Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Rainy Days and Mondays Mix

We have arrived at Monday.  It’s a dreary day here  in Nashville, but we have the antidote.  We’ve loaded up with a bunch of music which we have been saving up since we started our Year End Review last month.  The songs added are a good combination of new music, new to us music, the return of some old friends, a first meeting with what we hope are some new friends, plus the usual collection of the classic, the weird, the obscure, and the unexpected.
Today’s mix is a good cross-section of this new music – plus a couple of hold outs from the previous month’s playlist.

To it…. we go… jump…

“Bright Light” by Mount Moriah (we got this off a Merge Records Sampler, the song is on Mount Moriah’s album Miracle Temple.  Mount Moriah are from Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

“Put it in a Bottle (Save it For Later)” by Sam Davison (from Always Around. One of the great artists we’ve discovered through the highly productive Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen.  Sam Davison is nothing you’ve ever heard before.  Actually that’s from his Facebook page, but it happens to be true. Check him out.)

“Travel as Equals” by Joseph Arthur (from Redemption City. Joseph Arthur is from Brooklyn, has recorded with and been recorded by some amazing people.  I’ve been hearing a fair bit of buzz lately about him. Color me impressed.  I don’t mind hype if the music backs it up.  I dig.)

“Free Fallin'” (Tom Petty Cover) by Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs (from Under the Covers, Vol. 3 – What happens when two iconic proto-pop stars cover one of Tom Petty’s coolest songs? This happens.)

“IV. Shells (The Dream Lives Out To Sea)” by Left of Logic (from In Formation.  I think I heard about Left of Logic from Don Ryan.  This is Electronica with a Rock Edge and an progressive mindset. From Philly)

“For the Sake of Seeking” by The Western Den (from Battle Hymns.  Let’s add some ambient folk to the mix.  This band is from Boston. )

“The Wayfaring Stranger” by Frankie Laine (from Call of the Wild. The legendary vocalist performs the 19th Century Folk tune on his 1962 album)

“I Want You Alive” by Left of Logic (from In Formation.)

“Young Enough to Try” by Humming House (from Humming House. One of our hold overs from the previous playlist. I just can’t get enough Humming House.)

“The Truth” by Dr. Dog (from their Noisetrade/Eastside Manor Sessions – off of their album B-Room. Another holdover.)

“Spanish Romance” by The Tye Trybe (from Word is Born (EP). Hailing from The Bronx and Spanish Harlem.  The Tye Trybe bring the funky groovy goods.  Yep, another that came to us via Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen. I love that place, and I’ve never even been there.)

“Living in a County” by Brave Baby (from Forty Bells. Brave Baby are from Charleston, South Carolina.  I think I came across them on Brite Revolution.)