Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Tall Order, Short Change Mix

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 Couch by Couchwest continues… head over to the Official Couch by Couchwest site
 today has already featured a world premier by our friend Vance and his band Sci-Fi Romance plus tons of other great artists.  To see my mini-review of E2TG favorites from Days 1 and 2, click HERE.

We have 10 videos in the daily Ear to the Ground You Tube playlist which is embedded at the bottom of this post.  6 songs from the pre-shuffle and 4 from the shuffle.  


“She’s So Sick/100 Watt Girl” by The Bluefields (who’s new album dropped on iTunes today.
“Lovers Lane” by Hunx and His Punx
“Rave On” (Buddy Holly Cover) by Julian Casablancas
“What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had to Go This Way) by Wolf Parade
“King’s Flashlight” by Rose, de Costa Elliott
“Wreck Your Wheels” by Kim Richey
“With Signs Following” by Daniel Bachman

Today’s shuffle is after the jump

  • “Suit and Tie” by Justin Timberlake (feat. Jay Z) from the forthcoming The 20/20 Experience (2013)

Okay ya’ll JT is a Tennessee boy and he is probably one of  the most multi-talented chaps around. His work on SNL, his “History of Rap” numbers with Jimmy Fallon and yes his new music is really cool.  This is mainstream pop/soul/rhythm and blues/hip-hop of the sort you don’t usually read about on Ear to the Ground, but when I had the chance to grab the MP3 I didn’t hesitate.

  • “Mind Eraser”  and “Little Black Submarines” by The Black Keys from El Camino (2012)

The shuffle brings us a double shot from The Black Keys seventh studio album.  The album is called El Camino which is also the name of a car which infused my pop culture consciousness for much of my young adult life. The cover image is purposefully not a Chevy El Camino. Anyway, this is a really good album and Dan and Patrick are transplanted Nashvillians.

  • “Mama Don’t You Tell Me” by The Howlin’ Brothers from Readymade Records Sampler 2013 (2013)

From the brand spanking new album Howl by The Howlin’ Brothers who officially make this an all-Tennessee shuffle and bring us some good new, old-fashioned music.  We grabbed this from a Noisetrade Sampler by the good folks at Readymade Records. Get your Readymade fix below


The official E2TG Tall Order, Short Change Playlist brought to you by You Tube featuring some of the songs from today’s pre-shuffle and shuffle.  Where the exact song was not available we found a cool video from the same artist.



Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Follow Me Mix

Here we go… Lot’s of good stuff happening.  Time is short as always – let’s get to the shuffle


1.  Song: Gravitate  Artist: Lou Barlow  Album: Goodnight Unknown (2009) – (Cool song from the Alt-Rock/Indie/Lo-Fi pioneer, founding member of Dinosaur Jr, Sebadoh and The Folk Implosion)

2. Song: Basin Street Blues  Artist: Louis Armstrong Album: Basin Street Blues (1928) – (Dixieland Jazz standard written by Spencer Williams.  Satchmo at his finest)
3. Song: Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong  Artist: The Bluefields  Album: Pure (2012) – (More goodness from this Nashville-based supergroup.  The Bluefields will be hitting the road with a new drummer – watch for them in your city)
Here be The Bluefields covering Led Zep
4. Song: Hangman  Artist: Cadillac Sky  Album: Letters in the Deep (2010) – (Another Nashville-based band.  Really dig this song)
5.  Song: Late Afternoon Blues  Artist: Memphis Slim  Album: Memphis Slim, USA (1961) – (Just some good old fashioned blues music.  Even in the early morning, Late Afternoon Blues hit the spot)

A different Memphis Slim song
6. Song: Canadian Krystal Artist: Marcel Tirado Album: The Early Collection (????) – (Atlanta based Singer-songwriter, not sure how I came across this song, but I am glad I did. Not included on Amazon widget)

Marcel in action

7. Song: Wait in the Dark Artist:U2 Album: No Line On the Horizon (2009) – (Most recent album from the Irish rockers, silly but coll song)

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Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Alternate Reality Mix

Shuffle after the jump:

1.  Song: Gonna Be Alright  Artist: L.A. Symphony  Album: The End is Now (2003) – (Not the Los Angeles Symphonic Orchestra, but a hip-hop band. Nashville hip-hop producers rapper extraordinaire, Hayden Coleman, who is my go to guy for anything hip-hop related was telling me about this group who had recently reunited.  Right after that, I went to Goodwill and was digging through the CD bin and came across this album.  Seemed like fate or at least coincidence.  I dig it)

