Wednesday Morning Music – Crossroads Mix

Day 2 without music for my morning walk… thought I would enjoy the sounds of the city – cars splashing through puddles left by a hard morning shower, a car horn as a bus makes a right turn just as the light turns green in the other direction and show tunes coming from the traffic light control box on the corner.
Opened up FB and my sources had some good selections this a.m.:

Chris Frantz offered up this appropriately funky start for the morning with the classic One Nation Under a Groove by Funkadelic.

(click this pic to purchase and download the compilation young soul rebles feat. Mica Parks, War, The O’Jays, Sylvester, Parliament and the aforementioned Funkadelic track.)
Next up Will Kimbrough (Will & the Bushmen etc.) offers up his lick of the day which happens to be a Funky Banjo solo in E.  Kimbrough, besides being the Will in the Mobile, Alabama based Bushmen, has been in great bands like Bisquits and Daddy (with Tommy Womack of Government Cheese fame).  Most recently, he has been playing with Emmylou Harris.
(click on the album cover to purchase and download Gawk the classic album by Will and the Bushmen featuring one of my all-time favorite songs Neil)
Finally – Bill Lloyd (Foster and Lloyd) offers up this treat from Slim Gaillard – Cement Mixer

(click on the album cover to purchase and download the album Cement Mixer by Slim Gaillard)