Monday Morning (and Evening) Music Shuffle – Two Saints Mix

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Well, it’s late for the shuffle, but circumstance kept me from posting.  As compensation, I extended the shuffle which means tons of music and just a bit of my celebrated wisdom.  That last line is ego disguised as wry humility cleverly cloaked in a veneer of ego.

In case you missed it, the Ear to the Ground review of Darrin Bradbury’s Motel Oatmeal was featured for a time on the front page of No Depression – the preeminent Americana magazine/website,

The review is still a featured review, and you can read it here.

Now, we have a ton of music to get to….

“New Language” by Sam Davison from Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen: Section 5/Always Around

Love this song!

“Montgomery” by Tim Carroll from Opening Up/The Devil is a Busy Man

The big city won’t change me!

“Azmari Man” by Tomas Doncker from Power of the Trinity

Tomas Doncker is a Global Soul master!

“With Every Beat” by The Features from Old Familiar Melodies – 2008-2013/The Features

Tennessee band that done good – The Features!

“When the Pumps Run Dry” by Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray from Lean into the Wind

Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray are awesome people.  I couldn’t find a video for this song so I went way back to CXCW 2012

“Mirage” by The Queers from Surf Goddess/Beat Off (Tommy James and the Shondells Cover)

Punk rock!

“Crippler King” by Delta Spirit from Lost and Found/I Think I’ve Found It

Delta Spirit!

“Confederates” by Michael Rank and Stag from In the Weeds

One of two North Carolina artists – Dig this song! I wanting to hear more.

“We’ll Take It From There” by Deena from Rock River

My next E2TG Review – it’s in the can – waiting for the right moment.

“Quiet (St. Francis)” by The Grimm Generation from The Big Fame

First of two Saints in the mix… thus the Two Saints Mix….  Good friends, awesome band

“FOH” by Superchunk from Merge Records Summer Sampler 2013/I Hate Music

#2 from the Tar Heel State…

“Woah-oh” by Francie Moon and the Great Outdoors from Francie Moon and the Great Outdoors

Another from Francie Moon – I couldn’t find this song on video so I picked a video done here in Nashville.

“I Miss the Zoo” by Joseph Arthur from Redemption City

Joseph Arthur recently did a Lou Reed tribute album – the Lou Reed influence is strong on this recording – I think,

“House Drinks” by The Grimm Generation from The Big Fame

#2 from the fabulous Grimms of Connecticut.  Drinks are on the house!

“You’re the Best Thing” by The Style Council from The Singular Adventures of the Style Council/Cafe Bleu(UK)/My Ever Changing Moods(US)

This is what smooth sounds like!

“This Disorder” by The Features from Old Familiar Melodies/The Features

Dig this song. The core of The Features are from the next town over from my hometown.  Coincidentally, that is near where The Grey A’s new album My Country was recorded.  Plus The Grey A recently opened for The Features… Hey, wait a minute is that really a coincidence? I don’t know….

“Tree of Evolution” by The Grey A from My Country

Speaking of The Grey A.  They were the subject of my first No Depression featured review – back when it was exciting,,, yawn… I kid! A song about Evolution that you can and should dance to…

“It’s About Soul” by Lael Summer from Burden to Bear

Another from Lael Summer’s awesome True Groove released Burden to Bear album,

“St. Catherine’s Statue” by The Minus 5 from Through a Faraway Window: A Tribute to Jimmy Silva (Jimmy Silva and the Goats cover)

Groovy song from The Minus 5.  I couldn’t find a video so I included a video of The Minus 5 doing some covers with special guests Mike Mills and Bill Berry, and a video of the late Jimmy Silva and the Goats.

“Class Historian” by BRONCHO from An Introduction to BRONCHO/Just Enough Hip to be a Woman

And we close out with a song from the forthcoming album by Oklanhoma band BRONCHO.  This my first listen, and I dig it!

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Chill Out Mix

Today’s shuffle takes us from the Mississippi Delta via one of Nashville’s hottest bands, up to New York with a singer-songwriter who’s lead instrument is the bass.  To the North Mississippi Hill Country with a legendary blues player, to New York City where a cover of a Howlin’ Wolf classic gets a dub remix, and ends up with some Connecticut teens taking on a lo-fi classic from the Pacific Northwest.  Not a bad ride for a Tuesday…

“Old Man” by The Delta Saints from Death Letter Jubilee

The penultimate track from our survey of the Death Letter Jubilee album. 

“Chill Out” by Sam Davison from Always Around

Another great track from this album and the source of today’s post subtitle.

