Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Dream-like Waiting Mix

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No “Shuffle” because I got a ride from the car dealership to my office, but we did have a “Pre-Shuffle” which I guess makes the “Pre-Shuffle” just a “Shuffle”… or maybe I’m over-thinking… again.

 Legendary Los Angeles band X announced this morning that they are going on tour with legendary New York band Blondie.  The tour includes a stop at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville…   I wonder if my Facebook “friendship” with DJ Bonebrake will help me score tickets?  

Today’s Shuffle includes a delightful mix of Pop and Punk but no necessarily Pop-Punk plus some that may or may not be considered Pop or Punk, but I’ll leave that for you to decide.

The (Pre?) Shuffles commences in THREE, TWO, ONE… JUMP!

 Old World Romance is the name of the latest album from L.A. Indie Folk band Sea Wolf, however, our first song of today’s mix “Old World Romance” by Sea Wolf is not found on that album. Rather it is available on a sampler with Outtakes via Noisetrade.com.


This gorgeous melody was a great start to the day, and the loveliness continued with the second song.

“To Dust” is from the Always This album by Joshua Worden.  We’ve been playing the hell out of this smooth soulful album.  “To Dust” highlights Worden sound nicely.


After a couple of beautiful smooth songs, I was ready for a change of pace. Fortunately, my good friend (the Shuffle mode) was ready with a track from the Ramone’s self-titled album. “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” is one of the slower songs on that record and a nifty slice of classic Rock ‘n’ Roll.


Toronto-based, Dublin-born Frank Ryan delivers some serious smack with the title track from his latest release, “Dirty Little Liar” – a very good funky rock track.
We head back into our Ramones collection but jump ahead about a decade with the title track from the band’s ninth studio album, “Animal Boy” which was released in 1986.  The song is 1:50 of hyped-up and harder edged punk. Time is funny because where as now-a-days ten years doesn’t seem so long ago, at the time, it seemed as if the Ramones had been around forever.


We first caught up with the Indie Pop band Canopy Climbers who are from three different cities in Tennessee and Arkansas (based upon my interpretation of their Facebook Page), when we downloaded the song, “Stuck” off of the Brite Revolution site. This past weekend, we downloaded a Noisetrade Sampler from the band’s then forthcoming album Miles.  The band caught up with me and was generous enough to offer up an advanced copy of the whole album.  Well, we can report a couple of things.  This is a strong album with some very good songs, and Miles is no longer forthcoming as of today.  We heard the title track which serves as a good way to introduce the brand, spanking new album to you.


The E2TG pendulum swings back in the Punk Rock direction with our next song, “Hooray for Me” is from the eighth studio album by LA punk rock band Bad Religion. Released in 1994, Stranger Than Fiction proved to be a break-through for the band.

 We close out this singular Shuffle of the day with some emotional Philly Country music. “Bittersweet” is on the recent album by Couch by Couchwest alum, Jeanette Lynne called You’ve Got Me.  A delightful change of pace and a great way to close out this shuffle.


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Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Taking It Up a Notch Mix

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Oh, hear this Robert Zimmerman
I wrote a song for you
About a strange young man called Dylan
With a voice like sand and glue
Some words of truthful vengeance
They could pin us to the floor
Brought a few more people on
And put the fear in a whole lot more”

David Bowie

 Happy 72nd Birthday Robert Zimmerman and also to that strange young man named Dylan…

Well, well, well…  I thought we had covered a lot of musical ground yesterday, but we may have just topped ourselves.  You be the judge.


We start things out with a performance of a Ukrainian folk song.

1.  “Ой Полечко, Поле (Oj Polechko, Pole” by Katarina Ljahovic, Mike Romaniak, Patrick Power and Stephen Kreuger (by the way, Patrick Power is better known to E2TG readers as 1/2 of Valued Customer, and he may well be a musical genius in my book)

2. “Old Friend” by Sea Wolf (another cool track from the L.A. based Indie Rock band who take their name from a Jack London novel)

3.  “This is a Notice” by Mic Harrison and the High Score (This is Knoxville Rock! Mic Harrison was a member of the V-Roys and Superdrag before teaming up with The High Score.  This song is pretty damn awesome raver.)

4.  “Psycho Killer” (B-Side featuring Arthur Russell) by Talking Heads (a recently released alternate take of the Talking Heads classic featuring a well utilized Cello)

5. “Only Sixteen” by Craig Douglas (1959 cover of a Sam Cooke song by a UK Pop singer)

6. “Boys Keep Me Up at Night” by Jeanette Lynne (another gem from the You’ve Got Me album)



 The title track from this awesome New York band’s still new album.  Don’t be scared – check it out!

  • “Signal 30” by Public Service Broadcasting from Signal 30 EP (2013)

You know what we haven’t had yet in our Shuffle?  This. Public Service Broadcasting are from London and they take found sounds and make new music to surround them. 

  • “Think of You” by Bleached from Carter EP (2011)


Some cool L.A. Rock.

  • “Night Jogger” by Those Darlins from Night Jogger/Funstix Party Single (2011)

More awesomeness from Those Darlins – we grabbed this from a Noisetrade release, but it dates back to a Split 7″ with FUNSTIX – a Those Darlins side project.

  • “Kasper” by Sea Wolf from Old World Romance (2012)


We close things out with the only repeat performers in today’s mix.  Sea Wolf are back with the amazing Kasper.


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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Break on Through Mix

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Well all sorts of bad things happened yesterday.  Sending love and prayers and thoughts to the people of Oklahoma.  

Also, remembering Ray Manzarek of The Doors who passed away yesterday. A true creative genius who shaped many generations of music.

We got some songs – as we are reminded again that Music Heals….

Today…. Pre-Shuffle-wise.

“More of the Same” by Britain. (feat. Clark Beckham) – this is the first released track from a forthcoming EP. Been digging on this track for a little while. Production by my good friend Hayden Coleman.  Representing the 615 – but this is different.

“Run Like Hell” by Drive He Said

“Sugar” by Paper Route

Wakin On a Pretty Day” by Kurt Vile – this nine plus minute song transitions us into the Shuffle of the day.


  •  “Wakin On a Pretty Day” by Kurt Vile from Waking On a Pretty Daze (2013)

This first release from the long anticipated follow up to 2011s Smoke Ring for My Halo is a long lovely song.

  • “Two Strangers” by Sea Wolf a b-side outtake from Old World Romance (2012)

This L.A. Indie band released an EP on Noisetrade which includes two tracks from their latest album plus three previously unreleased tracks from the same sessions.  We have another unreleased track later in the Shuffle.

  • “Saint Anthony” by Jeanette Lynne from You’ve Got Me (2013)

This beautiful song may well be my favorite from this album (which I like a whole lot).  Jeanette Lynne is from Philly, she had a great and unique voice and an amazing songwriting ability.  Please, please, please check out her album. 

  • “Sons and Daughters” by Sea Wolf an outtake from Old World Romance (2012)

Our second listen to Sea Wolf today. I think this may be my favorite of the two tracks.


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