Weapons of Minor Disruption – "The Shoreline Sessions" (An E2TG Review)

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The Shoreline Sessions is a new EP and mini movie from a new project called, Weapons of Minor Disruption that features the genius mind of Robert Loncto of The Danbury Lie.  The project, which releases on January 8, comes on the heels of the full-length DVD Whispers to Oblivion. That project set video of Loncto’s cross-country trip to the music of The Danbury Lie.  For The Shoreline Sessions, the films are more experimental and the music is all original.

The video opens with the simple image of an acoustic guitar player (Loncto) sitting at the base of a large tree trunk in a forest.  The music and video that follows is challenging and at times disorienting but ultimately rewarding.  The videos move from natural to manmade images with multiple visual effects employed effectively. The result is often trippy, but which taken as a whole with the music, makes a twisted kind of sense.

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The music itself echoes the musical themes of The Danbury Lie’s best work. Fusing folk and metal in ways that are both unexpected and (once experienced) seemingly inevitable.  The music is lovely in it’s own way, with repeated (sometimes menacing) phrases, odd tunings, and a vague but consistent theme running through the entire EP.  The EP was engineered and mixed by Cassidy Peterson. Robert Loncto had a particularly productive 2015 with several The Danbury Lie releases in addition to the DVD, and it appears that his cross country drive and experiences on the West Coast have sparked  a new level of creativity.  

Each song on the EP, is presented as it’s own mini-movie on the video. These individual videos, while in no way literal interpretations of the lyrics (if that were even possible), provide the perfect accompaniment. The video was shot in Redwood Forest, along the Oregon Coast, San Francisco, and other places along a drive from Seattle to San Francisco and back. The Shoreline Sessions video shorts are to be experienced not just watched, and they beg repeated viewing in order to gain the full effect of the experience.  

Watch the “Shoreline Sessions”

Stream/Buy/Download the EP!


Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Dark Empty Places Mix

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Back after a day off… Feeling a bit overwhelmed by a lot of things… let’s listen to music!

“Blinkin’ Thinkin'” by Bud Sugar

Bud Sugar are from Hull. Which as a “dumb American” I know only from the Housemartin’s album London 0, Hull 4 (hey at least I’m a dumb American with good taste in British music).   Anyway,  Bud Sugar seem like a really interest band, and I really dig this song – which is their latest single. The music has elements of ska with some rapped and some sang lyrics.  It sounds the band is not afraid to use some guerilla style marketing to get their music to the masses.  Fortunately, from what I have heard so far, the music is worthy of being heard.  Check them out!

“Love Sick” by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s 1997 album Time out of Mind was his 30th studio release and is widely considered a comeback of sorts.  But seriously, people could and probably have written books upon books which differing viewpoints on Dylan’s career arcs. I know people who could discuss this for hours without breaking a sweat.  This is just a blog post about an 18 year old song that was later used by Victoria Secret commercial and was the song being performed at the 1998 Grammy Awards when the infamous Soy Bomb incident occurred.  By the way, it’s a great song.

“Like a Vague Memory” by Marshall Crenshaw

I have already written about the personal importance of Crenshaw’s Downtown album, and in fact, I just mentioned it again in a Facebook comment thread.  Beyond the greatness of the music and the album, this album and all of the songs on it – have an ability to incite very real, almost tactile memories in me.

“Endlessly” by Guster

This is the second song on Boston band Guster’s most recent album Evermotion.  It came to my playlist via a Noisetrade compilation.  

“Gold” by Carolina Story

I fell for Carolina Story’s music when I first heard it.  They are East Nashville residents by way of Memphis by way of Arkansas and North Dakota. They are a married couple, but their music evokes blue collar men and women, and their original sound gains inspiration from Hank Williams Sr. and Heartbreaker-era Ryan Adams. Noisetrade released their first two EPs as one download. This song is on the EP called Chapter one.

“Louisiana Hannah” by Webb Wilder

A week ago tonight, I saw Webb and his band The Beatnecks at Music City Roots. Most of their set was dedicated to songs from Webb’s latest album, Mississippi Moderne. The new songs were awesome and all indications are the album may well be Webb’s best in many years. I have not added the new album to my playlist, so we are digging deep into his album Hybrid Vigor which was released back in 1989.

“The Wanting” by The Danbury Lie

The Danbury Lie are in the top tier of E2TG all-time favorites. Part of the ever expanding Connecticut faction of Ear to the Ground favorites (currently roaming the country and possibly in the Pacific Northwest at the moment).  The Wanting comes from Choose Your Delusion which was released back in March.  The urgent Metal-inspired music matches the intense yearning of the lyrics.

