Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Birds Fly Mix

Time is short – let’s shuffle… after the jump

1.  Song: Insincerely Yours  Artist: Shayfer James  Album: The Owl and The Elephant (2010) – (One of our favorites – sincerely…)

2.  Song:  Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly) or Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream)  Artist: (The) Icicle Works  Album:  The Icicle Works (1983) – (The version we have includes the spoken word intro which was removed from the US release – I loved this song back in the day… oh hell, I still do…)

3. Song: Doubt  Artist: The Corin Tucker Band Album: 1,000 Years (2010) – (We grabbed this off a Kill Rock Stars Compilation – cool song)

4. Song: Romeo’s Tune  Artist: Steve Forbert  Album: Jackrabbit Slim (1979/1980) – (Oh hell yes…. I was 13 or 14 when this was a hit. I was soooo in love with this song.  It’s a great one.)

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Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Controversial Mix

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Well, here we go.  We ended up with a tie for Band of the Month!  Our crack legal staff are currently reviewing the results.  I went to bed before midnight, and the poll format we are using does not automatically cut-off voting at any particular time.  It has to be done manually.  So this morning, we had a tie, however, a few votes were received after midnight.  We will be reviewing to make sure we were clear enough in setting the deadline.  In the meantime, what I can tell you is that And the Giraffe and The Great American Novel have both earned a spot in the Band of the Year Poll which will be kicking off in just a couple of months.  Congrats to both of those great bands.  We will post an official Band of the Month announcement once we have made a final determination.  

Second, I’m pleased to reveal and announce our Featured Artists for October.  I think we have a another great and diverse group of bands and artists.  Again, we will have an “official” Featured Artist announcement soon, but in the mean time, go HERE to check out the 10 Featured Artists for October. 

We are in a brand new month which means tomorrow (if all goes as expected) we will be posting a shuffle of a brand new playlist of songs.  Before we do that, though, we created a Highlights Playlist of songs we added to our database in July and August but have not yet had the chance to present to you.  So, today’s shuffle includes 4 songs from that Playlist.

First up, we have a song from OK, the debut EP from Mr. Kind.  Mr. Kind is the new band featuring July Featured Artist Brian Bergeron.  The song we present today is a nifty number called, The Artist.

Next up, we have Jackson Cage  the third song on the first disc of Springsteen’s epic classic, The River


Next, we have a song from June Featured Artist, Shayfer James off of his 2011 Counterfeit Arcade album –  L.V.S. (Your Lady Waits).  Right here is why we love Shayfer James:

And finally, we have an awesome cover of one of my all-time favorite songs.  On October 26, 2010, 50+ Bay Area bands got together and played a live tribute to the seminal album The Velvet Underground and Nico.  From that show, we have Meklit Hadero – an acoustic soul singer/songwriter performing I’ll Be Your Mirror

Here’s another cover by Meklit Hadero
And here is another cover of I’ll Be Your Mirror


Don’t Forget Band of the Month Poll Closes Saturday!


To help you decide – Here are the top five so far!

Tied for 5th Place 

Tipi Valley

And Big Mosey

3rd Place

Skeletons in the Piano

2nd Place

Jo Wymer/Jo Wymer Band

and leading going into the stretch

Killing Kuddles

Also send some love and votes to the rest of the featured artists

Shayfer James
The Riverbreaks
Elephant Goes West 
Dogs of Oz

And I totally suck so bad.  I just realized that I left Dean Fields off the Band of the Month Poll.  I am so sorry, and why didn’t anyone tell me this!!!!!
I am going to add him to the July Band of the Month Poll!

Speaking of which I’ve about narrowed down the ten Featured Artists for July, and it’s a great group – so stayed tuned.

As way of an apology here’s a Bonus Dean Fields Video:

Featured Friday Music Shuffle – Penultimate Mix

It’s Friday!  Time to shuffle up some of our Featured Artists of the Month.  And another chance to plug our Band of the Month poll.
Words cannot express how much I loved this morning’s shuffle. Wait a minute, I’m a writer, so yes, words can express how much I loved this morning shuffle:

First up is Dean Fields with Forever Never Knowing from his release entitled Under A Searchlight Moon. Forever Never Knowing is indie folk pop at best.  Bottom line, it’s just a well written and wonderfully executed song. It’s a love song that doesn’t slip into sentimental silliness (but what’s wrong with that, I’d like to know).  Dean Fields is soon going to moving from Richmond, VA to Nashville, and I look forward to seeing him around town soon!

Killing Kuddles is currently leading in our Band of the Month poll.  He brings a grungy, punk spirit to a folk troubadours’ heart (or maybe it’s the other way around).  In Vegas, from his Waking Up Older EP, I hear shades of early X, it’s a fun little number and damn good song.
 Couldn’t find a video for Vegas so here’s another Killing Kuddles song

Then there is Shayfer James. Weight of the World from his Counterfeit Arcade album was my introduction to this amazing New Jersey artist. With a carnival-like sound and uniquely emotive vocals, Shayfer, like Don Ryan and Elephant Goes West, draws from what must be a verdant garden of Waitsian magic located somewhere in the Garden State. The thing is, it is very easy to pick the fruit, but it takes a master baker to know what to do with it. Shayfer James is a master chef, and I can’t wait for the next batch of tasty treats to come out of his kitchen….  Damn, I made myself hungry!

