Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Exclusive Exclustivity Mix

 Greetings from Nashville.  Back with a long set of music for today’s shuffle.  So, no more ado about nothing….

Shuffle will follow the…. Might as well…. Jump!

The Gunbunnies were a sadly short-lived band from Arkansas.  The released one album for Virgin Records, the now out of print Paw Paw Patch.  A collection of outtakes was released in 2009 and is available from Amazon – I’ll link to that below.  I could not find a video of today’s song Little Drops of Water – so I will post a video for the college radio hit Stranded.  Little Drops of Water is the only song from today’s shuffle not included on the widget of clips above.


How about some Sly and the Family with Run, Run, Run from their 1967 debut A Whole New Thing.
Look Sharp! It’s Pretty Girls from Joe Jackson’s 1979 debut.


Next up is the Balancing Act with This is Where it all Begins which was on the album Three Squares and a Roof.

How about some Christmas music – Sufjan Stevens with Ding-a-ling-a-ring-a-ling from the Christmas extravaganza Silver and Gold.  
Shelly Colvin is a Nashville singer-songwriter, she was a Featured Artist recently and we got to attend her CD release a little while back.  We have Nine Rose Rock from her debut CD. No video was found for Nine Rose Rock – so check out this video featuring Shelly Colvin.

The Hunting Accident are a cool alt-rock band from Los Angeles.  We made them Band of the Week back in 2011.  Here we have the fabulous Jack Trap.

Blitzen Trapper with Dragon’s Song which is on the album Destroyer of the Void.
A classic track from The Jam.  Mr. Clean is on the legendary band’s album All Mod Cons – one of my all-time favorites.  “..I hate you and your wife…”
Okay, so the band fIREHOSE, which is the band featuring Watt and Hurley from the Minutemen along with Ed “fROMOHIO” Crawford released an album called If’n.  This is a song called If’n which is not on the album called If’n but rather on the album called fROMOHIO.  Got it?
And finally, the rousing and powerful lead track from Miles Davis’ soundtrack to the Louis Malle film classic Ascenseur Pour l’Echafaud (Elevator (or Lift) to the Gallows)Generique features incessantly beautiful trumpet work from Mr. Davis.


Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Bright Idea Mix

Good morning… we are not ready to jump into another week, but alas, the time is upon us. This week, we wrap up another Band of the Month poll.  There is still time to vote.

//’s get into our shuffle for the day:

We are shuffling up our archival playlist – which features some all time favorite songs.

First up we have Everyday People the first single (Novemeber 1968) from the classic 4th album  by Sly and the Family Stone, Stand! which was released in May 1969.  It’s hard not to groove to this one.



Next up we have True Faith, a 1987 single by the British Band New Order.  The song was one of two new songs recorded for the Substance 1987 Singles collection. Different mixes of this song are featured on various rereleases by the band, but the original track was never released on a regular album, but remains one of the band’s best known songs.


And finally, we have the title track from Mary Gauthier’s 4th studio album.  Mercy Now is a powerful song.  Gauthier was born in New Orleans, lived for a time in the Northeast and now makes her home in Nashville.  She is playing the Americana Music Festival in September.