Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Ring True Mix

clouds on the road by JWM 7/20/2013  
It’s been busy here.  An extended drive means more music.  So, let’s get to it…


“Dark Divider (Untitled)” by Stomacher (one of our first “discoveries” from the early days of Ear to the Ground and this is still a favorite.  Stomacher come from the Bay area of California. This is moody, atmospheric music but surprisingly uplifting.)
 “Straight Shooter” by He’s My Brother She’s My Sister (This is a cover of a Mama’s and Papa’s song)
“Wax Wings” by Beijing (Glad to have another Beijing song show up in our mix.  I’m really digging this band and their recent album Night.)
“Roll on Buddy” by théan (South African born, Ottawa based musician – also performs as Veledrones. Roll on Buddy – the title track from the 2012 EP contains some awesome bits of ambient, folk, electronica. This is incredible music)
After the remainder of the théan track, the Pre-Shuffle continues on…

“Well Whiskey” by Bright Eyes (from the Lua album)

“Let it Live Free” (live at Audiotree) by He’s My Brother She’s My Sister (our second of the day from this band)

“Elysian Fields” by Heath McNease (Another from his Thrift Store Jesus album)

“The Execution of Some Sixty-Odd Drummers” by Centro-Matic (I honestly don’t know why it’s taken me so long to catch up with this great Texas band.  Thanks to a tweet by Amanda Shires (Jason Isbell’s lovely bride), I can count myself a Centro-Matic fan.)

“Common Ones” by American Graveyard (Two Texas bands in a row. Digging this song)

“Mensdom” by théan (The other song from the Roll On Buddy EP)


“Spitfire” by Little Radar from Up in Arms


This Austin, Texas band jump starts our Shuffle with a track from their 2012 album Up in Arms. Check out the Noisetrade sampler above which includes a track from the forthcoming Souvenirs album.

“I Won’t Go Hollywood” by Bleu from Redhead (2003)

Another from this older album by Bleu which I picked up earlier this month on half priced Saturday at Goodwill.  A great find!

“All of Nothing” by The Black Clouds from Better Days (2012)

More grungy goodness from New Jersey.

“Let Down” by Beijing from Night (2013)

Connecticut rocks! It seems like it’s been a few days since we featured a song from this brilliant album by Beijing. This is the second song from this album today. Enjoy!

“This Land is Your Land” by Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings from Naturally (2005)

We close out the day with this incredible cover of the Woody Guthrie standard made even more awesome by the fabulous Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings.  This version of the song was featured in the motion picture Up in the Air



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Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Got No Mind to Lose Mix

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Set list from Royal Court of China Reunion Show 6/21/2013
So a longer than usual morning commute in three parts instead of the usual two, and tons of great music.  As usual, the Video Playlist at the end attempts to represent the songs in the mix – actual song when possible, alternate song or video if not possible.  Only one artist/song is not in the Playlist but more on that later.


“The Turning Quiet” by Joshua Worden (Soulful Pop)

 “Two Weeks on the Ocean” by James the Giant  (not represented on playlist ’cause I couldn’t find any videos – debut self-titled EP and this song is the first “single” – Album due out next month – a song about his brother who was killed in Afghanistan. This one gave me goosebumps)

“Get Lucky” by Daft Punk feat. Pharell (Yeah!)

“Justice’nt Right” by Wheelchair Sports Camp (Yes! Very yes!)

 “Stuck” by Canopy Climbers (from their latest –  Miles)

“Forget It” by Royal Court of China (they did this one in the show Saturday night. A favorite from the self-titled record)

“The Ballad of Billy Polk” by The End Men (Hell yeah – The End Men back in the shuffle with a favorite from their latest, Play With Your Toys (ah who am I kidding their all favorites)

“Alex Chilton” by The Replacements (if this was all The Replacements had done, it would be enough to immortalize them… “I never go far, without a little Big Star”)

“The Walking Dead” by Bella’s Bartok (Um… Oh, yeah!)

End of Pre-Pre-Shuffle


 “Coming On a Black Day” by Stomacher (One of our favorites from the early days of this blog.  This song – hell this whole album and their subsequent release are brilliant.  This may still be my favorite Stomacher song)

“You’ve Got Yr. Cherry BombMr. Kind and Picture Atlantic (collab. featuring our friend Brian Bergeron’s band Mr. Kind joining forces with San Jose band Picture Atlantic, to take on a Spoon song)

 “Psycho Therapy” by Ramones (First you try Psycho Therapy – from 1983s Subterranean Jungle)

 End of Pre-Shuffle


 “On My Way” by Ivan and Alyosha from All the Times We Had (2013)

They are from Seatlle, their name comes from characters from The Brothers Karanazov. Great songs.

“Lost Connection” by Colt Cleveland from Colt Cleveland EP (2013)

Some awesome new Pop. My friend Hayden Coleman does some beats on Colt Cleveland’s new songs – maybe this one???

“Teenage Lobotomy” and “Rockaway Beach” by the Ramones from Rocket to Russia (1977)

If Psycho Therapy doesn’t work… ah let’s just hitch a ride to Rockaway Beach….

“Here Comes a Regular” by The Replacements from Tim (1985)

“First the lights, and the collar goes up,and the wind begins to blow
You turn our back on a pay-you-back last call
First the plants, the leaves, the grass and here comes the snow
There ain’t much to rake here anyway in the fall”


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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – O, Brother Mix

ICYMI – please check out Sandy Hook: Somewhere Over the Rainbow featuring the Children of Newtown along with Ingrid Michaelson which was produced by Chris and Tina of Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club renown.  

It continues to be winter here in Nashville, but we press on… Let’s shuffle – after the jump:

Today’s shuffle is an odd combination of songs but some really good ones…

1.  Song:  Love You Strongly  Artist: Amy Stroup  Album: The Other Side of Love: Session Two (2011) – (one half of Sugar and the Hi-Lows, amazing singer songwriter, part of Ten out of Tenn, great song… enough said? – oh yeah, as heard on Grey’s Anatomy)

2.  Song: Everything You Took  Artist: Lee Bains III and The Glory Fires Album: There is a Bomb in Gilead (2012) – (First time hearing this… Stink’n’Roll from the Dirty South… kind of love this)

3.  Song: Who’s in Control Artist: British Sea Power Album: Valhalla Dancehall (2011) – (British Indie Rock from Brighton – yeah!)

4.  Song: You’re A Animal  Artist: Jonathon Boulet Album: We Keep the Beat Found the Sound See the Need Start the Heart (2012) – (Aussie artist, grammatically interesting, musically awesome)
5.  Song: Drinkswater  Artist: Beachwood Sparks  Album: Make the Cowboy Robots Cry (2006) – (How is it that I just found out about Beachwood Sparks last year? Awesome song and brilliant album titleCalifornia Alt-Country band)
6.  Song: Milkman  Artist: EMA  Album: Past Life Maryred Saints (2011) – (Erika M. Anderson – South Dakota born, Noise Folk/Noise Rock, in 2011 she was named the most blogged about artist of the week, E2TG operates on it’s own timeline)
7.  Song: Untitled Two (Marr Instrumental)  Artist: The Smiths (Johnny Marr)  Album: Unreleased Demos and Instrumentals (Bootleg Vinyl Rip) (2010) – (Previous information speaks for itself, not on Amazon widget for the day)
8.  Song: Annmarie  Artist: Anais Mitchell  Album: Young Man in America (2012) – (You want to know how great Anais Mitchell is? She’s so great, I named my daughter after her a few years before she even wrote her first song*) *not technically true    
9.  Song: Behavior  Artist: Stomacher  Album: Sentimental Education (2009) – (One of our early Bands of the Week – awesome dark yet uplifting music from the Bay Area.  The band released their latest album Clara in 2012)

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Stomacher – Clara – On Sale Now!!!!