And we close out this shuffle with Jo Wymer who is currently holding down the number two spot in our Band of the Month Poll. This powerful bluesy rock singer/songwriter makes sings classic sounding original songs.  I hear that she is coming to Nashville in September, and I for one, can’t wait.  This Ain’t Love (Love and War) is another stand-out track on her fabulous Living With Scars album.
I couldn’t find a video for This Ain’t Love so here’s a live clip of Jo performing a P!nk song from a show she opened for Corey Glover (Living Colour)

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Ragin’ Full On Mix

I love warm summer nights… especially being outside and hearing the sounds of the world around me – natural and man-made. Crickets and train whistles and cars on the highway just on the other side of the hill and music coming from somewhere and the laughter of children and unidentified sounds that provide a thrill of fear or of wonder. 

Have you ever stood alone the in the dark Under the Willow and just let your mind run wild with possibilities? 

Shayfer James from Counterfeit Arcade (One of our featured Artists for June).


“It leaps beyond its legs
It reeks of lemon pledge
in a cold fire
it’s a cold fire mother
the muppet and the midge
the leaks beneath the fridge
in a cold fire
it’s a cold fire and one
digs on the morning bloodlight
dig on the after after
even the shyest mouse with his head stove in”

The Hunting Accident from Trees and Parks 10″ 



” I love the instrumental track  
there’s no words that I gotta sing back
no “peace on earth,” no hippy shit
it’s best if you just got over it
I keep pressing repeat
cuz the instrumental track
can’t be beat” 
The Joy of Painting from Asterisk

Born in the USA was released when I was eighteen years old – around the time I graduated from high school.  Some of the themes of the album were beyond my experience, but I got I’m On Fire. Springsteen in his words and his vocals and the understated music captured effectively the unrequited desire that dominated that portion of my life. The L.A. band Brown Shoe recently recorded a cover of the song for Daytrotter. We told you about it here.
The Gift Horse from Brown Shoe
                Affiliated Links:
Exclusive - Darkness on the Edge of Town Photo Artwork Shot Glass Exclusive – Darkness on the Edge of Town Photo Artwork Shot Glass
This Bruce Springsteen shot glass features a classic rendition of the Darkness on the Edge of Town album photo artwork.

Featured Artist for June – Page Finished + other stuff

At long last, I have completed (sort of) the Page for the Featured Artists for June 2012.  The page is linked on the sidebar to the right or you can just click on the underlined “page” link earlier in this sentence.

Here’s a video from one of our featured artists:  Dean Fields

Here’s another: Shayfer James covering Leonard Cohen

In other news, the May Band of the Month poll is still going on.  South of Ramona have a big lead, but it’s still anyone’s game. The Joy of Painting and Sci-Fi Romance could easily mount a 11th hour charge.  Stay tuned, and more importantly, if you haven’t done so, please vote now.  The poll is located on the left sidebar.  If you need a refresher course on who these bands are – here’s the link to the the poll announcement — (link)

Our friend’s The End Men have completed their late Spring European tour, and they’d love to tell you all about it.  Hit them up on Facebook or on their website.  They are also about to head into the studio to record the follow-up to their amazing EP Build it Up.  Personally, I cannot wait.  If you are anywhere near the NYC area, or if you will be on June the 16th, The End Men will be playing the annual Northside Showcase at the Trash Bar hosted by their friends and ours, The Gypsy West.  Here are the details.

Here are The End Men performing live from this past March:

Finally, a really cool band that I am just now (and belatedly) getting into, Cupla, are taking a stand against Bullying with a new song and video called My Stand.

Here is a presser about the project:

Media Contact: Janet HansenEmail: conbriopr@gmail.comMake a Statement, Take Your Stand With Cupla to Stop Bullies(Nashville, TN – May 30) Bullying is a deadly global issue. It’s a social illness that can be cured and the British Columbia rock band, Cupla, is taking a stand to make it stop. The band is going into the studio the first week of June to work with Grammy-winning producer, Eric Tingstad, to cut their single, “My Stand.” To accompany the single, Cupla is creating a video with messages from people around the world to end the pain of senseless social behavior that has reached epic proportion. Cupla is asking people of all ages everywhere to send in still photos holding a written message to be used in a promotional video supporting, “My Stand.” Let your voice be heard and send photos in jpg format to or by June 30, 2012. “My Stand” is slated for release this summer, along with the supporting video which will be sent to media outlets worldwide. When people take a stand for love we can put an end to senseless behavior that has devastating consequences, and often deadly outcomes. Add your voice, make a statement and help stop bullies once and for all.

That is all.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and I will see you tomorrow with my Morning Shuffle.