Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Bone In Mix

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Cold, cold morning.  Sidewalks and some roads still icy. 

Got a pretty interesting shuffle on tap… let’s get to it.

“The One After 909” by The Beatles

So, this month the Feel Bad for You folks who put out awesome mixtape compilations every month had a theme of short songs.  So, expect a bunch of short songs to filter their way through my shuffles in the next few weeks or so.  Oddly, no Minutemen songs made their list, but relax, I have some Minutemen already cued up…  this track is actually a snippet of The One after 909 with some chatter from the Rooftop concert.

“Selfish Lover” by Gary Floater

Another from the short songs compilation.  This one from legendary country outsider Gary Floater off of a new release called Who Cares.

“Jimmy Jazz” by The Clash

The love affair between the shuffle function and The Clash continues with the lounge-sounding song from London Calling. 

“11 O’clock Friday Night” by Hamilton Leithauser

The second song we’ve had from Black Hours the 2014 album by Hamilton Leithauser of The Walkmen.

“Yesterday’s Cakes” by Cropdusters

Raucous UK band from their 1989 album, If the Sober Go to Heaven….  I really dig this song – for reference only – think of The Pogues at a hoedown.

“Respirator” by Dead and Lovely

Another track from John and Jayda of Nashville by way of Pennsylvania from their EP Heavy which is awesome.  Really sorry I missed them last month at the Building, but I hope to catch up with them soon.

“Sweet Guy” by Paul Kelly Feat. Vika Bull

This song is originally from the 1989 album So Much Water So Close to Home by Paul Kelly and the Messengers.  This version sung by Vika Bull is from Kelly’s latest album The Merri Soul Sessions.  I really dig this song.

“An Accident” by The Transcendents

Paul Kelly is from Australia, and while we are down under (as somebody says), let’s move over to New Zealand for another cool song from the eponymously titled album by The Transcendents.  The thing I love about writing this blog is being able to discover incredible music from all over the world and then to be able to write about it and hopefully turn someone else on to it. 

“Put the Bone In” by Soul Asylum

After all this time, I just realized or found out that this song from Soul Asylum’s Hang Time is a cover of the b-side of Terry Jacks hit song “Season in the Sun”.  Coincidently (or not depending upon your view of coincidence), at the end of this recording, Soul Asylum quotes The Beatles’ famous line from the Rooftop Concert, “…I hope we passed the audition”.

“Riot Act” by Elvis Costello and the Attractions

Another great song from Elvis’ Get Happy album!!

“Last Time Around” by Jason and the Scorchers

“You’re the final survivor is my heart’s ghost town.”  The lead track from the album Lost and Found.  Still one of the best rock and roll bands around!


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Friday Morning Music Shuffle – I Just Might Lose It Mix

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Let’s get to the music…
“Be Your Man” by Ivan and Alyosha
“Can’t Stop” by Choirs
“You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” by Waylon Jennings (yes, covering The Beatles)
“Last Goodbye” by Year of October 
Year of October – Douglas Corner – Nashville 6/27/2013
“The Skies Glowed” by Joshua Worden
“Somebody Put Something in My Drink” by Ramones
“Bastards of Young” by The Replacements
“Here Lately” by Year of October
“Always (acoustic)” by Canopy Climbers

“She’s Invincible” by Ben Shive from The Cymbal Crashing Clouds (2011)
 Nashville-based Singer-Songwriter who will change everything you may think about a Nashville-based Singer-Songwriter

“Mere Christianity” by Heath McNease (featuring Derek Webb and Playdough) from The Weight of Glory Second Edition (2013)

I know some readers/listeners may (or will) be put off by the Christianity, The Hip-Hop or by C.S. Lewis being remixed, but I am making a strong suggestion that you suspend which ever of those elements are off-putting and give this a listen.

“Hold My Life” by The Replacements from Tim (1985)

“Razzle, dazzle, drazzle, drone, time for this one to come home”

“I Wanna Be Sedated” by Ramones from Road to Ruin (1978)

“I can’t control my fingers I can’t control my brain Oh no no no no no”



Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Girl With A Guitar Mix

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Here we go…..



“Girl With A Guitar” by Game Theory (co-written by Scott Miller, originally recorded by The Three O’Clock)

“Two Hearts” by Paper Route

“Participant Unwilling” by Valued Customer

“I Was Afraid” by SetinStone

“Glass Heart Hymn” by Paper Route

On to the Shuffle – after the JUMP

  • “Room for One More, Honey” by Game Theory from Tinkers to Evers to Change (1990)/Two Steps from the Middle Ages (1988)

The title comes from a line of dialogue from an episode of the Twilight Zone.  From Scott Miller’s Liner Notes to Tinker…, “I was interested in multiple vocal parts along the lines of ’66 Beach Boys. I think I also wanted to do something poppy but with a symphonic feel, kind of like Peter Schickele’s score for Silent Running.”

  • “Oh, Tonight” by Josh Abbott Band feat. Kacey Musgraves from She’s Like Texas (2010)

Lubbock Texas’ Josh Abbott Band team with Kacey Musgraves for this pure country song. I’m not a big fan of a lot of contemporary, mainstream country, but Kacey Musgraves has caught my attention.

  • “YOU FEEL DRAWN” by Valued Customer from Babylon Hill (2012)
Valued Customer is promising some awesome new music soon.  This is the mid-point of their album Babylon Hill.  I feel compelled to join in….

  • “You Can Have the Crown” by Sturgill Simpson from High Top Mountain (2013)

“They call me King Turd up here on Shit Mountain but if you want it you can have the crown” – from the forthcoming debut album by Nashville (by way of Kentucky) based Sturgill Simpson. Yeah, I’m kind of digging this song.

  • “Across the Universe” by The Beatles from Let It Be… Naked (1970/2003)

“Images of broken light, which
Dance before me like a million eyes,
They call me on and on across the universe.”