunct Posterous site).  In transferred to Blogger sometime around the beginning of 2012. Full disclosure, we did transfer a handful of our Posterous posts over, and those are included in the 500, but we still think this is a remarkable achievement.

As we approached 500, we considered a self-indulgent retrospective post looking back on our finest moments with perhaps some blooper reels thrown in for good measure, but none of that stuff seemed to fit what we try to be all about. 

So without further ado (but with a huge tip of the hat and thanks to everyone who has joined us and assisted us on this continuing journey), we are simply going to do what we do best… we offer up an inexplicable mix of new and old and well known and obscure music which by all rights (maybe) should not be in the same mix, and we offer it with our simple and overriding (usually unstated) message: “Hey, I heard some cool music today.  Let me tell you about it.”

Today’s list of songs comes up after the jump:

Our pre-shuffle today includes a song from the forthcoming album Electric Sounds by Sad Baby Wolf.


We also had another great track from the incredible new album, Pancakes and Pizza by Taco Land.


We dug deeper into the 12in 12x 12 Volume album by NOSE!

And our Pre-Shuffle was rounded out by two tracks from a mix-tape we downloaded yesterday based upon the recommendation of a old friend on Facebook.  Christian Robins is a hip-hop artist originally from the suburbs of Chicago and currently living and going to school in Madison, Wisconsin. Unfortunately, I don’t could not find a video to accompany these tracks, but you can check out the mix-tape which is downloadable HERE.  You won’t regret it. We heard the first two tracks of the mix-tape. Sweater Weather and the title track KidGrownUp, and we are intrigued and hooked.

Now, for the Shuffle Shuffle:

  • “This Time” by The Foresters from The Foresters (2012)

The Nork brothers (ages: 13, 11 and 10) from Connecticut, who decided to form a band after seeing a Green Day concert with their father, and subsequently purchased and learned to play their instruments are back with another great song from their self-titled 7 song release.  We love these songs, and we are digging even more the new music they have put out since this record was released.

  • ” ‘S Wonderful” composed by George Gershwin/performed by Buddy Clark and Dinah Short from The Essential George Gershwin.

It seems rather fitting with the spirit of Ear to the Ground that we should follow up a Punk-Pop song from a band of Pre-teen/Teen brothers with a jazz standard recorded by two singing stars from the 1940s.  Buddy Clark died in a plane crash in 1949.  Dinah Shore went onto a long career in television.

  • “You Make Loving Fun” by Fleetwood Mac from Rumours (1977 )

I think I always thought this song was called, I Never Did Believe in Miracles.  I don’t think I ever realized just how ubiquitous the songs on this album were during my formative years.  Christine McVie sings lead on this song which is just gorgeous.

  • “Back Around” by Dan Coyle from The Undertow EP (2013)

New York singer-songwriter Dan Coyle is set to release an new six-song EP in May. The Undertow actually includes three song done two times each (an acoustic version and an Electric version). The Acoustic tracks are currently available via Soundcloud. Today, we have a beautiful song called Back Around, and we are looking forward to hearing more from this great artist. 

So, we have 500 posts in the books.  Hears to 500 more.  See you next time.  We’ll close out with today’s featured You Tube Playlist



Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Fools in Love Mix

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No fooling, today’s pre-shuffle shuffle and Shuffle Shuffle have an interesting and entertaining mix of music.  We are short on time so let’s get to it.  Remember, as per our new habit, we have created a handy-dandy playlist which represents most of the songs in the daily shuffle.  The video playlist is posted at the very bottom of this post.

Pre-shuffle-wise we have the only non-instrumental track off the legendary Minuteflag EP which was released back in ’85 and featured members of SST bands Minutemen and Black Flag.  The song Fetch the Water is included below.

We also have a song from Porgy and Bess composed by George Gershwin and performed by the great Sarah Vaughan along with the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

We have our first taste of the new album by Taco Land.  Look for much more on this great album in the days and weeks to come.

And we close out the pre-shuffle with another track from Dog Without Warning  who came to our attention via CXCW.

Now the shuffle:

  • “Amber Waves of Cocaine” by Slaughterhouse Chorus from Slaughterhouse Chorus (2011)/ The Appetizer (Built4BBQ Sampler) (2013)

Albany New York Americana/Punk band Slaughterhouse Chorus just wrapped up their whirlwind No Tour for Old Men with The End Men.  “Amber Waves of Cocaine” is the lead track on the band’s 2011 self-titled album and also appears on the still hot of the presses Built4BBQ sampler called The Appetizer.  Both albums are linked above.  We have a random Slaughterhouse Chorus video in the playlist below.

