Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – It Wasn’t Long Ago Mix

Had a terrific time at Music City Roots last night: Family and Friends, Matt Phillips, The Bros. Landreth, and Dale Watson.  Big thanks to the Sippy Biddys for letting me be a honorary guest biddy for the night.

On with the shuffle..

“The Day is Real” by Blackfoot Gypsies

Congratulations to Blackfoot Gypsies on their recent signing to Plowboys Records. Well deserved and total world domination is expected soon. My day got real – really quickly.  This is off their self-titled debut.  The video is from a benefit show I attended in December – put on by Lockeland Springsteen – who run a blog or something here in Nashville… whatever… 😉

“Puppet String” by Umphrey’s McGee

Chicago’s improvisation rock geniuses off their album Similar Skin.

“Indian Giver” by 1910 Fruitgum Company

Appropriately named Bubblegum band from New Jersey with a retroactive Ramones cover.  Seriously, the Ramones covered this as a bonus track on their retrospective Ramones Mania album.  It was the title track from a 1969 album by 1910 Fruitgum Company.

“I’m Your Broken Dog” by The Bones of JR Jones

J.R. Linaberry lays down some of the rawest, raddest rootsiest music around.  This song is on Noisetrade’s Best of What’s Next sampler, and in a cursory search, I could not find it anywhere else. So head over…

“We Will Not Be Lovers” by The Waterboys

A seven minute musical celebration from the creative genius who is Mike Scott. From Fisherman’s Blues.

“Clowntime is Over” by Elvis Costello and the Attractions

Get Happy!! Ya’ll!


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Long running New Orleans Jazz band. They will be hitting the Hangout Music Festival this year.  That’s It is the title and lead track from their 2013 album.

“Lost My Job” by Alex Chilton

We close out today’s shuffle with a song from the late, great Alex Chilton.  It was included on the 19 Year compilation put out by Rhino in 1991.


Friday Morning Music Shuffle* – All Lies Mix

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*DISCLAIMER*  This post is being written on Thursday night – I listened to the songs on my way home from work.  Tomorrow promises to be a crazy/difficult day, and I’m not sure when I am going to post this, but I wanted to have it ready,,,,

*FURTHER DISCLAIMER* Also, I discovered that part way through the shuffle, the shuffle function got turned off so a part of this so-called shuffle was actually not a shuffle.  I know. What can you believe in any more.  It’s all lies…

Actually, all lies are in the title.  What follows is the truth – as I see it…

“Always Tomorrow” by Tim Carroll from Opening Up/Always Tomorrow

I count myself as very fortunate to have been able to see Tim Carroll play live twice a week almost every week for the last couple of months.  He is tireless and has amazing well-spring of great songs.  This is one is always one of my favorites to hear. I don’t talk about it much on here, but these have been challenging times for me, and as is often the case, music has been an amazing source of strength and healing.  There is always tomorrow.  Come what may…

“Fuego” by Fuzzer from Reberto

More fuzzy goodness from Argentina.  Thanks to Ear to the Ground, I count among my friends (not irl yet but real nonetheless) amazing musicians, singers, songwriters from all over the world.  

“Turn You Inside-Out” by R.E.M. from Green

I have to say that Green is not my favorite R.E.M. album by a long shot, and I’ll be honest – I hardly remember this song – however, hearing it today some 26 years later out of context and distanced from the idealistic weight of being the major label debut of our favorite indie band (although in my world and mind I.R.S. is pretty major) – I dig this song.  So there.

“Death Letter Blues” by The Bones of J.R. Jones from The Bones of J.R. Jones Folkadelphia Session 6/7/2014

Wow oh wow, I like The Bones of J.R. Jones.  I just saw where they are doing a house concert deal here in Nashville.  Hmm…  This is a brilliant cover of the Son House song.

“JeVeus Plus Te Voir” by Linda Thompson from Evangeline Made: a tribute to Cajun Music

I’ve featured a bunch of music from this compilation.  This was a bargain CD bin find from Record Store Day back in April. As I have mentioned, my family’s roots are deeply planted in south Louisiana.  And so, it has been a pretty cool experience hearing some of my musical idols playing the music of my ancestry. Linda Thompson made some of my favorite, and (I think) some of the best albums of all time with her then husband Richard.  She is amazing in and of herself, too – of course, and in fine voice on this song.

“Grace on the 4th” by Minton Sparks from Middlin’ Sisters

I’m digging having this great spoken word – deep southern storytelling in my shuffle.

“Bitch in Heat” by Marla Mase from Half-Life

Marla Mase is an amazing talent – a wonderful person and a damn powerful performer.  If you haven’t, please check out her Half-Life EP as well as the rest of her amazing work.

“Core” by Rewpart from 1/2

My first and thus far my only musical discovery from  I’ll be honest, I don’t quite know what to do with that site, but sometimes I get and give compliments, and compliments are always a good thing – right.  Anyway, Rewpart is a young man from England/Britain/UK (I really don’t know which is correct, if and when they are interchangeable – if ever – or which is correct for Rewpart but he’s from one of those islands next to Europe), and I really dig his music.