“You’re Gonna Fine Your Mistake” by Junior Kimbrough from Root Damage/God Knows I Tried

Lately, it seems like I have been loading a lot of blues music into my mix… probably for good reason.  But to me, the Blues isn’t about wallowing in your misery, but rather it is about letting it all out so you can rise above…

“Moanin’ at Midnight (Ras Jah Ames Dub Remix)” by Tomas Doncker Band from Moanin’ at Midnight: The Howlin’ Wolf Project

I don’t feel like I can say enough about this amazing project by New York City’s Tomas Doncker Band.  To do a fabulous Howlin’ Wolf tribute album is one thing – a noble achievement.  But to take that classic and well-loved music and to transform it and to make it your own… that is what makes the Moaning at Midnight project one of my favorite albums of the year. Case in point – this dub remix of the title track – which loses none of the power of the original and simultaneously takes it higher, higher, higher. 

“I Want Wind to Blow” (The Microphones Cover) by The Foresters from Download Home Recording!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=”//”;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,”script”,”twitter-wjs”);

The Microphones was Phil Elvrum before he was Mount Eerie. The Microphones primarily released music between 1996 and 2004.  The music was lo-fi and folk-based modern music.  This cover is done by recurring E2TG favorites The Foresters, and it happened to be released as a download yesterday. 

window.amznpubstudioTag = “eartothegro00-20”; The cover (along with the band’s recent Neutral Milk Hotel cover) marks yet another milestone for this very young and very promising band.  It is scary exciting to think about where this band of brothers could take their music.  Meanwhile, just sit back and enjoy the music. (The video playlist includes a full almost two hour Snow Day show live from The Foresters’ home.



Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Pure and Noble Breed Mix

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We press on…

In the shuffle today:

“Some Day” by Rewpart
“Mother of Exiles” by Joseph Arthur
“The Devil’s Creek” by The Delta Saints
“David Watts” (Kinks Cover) by The Jam
“Kayla of Colorado” (2008) by Darrin Bradbury
“The Great Airplane Strike” by Paul Revere and The Raiders
“Redemption City” by Joseph Arthur
“When You Get That Way” by Taylor Brown
“Nobody” by Killing Kuddles
“Girl/Room” by The Jean Jackets
“II. A Common Theme (The Dream; Life’s Odyssey)” by Left of Logic
“Hymn for the Road” (2012) by Darrin Bradbury
“Go Away” by Solardrive
“Diddler” by Sam Davison
Since I began writing Ear to the Ground, I have come to music or music has come to me from a variety of sources: Twittter, Facebook, Google +, Music Promoters, direct contacts from artists, Noisetrade, ReverbNation, Bandcamp, Brite Revolution, and recommendations by friends and family.  Today, I feature my first “discovery” via the website. Nineteen year old British solo dream-pop artist Rewpart (aka Rupert Roberts).  His latest EP is called “1/2”
More music from recent frequent flyers: Joseph Arthur, The Delta Saints, Darrin Bradbury, and Left of Logic.  Nashville people: The Delta Saints have an upcoming show with our friends Humming House.  Also, I dare you to listen to Darrin Bradbury’s song “Kayla of Colorado” and not sing along.
More #MCFK goodness from The Jean Jackets and Sam Davison.
The Jam made “David Watts” their own so well that some times I forget that it is a Kinks’ cover.
Paul Revere and the Raiders – downloaded on a whim. Silly costumes. Great song.
A new song from Killing Kuddles!  I repeat, a new song from Killing Kuddles!  It’s every bit as awesome as one would expect!
I have mentioned in passing that Solardrive is the newish project by one Balthazar Getty.  In case you didn’t know that or why Mr. Getty is so awesome, I present a rare #E2TG list
1. He is descended from those Gettys.
2. He starred in the 1990 film version of Sir William Goldings’ classic novel, The Lord of the Flies
3. He starred in TV’s Brothers and Sisters with the totally awesome Sally Field. I like her, I really like her.
4.  He followed me back on Twitter
5.  and most important, Solardrive is some truly amazing music.


Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Orange Crepe Paper Mix

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Continuing a tradition that dates back to January 14, 1993…

We have a great shuffle to help me celebrate… 😉

“The Score” by Stoney

“Boogie” by The Delta Saints

“Velvet Goldmine” by David Bowie

“Down in Blue” by Marla Mase

“Jesus Christ is Just Rock and Roll” by The Harmonica Lewinskies

“This Must Be the Place (Naïve Melody)” (Talking Heads Cover) by Bhi Bhiman

“Airstream Girl” by Susan James

“Free” by Mission South

“Move Back” by Sam Davison

“Bosnian Waffle” by The Walking Who

“Sweets to the Sweet” by Tom Tom Club


I was introduced to the music of Stoney by James Moore of Independent Music Promotions. As with most of the music he submits, this was an excellent discovery.

