Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Foggy Notion Mix

For me, the thing about Lou Reed’s music that is most significant is not that it made me fall in love with Lou Reed’s music, it is that it opened up my mind to the possibilities of what music could be.  It started this life-long quest for what is next and what else is there.  Certainly, I did fall in love with Lou Reed’s music both in and out of the Velvet Underground, but I didn’t stay there.  I don’t know how many posts I say in the hours after the news of his death broke about Lou Reed being the doorkeeper or gatekeeper. It was also so gratifying to see a very diverse list of people who acknowledged the influence that Lou Reed had on their music.

See, I don’t write Ear to the Ground to make money – I would have quit long ago if that were the case, and I don’t write to make friends with so many cool artists – although that it is a pretty nifty side-effect. I write Ear to the Ground (and I keep writing on those days when I am not sure anyone is reading) because music moves me.  Lou Reed’s music moves me and the band who you’ve never heard about – there music moves me.  And the music that is being made somewhere in the world that I haven’t heard yet – that moves me. See, I’m passionate about music. I write Ear to the Ground because even if I stopped writing this blog, I would still be thinking about music and wondering what was next and what else was out there waiting for me to hear.

Let’s Shuffle

“Lillian, Egypt” (LIVE) by Josh Ritter  (from Live at the Iveagh Gardens. I dig Josh Ritter.  He writes cool songs and he has a great voice. That’s pretty much enough for me sometimes.)

“Desperado” by Linda Ronstadt (a cover of a then still recent Eagles song from her fourth studio album, Don’t Cry Now. I’m honestly not a huge Eagle’s fan – but to tell the truth, Linda Ronstadt could have been singing the phonebook, and I would be listening. Beside, while listening to this song I found my self staring into the horizon like Karl Farbman on Seinfeld.)

“May the Road Rise to Meet Your Face” by James Crawford (from his self-titled debut.  I think this is a traditional Irish Toast. I have to say it is really cool when some you have known for a long time makes a truly great record.)

“Temporary Though Exchange (AKT Vocal Version)” by Its Teeth with Travis Orbin and Gabriel from The Gabriel Construct (from Divided – which you can get  here   – CD Sold out digital still available – One of the reasons I stay open, not only to genres and styles of music but to the various ways that music reaches my ear holes, is that I never know…  Earlier this year I was introduced to The Gabriel Construct by a music promoter – one of the best in my opinion and thus discovered one of the best, most challenging albums of the year.  Gabriel recommended this album which includes his collaborator Travis Orbin and on which Gabriel contributed vocals to this track. I never know… if I had dismissed the submission for The Gabriel Construct because it had come from a promoter – not only would I have missed out on that album, but more than likely I never would have heard this amazing record either.)

“Dixie Fried” by The Howlin’ Brothers (from The Sun Studio Sessions.  Nashville’s own, The Howlin’ Brothers start off their album recorded at the famous Sun Studios in Memphis with a cover of a song by one of the legends who came out of that storied, tiny building on Union Avenue – the late great Carl Perkins.)

“New Boy” by The Connells (from New Boy. The title track from the Mid 90s EP by this great and perhaps underrated band from North Carolina.)



Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Opening Day Mix

Well, it’s back to school time, which means my morning commute reverts back, and the Morning Mix of Music goes back to a more manageable length – or something…

Let’s get to it – after the jump…


Today 3/5 of our Pre-Shuffle comes from the Texas Alt-Country legends, Centro-Matic:

“The Massacre Went Well”   from their 1999 sophomore effort, Navigational
“Ninety Secretaries Down” from the 2000 South San Gabriel Songs/Music – original credited to Centro-matic – it is considered the first album by South San Gabriel (an off-shoot – sort of – of Centro-matic)
“D.Boon-Free (A Ninth Grade Crime) from Centro-Matic’s third album (also 1999) called The Static Vs. The Strings Vol. 1

Other, non-Centro-Matic, songs in the Pre-Shuffle were:

 “Jazzy Mcgee” by The Blind Owl Band from their latest album. (2013)


“Triggers” by Beijing from their album Night. (2013)


“Insane in the Brain” (Cypress Hill cover) by The Connells from When Pigs Fly (2002)

We earlier featured Devo’s rendition of the CSNandY song, “Ohio”.  From the same compilation (thought of and produced by Cevin Soling of The Neanderthal Spongecake) comes this version of the 1993 hip-hop crossover hit. The Connells – the North Carolina Alt-Rock, Power Pop legends fit the bill as being unlikely artists to record this song. It’s a ton of fun, though.

“Dancing Song” by Little Comets from In Search of Elusive Little Comets (2011)


A fun song from the Debut album by this Indie band from Tyne and Ware county in  England. 

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“The Sarge” by Casey Black from It Shapes Me As It Goes (2011)

I’ll just flat-out say it. This is what a great modern folk song sounds like and is. At once witty and poignant, with a great hook and a great story.  — There was a recently completed research study that showed the significant economic impact the music industry has on Nashville. The great music writer Peter Cooper wrote a response in which he expounded on the significant cultural impact music has on “Music City USA”.  Fact is, for better or worse, Nashville has an embarrassing abundance of musical talent packed into our medium-sized city. It takes something indefinable to stand out – Casey Black stands out.

