Friday Morning Music Shuffle – Be Careful Mix

It was a frosty morning, and we’ve reached that time of year when every sunrise and every sunset seem to be competing to be the most amazing and awe-inspiring.  This morning I was accompanied by a few great instrumental tracks and a couple of songs with words which flowed over me and took me out of myself.  It’s Morning and time to Shuffle…

Today we have songs by: 1. A jazz legend 2. A Concord California dark, bluesy rock band 3.  The great-nephew of another jazz legend who was the wife of still another jazz legend 4.  A Nashville based super-duo and 5.  A Brooklyn-based troubadour who navigates the emotional landscape across a promised land laced with pitfalls and landminds

Let’s proceed. Shall we?

Charlie Parker is an iconic figure of the jazz age.  He died in 1955 at the young age of 34, but his music and his legacy live on.  Today, we have Hot Blues a faster and (yes) hotter take on his well known Cool Blues. The song is featured in the opening sequence of the 1971 Louis Malle film Murmur of the Heart – right before Laurent shoplifts a Charlie Parker record.  Which lead me to the observation/generalization, “The French love Jazz, but they don’t like to pay for it.” (see the film Diva for further support of this axiom).

Here’s a version of Cool Blues – couldn’t find Hot Blues


 Featured Artist The Chaw – the Concord, California dark, blues rock band are up next with the instrumental Campaigning Man from their self-titled debut.

Here is the Kickstarter video for the album

I’m running out of time, so I will be quick with the rest of the shuffle – no reflection on the awesome music…
Flying Lotus is the stage name of Stephen Ellison who is the great-nephew of jazz pianist Alice Coltrane who was the wife of John Coltrane.  Flying Lotus makes cool, electronic-based music.  Today we have Putty Boy Strut from his latest release Until the Quiet Comes.


Featured Artists Sugar and the Hi Lows (by the way, I use “and” instead of the ampersand because for some reason – at least on my browser, blogger does funky things with the ampersand) as I was saying Sugar and the Hi Lows (awesome singer-songwriters Amy Stroup and Trent Dabbs) are one of our Featured Artists.  Today we have See it For Yourself from their self-titled album.  They also have a new Christmas album out.


The shuffle ends with another amazing song from the Brooklyn troubadour, Christopher Paul Stelling (also a Featured Artist).  Strange Darkness is from his album Songs of Praise and Scorn.


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