I’ve been hearing a lot about Nashville’s The Delta Saints recently. There music is a dark, spicy, soupy gumbo of swamp blues inspired rock and roll.  If you haven’t done so already, check them out as soon as possible.

It’s my birthday and I’ll play Bowie if I want to…

New music from Marla Mase? New music from Marla Mase!  One of my favorite new discoveries of 2013 (again thanks to James Moore of IMP).  Mase has a new EP due out at the end of next month.  I got a sneak peak, and so far, I am digging what I’m hearing.  The EP is called Half-Life.

How about some fairly new music from the Harmonica Lewinskies?  Don’t mind if I do.  Dig this song. Yep, it’s another #MCFK connection.

This is my last post from Bhi Bhiman’s awesome cover album Substitute Preacher. The Talking Heads’ classic gets the Bhiman treatment.  You can compare this to the recent Lumineers’ cover or to the original. Either way, it is a unique take on a great song.

Susan James  was another “discovery”. Susan is an amazing California Folk/Americana/Singer-Songwriter.  We go back to her 2011 album Highways, Ghosts, Hearts and Home for this incredible track.

We caught Mission South  at one of Grimey’s New Faces Nights at the Basement this past fall, and we captivated by their youthful energy and infectious grooviness. 

How about another from the talented Mr. Sam Davison. More #MCFK goodness.  I earned my Generation X creds when moved back home in 1990. 

If you have to have the flu – how about Candy Flu? Which is the name of the release from Psychedelic Rockers The Walking Who from Sydney. We got up with them on the Brite Revolution site.

The Shuffle closes in groovy, funky  style with some fine confections from the legendary Tom Tom Club.




Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Rainy Days and Mondays Mix

We have arrived at Monday.  It’s a dreary day here  in Nashville, but we have the antidote.  We’ve loaded up with a bunch of music which we have been saving up since we started our Year End Review last month.  The songs added are a good combination of new music, new to us music, the return of some old friends, a first meeting with what we hope are some new friends, plus the usual collection of the classic, the weird, the obscure, and the unexpected.
Today’s mix is a good cross-section of this new music – plus a couple of hold outs from the previous month’s playlist.

To it…. we go… jump…

“Bright Light” by Mount Moriah (we got this off a Merge Records Sampler, the song is on Mount Moriah’s album Miracle Temple.  Mount Moriah are from Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

“Put it in a Bottle (Save it For Later)” by Sam Davison (from Always Around. One of the great artists we’ve discovered through the highly productive Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen.  Sam Davison is nothing you’ve ever heard before.  Actually that’s from his Facebook page, but it happens to be true. Check him out.)

“Travel as Equals” by Joseph Arthur (from Redemption City. Joseph Arthur is from Brooklyn, has recorded with and been recorded by some amazing people.  I’ve been hearing a fair bit of buzz lately about him. Color me impressed.  I don’t mind hype if the music backs it up.  I dig.)

“Free Fallin'” (Tom Petty Cover) by Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs (from Under the Covers, Vol. 3 – What happens when two iconic proto-pop stars cover one of Tom Petty’s coolest songs? This happens.)

“IV. Shells (The Dream Lives Out To Sea)” by Left of Logic (from In Formation.  I think I heard about Left of Logic from Don Ryan.  This is Electronica with a Rock Edge and an progressive mindset. From Philly)

“For the Sake of Seeking” by The Western Den (from Battle Hymns.  Let’s add some ambient folk to the mix.  This band is from Boston. )

“The Wayfaring Stranger” by Frankie Laine (from Call of the Wild. The legendary vocalist performs the 19th Century Folk tune on his 1962 album)

“I Want You Alive” by Left of Logic (from In Formation.)

“Young Enough to Try” by Humming House (from Humming House. One of our hold overs from the previous playlist. I just can’t get enough Humming House.)

“The Truth” by Dr. Dog (from their Noisetrade/Eastside Manor Sessions – off of their album B-Room. Another holdover.)

“Spanish Romance” by The Tye Trybe (from Word is Born (EP). Hailing from The Bronx and Spanish Harlem.  The Tye Trybe bring the funky groovy goods.  Yep, another that came to us via Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen. I love that place, and I’ve never even been there.)

“Living in a County” by Brave Baby (from Forty Bells. Brave Baby are from Charleston, South Carolina.  I think I came across them on Brite Revolution.)