Stomacher were our second ever Band of the Week shortly after this blog got started.  They are an awesome band from San Francisco with unique, dark and melodic sound.  They have been hard at work, Kickstarting and working with some awesome folks, and now the fruits of their labors are ready… I’ll let Stomacher tell you about it!

We have great news! Our new album ‘Clara’ is out and stream-able for free here:

If you like what you hear, please support us and purchase for $9. Your contributions are greatly appreciated and help us continue as an independent band.

Grammy Award-winning Stuart Sikes (Cat power, The White Stripes, Loretta Lynn) mixed the record, and Howie Weinburg (U2, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Smashing Pumpkins, Jeff Buckley) mastered the record, and it sounds fantastic!

Here is a taste….

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Return to Sender Mix

Let go – Some music news (feeling like Kurt Loder):

Bon Voyage (or how ever you say that in Italian) to The End Men has they embark on their 2012 European tour. 

The Nearly Deads are on MTV part of MTVu Freshmen 5.  Go here to vote for them and push them over the top. 

Reminder that Sci-Fi Romance‘s album The Ghost of John Henry drops today.  See my recent review with all the details for how to grab your own copy.  And then go grab your own copy (digital or CD formats).

Now to the shuffle:

First up, we have Chevrolet from the 2006 Re-release (with extras) of Gather in Song by Damien Jurado.  I am a huge Damien Jurado fan, and I love this song. 

A video of a different Damien Jurado song cause I couldn’t find one for Chevrolet…
Next we go deeper into the fabulous Heart of Texas album by 2011 Band of the Year finalist Taco Land. Today, we have Find My Run which shows off this band’s sound which manages once again to confound expectations of what an album called Heart of Texas by a band called Taco Land would sound like while at the same time meeting or exceeding those expectations. 

The video is for Wonderful Rain off the fabulous Heart of Texas album. Couldn’t find Find My Run

By a technicality, the third song should not be included in today’s shuffle.  Due to some technical problems, the MP3 didn’t play, but I had to post anyway.
Coldplay honored Adam Yauch (MCA) with a piano-led cover of The Beastie Boys classic (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!).   Check out the chilling, slow cover and go grab the Boys classic Licensed to Ill album. 
And finally, we got one of the new tracks by Stomacher from their forthcoming album.  Moonlight Blues finds the band continuing to explore the darker reaches with their usual flair for the melodic. The new album, Clara, is set to drop in June.  Check out some of the tracks as well as the band’s back catalog – here.
Affiliated Links:
Damien Jurado Damien Jurado
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Catch me up!

Been away…  took a bit of a vacation from the ‘net.  Work, work, and some play.  Had a good visit with an old friend, took to the woods with my camera, and spent some time behind bars….  all in all, a nice trip, but it is so good to be home…

We shall return to our normally scheduled blogging, but in case you’ve forgotten all about me while I’ve been away, I offer up a gentle reminder:

A brand new track from one of our early Bands of the Week: Stomacher from their forthcoming album, Clara.

Crime and the City Solution (Wim Wenders, Wings of Desire)

Clem Snide – Nick Drake Tape

The Unforgiven – Hang ’em High

Stomacher -Carnival Rock – first peak at new album

http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/v=2/track=960560555/size=venti/bgcol=FFFFFF/linkcol=4285BB/ Another early Band of the Week is STOMACHER. We still listen to Sentimental Education quite often. They recently funded a new album using Kickstarter and have been posted about the progress on their Facebook Page.  Now today comes the official release of the first song from the new album. The song is Carnival Rock and you can check it out via bandcamp using the widget above.

The song is true to the STOMACHER aesthetic of dark melodic rock, and it moves things forward in an interesting way.  I can’t wait to hear the new album.  Check out STOMACHER.