Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Go-Go Dancer Mix

First:  In case you missed it over the weekend, ETTG BOTM for May, South of Ramona, dropped a new EP called Step Inside yesterday. Read my review here. Hit it up the Band’s Website for more information.  Please notice the kind words about yours truly.  Remember, a good review cannot be bought, but I never turn down free beer!

Also, yesterday we unveiled our Featured Artists for August.  Check them out here. At least two of the Featured Artists are dropping some new music today.  Check out new music from Pony Boy and from The Holograms.  This is purely a coincidence… or is it… yes, it is… maybe… probably…

Now to the shuffle:

First up we have legendary singer-songwriter, J.D. Souther with House of Pride from his 2008 release, If the World Was You

Here’s Souther performing a different song in one of my favorite places – San Juan Capistrano.

Next up we have Don’t Say from the eponymous album by the British Indie band of the same name.  It’s Scars on 45.

Next we have One Way Train which the title track from to the 2011 EP by WPB, FL singer-songwriter Alex Bennett.

Alex covering Bill Withers’ Ain’t No Sunshine
Finally, we offer you, Seattle-based singer-songwriter, Damien Jurado from his most recent release Maraqopa which is out on the Secretly Canadian label. The song is Life Away from the Garden.