Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Super Couple Mix

We had some bad storms roll through between 1:00 and 2:00a.m. which wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to wake up at 4:30. Blah…. But, lack of sleep is part of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle right? Whatever…

Here we go… part of the fun of letting the magical mystery shuffle option pick my morning music playlist is when theme emerge out of the randomness of it all.  Or perhaps, the theme is all in my head… does it matter?

Actually a couple of thematic things happened today, but the overarching them as expressed in the subtitle of today’s post is Super Couples of Music….

First Super Couple is George and Tammy.  The classic (We’re Not) The Jet Set name drops Rome, Georgia; Athens, Texas; and Paris, Tennessee. Explore more about this song by clicking the picture below:

Super Couple #2 has back-to-back tracks on today’s shuffle – which make’s sub-theme #1 – The Chris and Tina show:
1st up is Take Me to the River is the classic cover of the Al Green classic song by Chris and Tina’s earlier band called Talking Heads – maybe you’ve heard of them.
2nd up for the Chirs and Tina show is the 2001 version of the 1981 hit single Genius of Love by Chris and Tina’s later band – Tom Tom Club.
More on those two tracks below:
Our final Super Couple and fulfilling our second sub-theme (The Genius Theme) comes from 
Andrea and Mark of the band MAKAR with the title track from their latest Funeral Genius.  Take a longer look at this track below:
Affiliated Links:
Tom Tom Club Tom Tom Club
“Who needs to think when your feet just go?” So sings Tina Weymouth on Tom Tom Club’s debut album. And rightly so — this was the sunny break in the islands that the rhythm section of Talking Heads wanted, and they got it, away from the art-school intelle

George Jones: Country Legends Live Mini Concert George Jones: Country Legends Live Mini Concert
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