Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Live My Life Mix

So another week of Ear to the Ground Shuffles comes to a close.  I am a bit short on time so I thought I would try something… a 3 Words post.  I will attempt to comment on each song using just three words. This may be more time consuming than writing a long post, but here goes nothing…

Have a great weekend!

“The First Heartbreak” by Matthew Ryan from Boxers

Their all bad…

“Beat Hotel” by The Folk Factory from The Folk Factory

Danish folk fun

“Live My Life” by Stacy Mitchhart from Live My Life

Red hot Blues

“Worried About the Weather” by Justin Townes Earle from NoiseTrade Eastside Manor Session/Single Mothers

Wish I’d gone

“Grasping at Straws” by Sidestreet Reny from Tonal Tonics and Musical Elixers

Unique Blues Music

“Grace on The 4th” by Minton Sparks from Middlin’ Sisters

Life ’round here

“Phase of the Moon” by Dan Coyle from Perfect Word, Perfect Beat

Brilliant moon song

“Deep Breath” by Hammer Hawk from The Entrée (a Built4BBQ Sampler)

Post-Hamburger Troy Rock

“Good Work (If You Can Get It)” by Ike Reilly from Hard Luck Stories

NoiseTrade Find – Win!


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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Mystery Train Mix

I realize that I have a music problem, but there are far worse problems to have… I know because I’ve had those, too. Music, though, man! Music has this amazing ability to make you forget your problems or remind you that you are not alone with your problems or just to make you feel good for the 3 minutes or so that the song goes on. Music also has brought me together with some amazing people.

Today, we have a most excellent shuffle which has helped me through a not so excellent morning….  Now, I want to share it with you…

“Headlights” by Ellen Sundberg from Headlights

Some sweet, sweet Americana music from the heartland of Sweden.  I’ll be honest, if I hadn’t read that Ellen Sundberg was from Sweden, I never would have guessed.  Honest, heartfelt, and a damn fine song.

“Mystery Train” (live) by Link Wray/Robert Gordon from Cleveland ’78

Whoever had the bright idea to put Surf guitar legend Link Wray together with neo-Rockabilly/Punk legend Robert Gordon should be in some sort of Hall of Fame.  Actually, if Wikipedia is correct it was Gordon himself who had the idea.  Any, the results pretty much speak for themselves.

“Palomino” by The Western Shore from Thunderstorm

I’m so excited to see The Western Shore perform live at their CD release party Thursday.  The amazing Aaron Lee Tasjan is also on the bill for what promises to be a great night of music.  This is another fine track off the Thunderstorm album.

“Saturday Nights” by American Aquarium from Burn. Flicker. Die.

Another day, another American Aquarium song.  I am so impressed by what these guys are doing, and I look forward to their follow-up album.  I wish everyone who says they hate Country music would hear this… hell, I wish everyone who says they love Country music would hear this.

“Not the One” by *repeat repeat from Deer Head Music Presents: Indie Mixtape Nashville/ Bad Latitude

*repeat repeat  (you gotta love the name and the asterisk) are reason number (I lost count) of why I love Nashville music.  Infectious and highly original music – this song fit in so well in this rather diverse mix of music.

“Cali to Cairo” by Sidestreet Reny from Tonal Tonics and Musical Elixers

Blues from Venice Beach, California played on a National Resonator guitar. For the millionth time, I am thanking David Horton aka Popa Tunes for turning me onto some great music that otherwise might have slipped past me. 

“A Solid Bond in Your Heart” by The Style Council from The Singular Adventures of the Style Council/Single

Yet another amazing song – this is one of the early ones –  from Paul Weller’s follow-up band to The Jam. 

“King of The Bun-Ga-Loos” by The Splinters from 1964 Single

I know next to nothing about The Splinters.  This was one of Popa Tunes’ contributions to the latest Feel Bad for You mixtape.  A nice slice of jungle surf music complete with yelps, screeches, and assorted other vocal noises.  I was happy to find this song on YouTube – so check it out.

“Some Days” by Sturgill Simpson from 2014-05-13 – Grimey’s Records – Nashville/High Top Mountain

The shuffle is going well, and I wonder where it will go next… the shuffle function knows that you cannot go wrong with Sturgill Simpson.  A great song from his previous album High Top Mountain.

“My Love Was as Blind as!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=”//”;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,”script”,”twitter-wjs”); window.amznpubstudioTag = “eartothegro00-20”; Blind as Ray Charles and Half as Cold as Heat” by Kye Alfred Hillig from The Buddhist

Possibly one of the longest song titles we’ve featured – trust me when I say that the song lives up to the title, and I have a new singer/songwriter to check out. I couldn’t find this song on video, but you definitely should check this song out and go from there (hint: the September Feel Bad for You mixtape might be a good place to start).  Kye Alfred Hillig is from Tacoma Washington, and the blurb on the Feel Bad for You site name drops Damien Jurado and Sun Kill Moon – if you are someone who needs a frame of reference. Really just a great song.


Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Cobwebs and Twisted Dry Bones Mix

So… for those who love Halloween, you will notice the way I mashed up some song titles from today’s shuffle into a Halloweeny sounding  “Cobwebs and Twisted Dry Bones” subtitle for this shuffle.  For those who dislike Halloween, there are no real Halloween-themed songs in this shuffle. 


“Ballad of Treason” by Abigail Washburn from City of Refuge

The amazing Abigail Washburn with another fine song from her City of Refuge album which we have been featuring of late.

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Here is Victoria Williams’ remake of a hit song from the late 1920s.    window.amznpubstudioTag = “eartothegro00-20”;

“Old Postcards” by Amelia White from Old Postcards

How about we present the title track from the latest album from East Nashville’s own Americana icon – the incredible Amelia White!

Мексиканские напевы” by Orera from 1970

And why yes, I think we will present some Mexican Tunes performed by a Georgian Folk/Jazz band.  And yes, that is Georgia the former (although at the time of this recording it wasn’t former) Soviet republic.  This is awesome stuff.

“(I’m Not In) Prison” by The Jayhawks from The Jayhawks (aka The Bunkhouse Album)

I really can’t help myself, when I go into a thrift store, I just have to take a look at the CD bins.  Last weekend, I had to make some returns, and I left with some clothes and the debut album (1986-87) by The Jayhawks. 

“Who Woulda Thunk It?” by Grant Peeples and the Peeples Republik from Punishing the Myth

Grant Peeples doing a Greg Brown song? Why yes I will take that.

“Same River Twice” by Matt King from Raw

Another Nashville artist.  Matt King with a song from his album Raw.

“Dry Bones” (Acoustic Noisetrade Exclusive) by Heath McNease from Fort Wayne (songs inspired by the film)

Heath McNease sometimes does hip-hop, somethings does indie/folk, and somethings does what ever he wants… He does them all very well, and this acoustic arrangement from his Fort Wayne project (film/album) is a good example.

“Twisted Kinda” by Sidestreet Reny from Tonal Tonics and Musical Elixers  

Today we finish up the week with another superb track from this album by Sidestreet Reny.