Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Horses and Bayonets Mix

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Here in Tennessee, we are in the midst of Indian Summer.  Highs in the 80s.  It won’t last, but I like it.  Let’s get to our shuffle:

Christopher Paul Stelling is part of an emerging Brooklyn Music scene.  We’ve met The End Men, The Gypsy West and The Disappointment among others.  To me, it’s an exciting scene. Exciting for the diversity and openness of the players. On his debut album, Songs of Praise and Scorn, Stelling delivers a gorgeous set of songs which emerge out of the old South, travel the twisted highways of life and settle comfortably into the urban Northwest. Solar Flares is simply a beautiful, haunting song. Clean, shiver-inducing guitar licks combine with his emotionally powerful vocals. As I walked through the early morning chill, I felt like I could have staying the moment forever. 

“still waiting on the sun to go and tear on through them clouds: it’ll shine right down when the time allows.”


Vulture Kult play unapologetic, uncompromising Hard ROCK music. Mixing the pure ROCK power of Zeppelin and Black Sabbath with the break-neck paced raw energy of the best of classic and neo-classic punk rock, Vulture Kult lays it all out everytime, and that makes them a joy to listen to. The Band recently dropped their 2nd album called Don’t Let Rock N’ Roll Ruin Your Life, and today, we have a double shot from the duo from Saskatoon.  First up, we have the title track from the album and then we have a sonic attack called Cynanide Hand Grenade.  These songs pumped me up and gave me the energy I needed to move forward into my day.


Sprout the Band are a California Bluesy, Funky Jammy type band who are according to their Facebook page on indefinite hiatus. We came across a track called Running Wild which can be found on their Live in the Barn set which was released via Bandcamp a year ago.


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