“No Dilemma” by Sam Davison from Always Around

Earlier in the week, I saw a post that this album had just turned one year old.  A love some much about this – great songs – the bass as lead instrument and Sam Davison’s voice.  Check this out.  

“Colorado” by The Jean Jackets from Field Theory Blues

This may be the last track from the Field Theory Blues album which means it is well past time to grab some more recent music from this awesome indie pop band.

“Shine Them Shoes” by The Tye Trybe from Word is Born (EP)

The Tye Trybe represent the funky side of Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen.  And when you are the funky side of something that has funky in its name, you know you are really funky…. by the way – speaking of Mama Coco’s.  This song is the third in a row from bands that are part of the Mama Coco’s collective.  As a complete outsider, it has been amazing to see what this loose affiliation of talented folks have been able to accomplish.  In the past couple of months, they raised money and came together to renovate a new space following a flood at their old one.  I have to say that Nashville’s indie community could learn some valuable lessons from these folks.

“kom alle getroues” by velodrones from kerfees tape $

So, I’m slow on the uptake.  kerfees (according to Google Translate) means Xmas in Afrikaans.  We recently posted Silent Night.  This is Oh Come All Ye Faithful  – or as Google Translate puts it – Come Together (but is the Christmas song not the Beatles song – so take that Google Translate).  Anyway, another of my international music friends Thean is velodrones and is also a part of Bosveld who recently completed a Bike Tour in Canada and are now crossing that country with Old Cabin.  Plus he is friends with Value Customer which makes him okay in my book.    I guess given that I heard Silver Bells at Fran’s and have now posted O Come All Ye Faithful, you can say that the long Christmas season is upon us. Feliz Noel – or whatever…


Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Bad Voodoo Mix

!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=”//”;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,”script”,”twitter-wjs”); Casual readers may not know this, but although I was born in Tennessee, my parents were both born in Louisiana, and I still have some deep roots in that state.  There is quite a bit of Louisiana in today’s shuffle by some twist of fortune/juju…

My phone did feel heavier this morning – probably due to the nearly 100 songs I added to the current playlist.  How much does an MP3 file weigh anyway?

Ah- let’s jump into it…

“Blues de Bosco” by Rodney Crowell from Evangeline Made: a tribute to Cajun Music

On Record Store Day, while the cool kids were enduring the long lines for the rare vinyl releases, I was perusing the $1.00 CD bins looking for cool finds.  I came across this star-studded Cajun Music tribute from early in this century.  Americana standard bearer Rodney Crowell is from southern Mississippi which is about as close to Cajun country as you can get without being in South Louisiana.  The video is a version of this song from a New York City Cajun band named for a small town near where some of my family lives.

“Loud Loud Loud Loud Guitars” by Young Fresh Fellows from Songs for Slim – A Benefit Compilation for Slim Dunlap

Stick some cotton in your ears if you must… hell, I’ll likely be deaf before too long…

This reminds me of three things:  1.  Seeing Slim with the ‘Mats in the sweaty National Guard Armory in Nashville in the late 80s. 2.  Seeing Warren Zevon with the Odds at the Ace of Clubs in Nashville in the early 90s (it was one of the loudest shows I’ve ever experienced) and 3. that line from They Might Be Giants “She doesn’t have to have her Young Fresh Fellows tape back…” 

“Fury of the Light” by The Bones of J.R. Jones from Dark was the Yearling

The Bones of J.R. Jones is from Brooklyn and makes some incredible dark, rootsy, blues/folk music. I grabbed this from the July Feel Bad for You mixtape, and I have to hear more!

“Miller, Don’t You Even Care?” by The Grimm Generation from The Big Fame

The first of three tracks in today’s shuffle from perennial E2TG favorites The Grimm Generation.  What you need to know about The Grimm Generation:  They are from Connecticut, they make music deeply rooted in themes and influences of which I am all too familiar, and they are awesome.  Get The Big Fame  – as soon as you possibly can!

“The Big Fame” by The Grimm Generation from The Big Fame

The title track from the landmark album!

“French Quarter” by Delta Spirit from Lost and Found

Our second Louisiana-inspired song… Delta Spirit are from San Diego and currently reside in Brookyln, but as their name implies, the spirit of the Mississippi Delta runs all through their music.  This is from a free sampler released on Noisetrade ahead of the band’s fourth album which is due in just a couple of weeks.  It takes us to a post-Katrina New Orleans…

“Real Bad Voodoo” by The Grimm Generation from The Big Fame

We stay down in the Crescent city and wander into a strange shop with no distinguishable signage, filled with tables and shelves of trinkets and bottles… there is some real bad voodoo…

“Youth Culture Killed My Dog” by They Might Be Giants from First Album Live

In honor of yesterday being National Dog Day, we offer this first album gem from TMBG.  Damn you hipsters – stay out of my yard!
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“Kentucky” by Year of October from WDVX Blue Plate Special 4/12/2014

And we close things out with one of Year of Octobers prettiest and most heartfelt songs – about their home state.  This is the first track on Golden Days – their new album which you can pre-order now!