 “More to Rust” by Sci-Fi Romance from The Ghost of John Henry (2012)

It is so good to have our friend Vance and his band Sci-Fi Romance back into the Shuffle, and to be reminded of just how damn good they are. The Ghost of John Henry  – a album-length take on the John Henry legend – is an amazing album – which we were proud to offer up in a pre-release stream back in May of last year. “More to Rust” is a stand-out on a album full of stand-out tracks.


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Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Simple Mix

Good morning.  I am still out sick, but I have a burst of energy so I thought I would post a morning shuffle.  I’m actually listening to the shuffle now, so I suppose I will do a live blog of this shuffle… or whatever…

Song #1 – Is called Stairway to the Best Party in the Universe which is on the new album by The Brian Jonestown Massacre.   The album Aufheben and we have linkage below.

Song #2 – Youth is Wasted on the Young is the dreamy pop sound of the Vancouver based Young Galaxy from their brand new album, Shoreless Kid, which was released this past Tuesday.  

Song #3 – Is another track from the classic album, Boylan Heights, by The Connells.  The song today is called Try.
Song #4 – We have If I Went Away, a kind of mellowish and dreamy bit of music from Nashville’s own (and former Band of the Week), Calicocat from their newest release – Soup Du Jour.



Thursday Morning Music Shuffle – Questions? Mix

First off this morning, I can going to attempt to answer some of our most frequently asked questions.*  Some of these have been covered before, but we’ve recently added a bunch of new readers so…**

Q:  What’s with the Shuffle?
A:  I  have a ten to fifteen minute walk to my office every weekday.  I listen to music during my walk up the hill in the morning and I use the shuffle feature on my music player to determine the songs for the day. I do create various playlists and yes, I do sometimes shuffle a couple of times to get “better” mix, but I try to keep it as random as possible.

Q:  How can I get my band’s music on your blog?
A:  Bribes help… just kidding.  Contact me (Put Ear to the Ground in the subject line) and include a link where I can at least hear some of your music.  If you have music I can download, I will try to get you in the mix.  If I really like what I hear, I will feature your band as Band of the Week or some equivalent feature. Be patient but feel free to follow up after a few weeks.  

Q: What kind of music do you like to receive?  
A: Anything good.  If you stick around long enough, you will notice that I feature a pretty diverse range of music.  Personally, I think the concept of genres is pretty dumb, although I understand (sort of) why band’s have to use them. For me though, I try to judge the music on the music not which pigeon-hole it does or doesn’t fit into. But, that is just me.

 * Okay – these are the questions I think people may have.  In actuality our most frequent asked question seems to be “Did you hear what she is saying about you?” followed by a indecipherable link. 

** Readership tends to vary over time and depending on what is going on. Still, to be the best of my ability to understand blog stats, I think Readership is increasing.  Mainly, though, I just included that statement to make you think very highly of me…. 😉

On to today’s shuffle:

Make Believe  is by The Holograms  featuring Galen Wade (who we have featured before and who is also a great supporter of Ear to the Ground along with Wade Walker.  Wade x Wade get it?  It’s some great guitar-driven electronic music.  Below we have the song on Soundcloud.
  https://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F45100794 Make Believe by The Holograms

Okay so I couldn’t find a video for The Holograms (they are too new) so I’ve posted Jem and The Holograms for your… um enjoyment. No connection between Galen and Wade’s band and Jem’s band is implied. 🙂

Next, we have an awesome cover of Sweet’s classic Fox on the Run.  This cover is by 80s California punk band, Nip Drivers and was featured on the soundtrack to the 1984 low-budger film Desperate Teenage Lovedolls.

Nip Drivers Cover here:
Check out Sweet’s original here:
Finally, we have Scotty’s Lament, the opening track from the 1987 Mitch Easter produced album Boylan Heights by The Connells. 
Affiliated Links:
Desperate Teenage Lovedolls - Desperate Teenage Lovedolls –
A comically punky version of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls , Desperate Teenage Lovedolls tells the story of three disaffected young girls who leave home to become rock stars. Lead singer Kitty Carryall (Jennifer Schwartz), whose mother is played by a shrill, hysterical man in a dress, runs away to Venice, CA, where she and a friend shoot heroin and meet a drummer named Patch. Kitty joins Patch in beating a Dylanesque tramp to death with his own guitar and battles a tough girl-gang called the She-Devils on a beach, stabbing one of them to escape. Despite raping one of the girls at his Brentwood condo, sleazy agent Johnny Tremaine engineers the Love Dolls’ rise to the top, off a hot album called Electric Catbox. Soon, the band is at the top and decides to drop Johnny, so they drug his wine, setting the scene for a hilarious “bad trip” segment involving stuffed cats and a suicidal plunge from a building. The tragedy continues in grand rock-movie style as the band’s guitarist is murdered by the She-Devils and Kitty shoots one of them to death in retaliation. We next see Kitty a year later, wandering the train tracks as a derelict. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi