Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Anarchistic Arachnids Mix

Good Monday to you!  You know it’s Monday whether we like or not, so we best make the most out of it.  Today, we have a nifty little shuffle from the back room of the Ear to the Ground archives.  Hope you dig it!

In a not so rare sign of my age, I find it extremely hard to believe that this song is over 30 years old. Almost 34 years old to be precise.  Sting wrote this song for a prostitute he saw outside of the band’s hotel room in Paris. He named her for the character in Cyrano de Bergerac. It was released as a single in 1978 and then rereleased in 1979.  The b-side was a cool song called Peanuts. Roxanne appeared on Outlandos D’Amour.

The next song in our shuffle is over 40 years old, and man does it hold up well. It’s the opening track on one of the best albums in the history of rock.  Down on the Street from Fun House by The Stooges. The song throbs and squawks and burns. It is a stunning achievement in sonic power and predicts and paves the way for decades worth of punk and post-punk rock bands.
And finally, have an instrumental track from one of the best bands of the 80s. The Plimsouls were part of a power-pop movement, and they recorded one of the best rock songs of the decade, A Million Miles AwayHobo references the surf instrumentals of the 60s with a bit of the jangle that highlighted the Plimsouls’ sound. It is a Bonus Track on the CD release of Everywhere at Once, and you can catch a live version on the recently released Beach Town Confidential: Live at the Golden Bear 1983
Like, here’s A Million Miles Away from the movie, like, Valley Girl-I’m sure…
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Roxanne (Digital Sheet Music) Roxanne (Digital Sheet Music)
“By The Police and Sting. For piano, voice, and guitar (chords only). Pop; Rock. 5 pages. Published by Hal Leonard – Digital Sheet Music”

The Stooges: The Authorized and Illustrated Story The Stooges: The Authorized and Illustrated Story
Formed in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1967, the Stooges are icons of modern rock, influencing the fledgling sounds of punk, heavy metal, and hard core. From the beginning, lead singer and provocateur Iggy Pop (b. James Osterberg) astounded audiences with his outrageous stage performances, accompanied by guitarist Ron Asheton, his drummer brother Scott Asheton, and bassist Dave Alexander with their raw and bracing sound. The group disbanded in 1974, but reunited in 2003 to play before a vastly expanded fan base of over 10 million devotees worldwide, and they continue to tour today. In this book, rock photographer Robert Matheu compiles the first ever authorized book about the band, including iconic photographs, classic interviews, and vintage articles and ephemera dating from the band’s breakout performances in Detroit in the late 1960s through their most recent shows in 2009. With new interviews from every significant member of the Stooges, past and present, previously unpublished photography, and a Stooges discography, “The Stooges “is the definitive book about this trailblazing band. “”

Valley Girl (45rpm Single) Frank Zappa Valley Girl (45rpm Single) Frank Zappa
A rarity. “Valley Girl” on both sides.

Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – I’m Back Mix

I’m back!  And 2011’s days are numbered, but it’s not over yet.  Added a delectable mixture of 20 songs to the shuffle.  The December 2011 Playlist stands at 54 (net of some Christmas songs I deleted for space since Christmas is over)….
Rainy morning, but the rain let up for my walk up the hill, and in any event, this list of songs kept me feeling all warm and cozy…

1.  Don Ryan finished 3rd in the ETTG Band of the Year voting.  If you haven’t heard This Town (or the rest of his fantastic album Tangle Town), then this situation must be remedied. 

(you can purchase and download the whole damn Tangle Town album at amazon by clicking on the album cover – or you can go to Don’s Bandcamp page and name your own price – I’d suggest $1000 but you do what feels best for you)

 2. Sister Crayon is a Sacramento-based band.  Here they are doing a cover version of Sufjan Stevens’ Age of Adz Track Futile Devices 

(you can click on the album cover to purchase and download Sufjan Stevens’ album The Age of Adz.  The Sister Crayon version is available at Stereogum.)

3. The Sigur Ros track from the We Bought  a Zoo soundtrack shows up again this week.  It’s a cool song which originally came from their 2005 album, Takk…, It’s Hoppipolla

  (click on album cover to purchase and download Takk…)

4.  Hoppipolla ends with some brass which makes a nice transition to the next song which comes from Herb Albert & the Tijuana Brass’ classic Whipped Cream & Other Delights.  The song, A Taste of Honey, is actually a cover of a 1960 Bobby Scott song.

  (click on the album cover to buy and download Whipped Cream & Other Delights)

  (you might also want to purchase and download Soul Asylum’s EP which parodies the title and over of the Herb Albert set – Clam Dip & Other Delights can yours for a click and purchase)

5.  Finally, we take it up a few notches with Iggy & the Stooges proto-punk classic Search and Destroy from Raw Power.

  (you know the drill add Raw Power to your digital music collection with a click and a purchase at

Thursday Morning (Covers) Music Shuffle – Memories of Rain Mix

Rainy morning…
Another friendly reminder, if you haven’t voted in the 1st Annual Ear to the Ground Band of the Year Readers Poll (or even if you have) time is running out.  At midnight tonight, 12/15/2011 (all times Central Standard Time), voting will be turned off. And precincts will begin reporting in… go  here  to vote.
Track 1:
Coverer:  Radiohead formed in 1985 – so they had been around 10 years when I saw them live opening for R.E.M. on a rainy evening in September 1995 which happened to be C and my first night out following the birth of our twins in July of that year.  
Coveree: Joy Division formed in 1976.  They were a preeminent force in the new music scene of the late 70s early 80s.  Lead singer Ian Curtis committed suicide in 1980 just before the bands first ever US tour.  The remaining members carried on as New Order. 
The Song: Ceremony was actually a New Order song, but it was one of the last songs written with Ian Curtis and would have been a Joy Division song if…
The Cover:  Radiohead recorded Ceremony as part of their 2007 “Thumbs Down” webcast.
Track 2:
Coverer: John Zorn is an avant-garde composer, arranger, record producer and saxophonist. He has worked with Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson and formed the jazz-punk collective Naked City in 1988.  Yamantaka Eye is  a Japanese vocalist and visual artist. He is a member of the Boredoms who formed in 1986 (possibly earlier).

Coveree: The Stooges (aka Iggy & the Stooges) were and are a ground-breaking band who formed in 1967 and laid important groundwork for punk and alternative music. The disbanded in 1974, but reformed in 2003.  Mike Watt of Minutemen and fIREHOSE fame is currently a member of the Stooges.

The Song: T.V. Eye is a track off the Stooge’s second album, Fun House. 

The Cover: John Zorn with Yamantaka Eye on screamed vocals recorded a break-neck paced version of T.V.Eye which appeared on the 1990 compilation double-CD Rubaiyat for Elektra Records 40th Anniversary.

Track 3:

Coverer: Dave Alvin was a founding member of the legendary punk-era, roots rock band The Blasters, was a one-time member of X and is a member of X side project The Knitters.  In addition, he has had a prolific solo career.

Coveree: The Beach Boys formed in 1961 in Hawthorne, California, reflected the California youth lifestyle of surf, cars and romance. Later, leader Brian Wilson took the band into a more complex sound.

The Song:  Surfer Girl was the title track to the bands 1963 album. It was one of the first songs written solely by Brian Wilson.

The Cover: Dave Alvin covered Surfer Girl on his 2006 album West of the West which featured covers of several songs which originated from the western United States.

Track 4:

Coverer: The Del McCoury Band is a bluegrass band which formed in 1967 as Del McCoury and the Dixie Pals and solidified into its current line-up in the 1980s and became the Del McCoury Band in 1988.

Coveree:  Richard Thompson was an original member of Fairport Convention, the legendary British Folk-Rock/Electric Folk band.  He left Fairport Convention in 1971, released a solo album in 1972 and then begin recording and performing with his then wife Linda Thompson.  Since their personal and professional split, he has had a successful solo career.

The Song:  1952 Vincent Black Lightning  appeared on his 1991 album Rumor & Sigh.  The song which harkens back to traditional English melodies and early 20th Century American folk songs.

The Cover: Del McCoury Band recorded a bluegrass cover of 1952 Vincent Black Lightning  on the 2001 album Del and the Boys and has subsequently become a Bluegrass staple.

Shuffle through today’s artists and songs:

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New Order: New Order Story New Order: New Order Story
From the ashes of Joy Division rose one of the most successful dance-pop bands of all time, New Order. In this probing documentary directed by filmmaker Kevin Hewitt and produced by Paul Morley, archival footage, performance footage, and interviews with t


Celebrating 50 Years of Del McCoury Celebrating 50 Years of Del McCoury
Celebrating 50 Years of Del McCoury