Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Can of Carrots Mix

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Back with a shuffle, but short on time… thanks for stopping by…

“Far and Slow” by T. Rogers from Simple Life

Some great modern blues music.

“Half Life” by Marla Mase from Half Life

The always amazing Marla Mase with the title track from her latest release.

“Pierce the Night” by Clocks and Clouds from The Creation of Matter

A band I’ve just become aware of – some pretty cool sounds… classical sounding alternative music.

“Loveletting” by Sons of an Illustrious Father from Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen: Section 5/Single (b-side)

First of two in a row from the Funky Kitchen of Mama Coco. Thoroughly original modern music rooted in all the cool shit you love…

“Can of Worms” by Ex-Pet from Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen: Section 5/Green Accent

#2 from the “kitchen” some awesome psyche-power pop stuff….

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“Flying” by Kevin Jenkins from Step Inside

Creates the sensation of gliding over the world…  some really smooth, cool soulful jazzy music from True Groove Global Soul artist Kevin Jenkins.

“Cinco Minutos Con Vos” by Elvis Costello and The Roots from Wise Up Ghost and Other Songs

Collaborations either work or they don’t.  They usually don’t work when one artist’s style and sound over powers their collaborator or if the result is a messy mixture of different voices that just don’t gel.  The Roots are champions at collaborations, and in this case the result combines the funky, hip-hop inspired Roots music which some classic Elvis vocals and a latin vibe to boot. I can’t really explain why it works, but it does.

“The King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1” (Neutral Milk Hotel cover) by The Foresters from Download

I am so glad to the see the young Nork brothers expanding their musical vocabulary.  In an amazing short time, they totally nailed the pop punk/punk pop sound that first got them into learning to play, and now, especially over the last few months, they are showing a remarkable range and incredible growth.  I dig this Neutral Milk Hotel cover, and I think you will, too.