2. Song: Love Letters Artist: Lincoln Durham Album: The Shovel vs. The Howling Bones (2011) – (Austin-based Roots/Americana/Rock/Folk/Bluesy Stuff – whatever you call it, I’m digging this one)

3.  Song: Trainwreck  Artist: The Bluefields  Album: Pure (2012) – (Even if The Bluefields was not made up of members of legendary bands like Georgia Satellites, Jason and the Scorchers and Royal Court of China, this would still be a hell of a record.  Oh and Joe Blanton has one of the best voices in Rock.)

 Warner looks like he’s about kick my ass. Fortunately, I was standing next to his mother at the time.

 4. Song: Sentimental Mood  Artist: Yucca Rose Album: ? ReverbNation Download (2012?) – (Beautiful jazz-based music from the insanely talented Yukke Roswenda Rose aka Yucca Rose from Jakarta, Indonesia).
This is a slide show of some of her art. Did I say she was insanely talented?

5. Song: I Don’t Like You  Artist: The Como Brothers Band Album: The Speed of Sound EP (2012) – (Some nifty Blues-based Pop Rock from this Long Island band. We nabbed this from an Aquarium Weekly sampler)

6. Song:Cigarettes and Wine Artist: Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit Album: Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit (2009) – (I know I keep harping on this, but I freaking love Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit!  This is a great song.  Genres are stupid, but this is a better Country song than 90% of what is played on “Country” radio.  Also, bassist Jimbo Hart almost always retweets when I tweet about the 400 Unit. Also, Jason rocks a Kenny Rogers tour jacket better than anyone I know.)
7.  Song: Disco Ghetto  Artist: Jesse Malin and the St. Marks Social Album: Love it To Life (2010) – (Great Rock artist from New York – former member of D Generation. Disco Ghetto is just a stone cold cool song)

8. Song: After the Storm  Artist: Mumford and Sons Album: Sigh No More (2010) – (I still really like this band. Another awesome song from this smash hit album)

believe it or not I could not find a video for After the Storm – here’s Little Lion Man

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Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Back to Reality Mix

 Well, here we go… another week… I am so exhausted but in a good way.  The Americana Music Festival has finished up, and I was able to hear some incredible music, meet some amazing people and just generally walk around star-struck most of the weekend.  
 I’ve added two posts about my experience – more to come.  

But, here at ole Ear to the Ground, what we do mostly is just tell you what we are listening to everyday and a little bit about the songs and the artists.  So, let’s get right to the shuffle:

First up, we have a song we introduced to you back on August 21st when we talked to The CosmonautsCold Harbor  is the new song by the band,and the first not related to the Daniel Raincourt storyline.   A video is promised soon, and there is a teaser which we have for you below:



We just are not getting tired of The Bluefields’ debut album, PureAin’t Nothin’ Wrong sounds like a great, lost Royal Court of China song.  It just seems like Joe Blanton, Warner E. Hodges and Dan Baird had a blast making this record.

Couldn’t find a video for Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong – so here is Repair My Soul
http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/v=2/track=224890120/size=venti/bgcol=FFFFFF/linkcol=4285BB/Finally we offer up a Combat Rock era b-side by The Clash. First Night Back in London was the b-side to Know Your Rights and appears on the 1993 compilation reissue Super Black Market Clash


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Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Can’t Honestly Say Mix

 Well, here we go… This is going to be a big week for me personally and for Ear to the Ground.  Musically speaking the highlight is the Americana Music Fest which hits Nashville this week.  Expect much Americana news, highlights, pics? and who knows.  This will be my first foray into the Americana Music Fest and there are some epic moments coming up.
I’ve been working on plotting out my showcase plan and Thursday night I seem to have every spot booked from about 6:30 when the Dunwells open Live on the Green until whatever time The All-Star Big Star tribute show wraps up at The Rutledge. In between? Delta Spirit, Angel Snow, Mary Gauthier and Richard Thompson.  That’s all. And that’s just one night.
Kicking things off, will be E2TG favorite Jo Wymer who will be part of a pre-Americanafest in-the-round on Wednesday night.  There are some great AMA Fest showcases on Wednesday, but I won’t be able to attend those.  
More great music Friday and Saturday…
But more on that later, it’s Monday and we have an honest to goodness Music Shuffle to present:

First up is a fun Nashville band called Cheer Up Charlie Daniels. Bunsen Burner Baby Blues is a cool rave up from the band’s debut release, Live in 79′. I’ve had this band in heave rotation lately, and I hope you enjoy.


