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Hey y’all.  I don’t ask for much do I? Just show up, read what I have to say, check out the music I write about and if you like the music and are able, support the music.  In the past, I’ve suggested ways to help out Ear to the Ground so that we can continue to bring you great music.  Simple stuff really, like if you shop at Amazon – connect to them through one of our many links and shoot some commissions our way, spread the word to increase site visits etc. And, yeah, I’d still appreciate any of those things.  But, I do have a kind of big favor.  

We are big on Band of the Month/Year polls, and whenever one of our favorite bands in entered in some contest that involves fan voting, we try to steer you there to support the bands. 

Well, Nashville’s long-standing Alternative press newspaper – The Nashville Scene is holding their annual Best of Nashville voting.  I would love it, if you would head over to the Poll and vote for Ear to the Ground as Best Music Blog.  The voting is all write-in. I don’t really expect to win (it would be cool but…) – there are some really popular local music blogs – but I think if I could get some significant votes, it could help raise my profile on a local level. This would, of course, benefit all of the bands I support. See, it’s not all Selfish…. 🙂
NOW: Here’s the catch, you have to vote in 20 categories for your vote to count.  I know right.  So, for those of you not from Nashville, I’ve put together a handy voting guide with some suggestions in other categories. You don’t have to use these suggestions, but you can – I have reasons for supporting each of these.

Music Blog: Ear to the Ground (

Radio Station – Lightning 100

Food Truck – Moovers and Shakers

Local Band – Dogs of Oz or Vinyl Thief or Calicocat or Joy of Painting

Korean Restaurant – Seoul Garden

Dentist – Timothy McNutt

Place to Worship – 2nd Presbyterian Church

Local Twitter Account – @thecroftonshow

Music Writer – Joe Wolfe-Mazeres

Political Blog – Southern Beale

TV News Personality – Neil Orne

Place to buy vinyl – Grimeys

Best Instrumentalist – Victor Wooten

Beer Selection – Flying Saucer

Pediatrician – Tara Huss

Hospital – Vanderbilt Children’s

Elementary School – Crieve Hall

Playground – Lily’s Garden

Veterinarian – Grassmere Animal Hospital

Theatre Group – Tennessee Women’s Theatre Project

 Thanks for whatever you can do to help out…  HERE IS THE LINK TO THE POLL AGAIN


Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Convenience Store Mix

Man, it’s been a busy few weeks… Please be sure to check out our Featured Artist for July 2012.  I am going to try to get some more info up about each of the bands.  Also, the Band of the Month Poll will be opening probably on Sunday or Monday so keep an eye out for that.

Shamelessness to follow:  If you like this blog, please spread the word and subscribe.  If you do shopping on, you can use any of the Amazon links (most of the album covers and some links on the right sidebar) and navigate to what you need, and Ear to the Ground gets a percentage of the sale. Does Amazon sell houses?  You could buy a house, that would be cool….

Okay – it’s about the music, and we had a neat shuffle today which I would like to share with you:

Last week marked the 25th Anniversary of the seminal Replacement’s album, Pleased to Meet Me.  If you keep up with me on Facebook you already knew that.  Well, today we have a cover of one of the great songs from that album.  Micah Schnabel is a singer/songwriter who is also a member of the Alt-Country/Rock band Two Cow Garage.  His minimalistic and ragged cover of Can’t Hardly Wait is on his 2010 solo album, When the Stage Lights Go Dim.

A early demo version of Can’t Hardly Wait which was recorded around the time of the Tim album.
Adam Carroll is a Texas Singer/Songwriter, and I cannot believe I have missed out on his music for so long.  Blondie and Dagwood comes from his 2000 album Lookin’ Out the Screen Door, and Carroll turns the long running comic strip into a John Prine worthy twangy, folk ballad.  I loved every single moment of this song.

And finally, the shuffle concluded with another instant classic from Anais Mitchell’s Young Man in America. Tailor sounds like a folk standard, and I have the feeling it will be in due time.  Mitchell’s unique voice and incredible songs completely blow me away.

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*Artist:  MITCHELL,ANAIS *Genre: Popular Music *Release Date: 9-MAR-2010