  •  “This Feeling Inside” by You and Me from You and Me (2013)


We have another track from the Canadian husband and wife team of Val and James better known as You and Me.  They just produced a CD version of their self-titled album which you can get from the link above.  This song is a great example of the awesome folk-pop which we love from this band.  This song is included in the playlist below.

  • “Bess, You is My Woman Now” composed by George Gershwin performed by Adele Addison and Robert McFerrin from The Essential George Gershwin – performance from the 1959 film Porgy and Bess.

The last time we went to Goodwill, we picked up The Essential George Gershwin – two discs, 41 songs from $1.99.  We plan to go back to Goodwill soon.  The video playlist includes several selections from the 1959 film version of Porgy and Bess.

  • “Electric Sounds” by Sad Baby Wolf from Electric Sounds (2013)

Sad Baby Wolf was featured on this blog last year.  They are an Albuquerque-based Indie band featuring former members of The Shins.  Their full-length debut is due out April 9, and today we have the title track.  We’ve been digging on this record for a few weeks now, and we recommend you check it out.



Band of the Month Poll – September – A Voting Guide

Are you confused about your choices?  Not sure who you should support?  Torn between two lovers, feeling like a fool?  Never fear! Here at E2TG, we don’t pick the Band of the Month and we don’t tell how you should vote – we’re waaaay to codependent for that… no but we will lay it out for you in black and white… and sometimes weird font colors if we are in that kind of a mood…but I digress. Without much further ado… here is the September edition of the Ear to the Ground Band of the Month Voter’s Guide.  Just the facts, a few opinions, a couple of conjectures and at least one out right lie…

Why you should vote for…

…Alex Bennett:  If you like nifty folksy blues and/or trains. Also, if you are trying to get over that bad association you have with the name Alex from that weird kid in sixth grade.

…And the Giraffe: Cause when else are you going to be able to say to vote for a band with Giraffe in it’s name? Also, if you like your indie sounds, smooth and lovely… also Josh works or has worked at Historic Studio B where Elvis Costello recorded Almost Blue. 

…Friday Night Music Club: If you like great songs well played…also if you like Fridays, Nights, Music and/or Clubs… 

…The Great American Novel: If you like your indie pop with intelligence and fun… also if you like to read… and if Vonnegut and Morrissey together makes sense to you.

…The Grimm Generation: If you like fresh and timely music… if you can spell Connecticut… if you do or don’t like the television series Grimm…  If you can spell Generation…

…Grounded: If you’re feeling old and need some loud, snotty, non-pretty music played with energy and not a little bit of attitude… if you’ve ever been grounded… if you can spell Tallahassee.

…Korby Lenker: If you like the name Korby… if you like it even more, when it’s connected to an excellent singer-songwriter… If you know good hook when you hear it, and/or if you have an awful slice that it totally screwing up your golf game.

…Man on Earth: If you like your rock capitalized… if you don’t mind a big sound… if you live on Earth and/or are or know a Man…

…Sad Baby Wolf: If you like excellent modern, indie rock… if the image of a sad baby wolf gets you right here… if you can spell Albuquerque.

… True Mad North:  If you like killer riffs with a spacious sound… if you want to the band to come off of this hiatus if that’s what it is… If you don’t like the False Happy South.

So there you have it… now — go vote!


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Polls are Open – Band of the Month – September 2012

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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Trippin’ Mix

Well here we go… it’s been a week since we had a Morning Music Shuffle – late summer cold/whatever… but we are back and got to shuffle up a brand new playlist of songs:

Let’s get to it!

First up, we have the opening number from the first new album in 25 years from seminal North Carolina band The Db’s.  Falling Off the Sky also marks the first album in 30 years featuring the band’s original line-up.  That Time Is Gone shows that the band has not lost a step.  Check it out:


Next up, we have In My Mind by Dresden Dolls singer, pianist Amanda Palmer along with The Grand Theft Orchestra. The song is available on a Noisetrade Sampler for the forthcoming Theatre is Evil due September 11.

And finally, this month I front loaded the monthly playlist with some great tracks from our Featured Artists of the Month – and one came up today.  Survival Guide is the b-side to the 8th Level single from Sad Baby Wolf – a band from New Mexico featuring former members of The Shins.