Next up is the second song we’ve featured from Thurston Moore’s exceptional new band Chelsea Light Moving. This was actually the third song released by the band, who have been releasing one song at a time.  Originally our song today, Empire of Time , was released under the title Frank O’Hara Hit by mistake. That song, was released a week later and the error was explained.  

Here is the link to Empire of Time.

Next up we have another great song from the Nashville area super-group, The Bluefields. Flat Out Gone is a nifty rocker off the Pure album with Joe Blanton delivering his always solid vocals backed by Dan Baird and Warner Hodges doing what they do best.


  Next we have a track from current Featured Artists Grounded (who are from Tallahassee, Florida).  Glimpse Of comes from the band’s demo available on Bandcamp:
  Here is Grounded’s Steven Perez playing with another band Clouds


  And finally, Dan and Warner from the Bluefields are back with the lead track off of the eponymous 2008 album by Dan Baird and Homemade Sin.  Damn Thing To Be DoneDan Baird was the front man for The Georgia Satellites and Warner Hodges was/is the lead guitarist for Jason and the Scorchers.  That may give you a clue as to what to expect from Homemade Sin (hint: this ain’t dubstep).



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Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Landing Craft/Search Party Mix

Here we go… the Olympics are over, the work week has begun again, and here I am ready to ease your transition with a tasty musical shuffle for a Monday morning.
When July had ended, we had over 80 songs left which we had added to our playlist, but which we had not been able to present to you.  So, this morning, we turn the way-back machine to a couple of weeks ago, and shuffle up the remaining songs added in July.  
First up, we have some perfectly obnoxiously cool punk rock sounds of Girl Scouts who are a band from the Philadelphia area.  We stumbled across them as we were digging around the Bandcamp site.  Superbowl Birthday Party is an fun track which you can check out using the Soundcloud widget below:

Next up, we dig deeper into the excellent Pure album from Nashville Rock supergroup, The Bluefields. Done features Dan Baird on vocals.


Here’s an early promo video of the band and the album

Next up, we have the classic song, Who’s Sorry Now recorded and released by Connie Francis in 1957 and is actually a cover of a 1920s song.  


And finally, we have a track from the new project of July Featured Artist, Brian Bergeron.  The band is called Mr. Kind, and their debut release is OK.  Today, we have Take Care from that record.


Hey ho! Jeff Buckley’s classic album Grace is available for download at Amazon for just $2.99 today:



Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Semi-Circle of Life Mix

Greetings and Salutations….

Time is short, so let’s get to the shuffle:

In contrast to yesterday’s shuffle which contained a mix of classic (i.e. very old music) and new stuff, all of the songs in today’s shuffle were released in 2012.  Let’s get to it…

First up, we have a young band from Florida which I came across during some random surfing on Bandcamp. Grounded play noisy rock and I kind of dig their style… so yeah… The song we have today is called Take the Hit… We have the Bandcamp widget for you to listen and Download Grounded’s three song demo and it’s Free! So take a chance with Grounded.

Next up, we have another superb song from the Marvin Country! album by Marvin Etzioni (Lone Justice).  This one is called Bob Dylan is Dead, and it’s a really great song.  Interesting and totally random incident… yesterday, I went to Twitter and saw that Bob Dylan was trending,and I had to immediately make sure he had not died.  He hadn’t.  Rather he is releasing his 35th studio album soon.   Anyway, you really need to go get Marvin Country!

I could not find a video for Bob Dylan is Dead, so here is a interview with Mr. Etzioni from Inside Music Row.

And finally, we dig deeper into the awesome debut by Nashville rock superground, The Bluefields. The album is called Pure, and the song today is called Trainwreck.  The Bluefields started a three week run of free shows at the Hi-Watt in Nashville.  I missed last night and will have to miss next week, but I am going to try to make it the week after.  If you’re around Nashville head on down for what is sure to be a good time.


Georgia Satellites Georgia Satellites

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Jason & The Scorchers Jason & The Scorchers

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