“Easy Company” by Ohioan

Ohioan are from the Sonoran Desert.  They are working on a new album called Empty Every MT.  This song is the b-side to the first single from that album.  My first exposure to this band, and I am liking what I’m hearing. Intensely Rustic and Real and True music (my descriptions).  Check them out!


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Featured Friday Morning Music Shuffle- Tray Tables Up Mix

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Well, it is FRIDAY!  Not only that, but I have a three day weekend ahead of me.  Some prelims before we get to the Featured Friday Shuffle…

Last night was another absolutely astonishing night of music at The 5 Spot in East Nashville.  First, it was week one of David Olney’s September Residency. As always, the songs were fantastic and the band was tight.  Besides his usual band (Justin Amaral drums, Daniel Seymour bass, and Sergio Webb guitar), Olney was joined by Ward Stout (who played other stringed type instruments).  The highlight for me was when Olney played is signature song, “Deeper Well” and wrapped the song around a mind-blowing mashup of Bo Diddley and “Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

The late show at the Spot began with Reno Bo who was joined on guitar by Sadler Vaden (Jason Isbell’s guitar player).  Then, Jesse Lafser played a spirited set that impressed me greatly.  The night ended with a magical jam that features Cordovas and featured Joe Firstman (who was at one time the band leader on Last Call with Carson Daly), Audley Freed (Black Crowes, Sheryl Crow), Steve Gorman (Black Crowes), and the always amazing Brian Wright.  Late in the set, Firstman turned over his bass to guest Pat Sansone (Wilco). The band performed an absolutely killer version of Neil Young’s “Cortez the Killer”, and then Firstman called up another guest, Jewel who joined the band for John Prine’s “Angel from Montgomery”.  An awe-inspiring end to a great night of music.

Other news, Nashville singer-songwriter Kevin Gordon released his new album, Long Gone Time today.  You should buy this album, but if you need convincing, you can check out my review which is up on No Depression.

Finally, an update on WXNA, the new low-power community radio station being created here in Nashville.  There are just 4 days left to donate and be a part of making this thing a reality.  Details below:


Well, I’ve run on a bit haven’t I… we still have a shuffle to present….

“Savior of Love” by Brian Carpenter and the Confessions

We have our second listen from the forthcoming, Far End of the World album.  I am really digging the sound of this Boston band.  Check them out!

“Throwing Strikes” by Angela Easterling

One more from the incredible, Common Law Wife, album. This one is about baseball, a crushed dreams, small towns, and hard times.

“Shed My Skin” by Stone Cupid

Our first of two tracks from the forthcoming album The Cardinal by Stone Cupid – the Nashville band fronted by Julie Christensen (Divine Horsemen, Leonard Cohen etc.). The band features the dual guitar attack of Sergio Webb and Chris Tench, bassist Bones Hillman (Midnight Oil) and drummer Steve Latanation (Agent Orange).  If you failed to heed my advice to get in on the pre-order, then you will have to wait until early 2016 to hear this record. We have a live performance from Stone Cupid, and a fun video from Julie and her husband in our Video playlist.

“Market Place” by Eight O’Five Jive

Congratulations are in order to Nashville’s Eight O’Five Jive. The took home two Nashville Industry Music Awards for Best Live Blues Performers and Best Blues Artists.  Well deserved!  Too Many Men is a fun album filled with many great songs like the one we featured today.

“Paper Napkins” by Benchmarks

Another one from American Night. This song was first released as a solo single by Todd Farrell back in December. It is such a good song, and rightfully, it ended up on Benchmarks new record.

“Hit Me, Hit Me, Hit Me” by The Satisfactors

More straight ahead rock and roll from the self-titled debut by the New Jersey supergroup. A fun song!

“Broken Wing” by Stone Cupid

Another from The Cardinal.  If you catch her live, you may just be able to get your copy of the album.  Otherwise, mark your calendar for January 22, 2016.

“The One” by The Danbury Lie

Our final song from Scattered Moments of Connection.   More evidence to explain my continued infatuation with this music.


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Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – More Sand in the Glass Mix

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A new month is upon us!  September should be a pretty crazy month around these parts.  Buckle up!  We start the month with some old favorites and several bands/artists making their first ever #E2TG appearances.  I am pressed for time so I will keep my witty repartee to the bare minimum.

“Strays” by Indigenous Engines

My talented friend Andrew Adkins has a song in the trailer for the new documentary about Tower Records.  The film looks pretty cool – Tower was a mecca for me back in the 90s here in Nashville. This is from the EP Witches by Adkin’s side project called Indigenous Engines.

“The Weather Song” by Ought

Ought are based in Montreal. I don’t know that much about them, but I like this song a lot, and I want to hear more.  This song was on their album called More Than Any Other Day which was released in 2014.

“Light Enough to Travel” by The Be Good Tanyas

We have had band member Frazey Ford in our shuffle before, but if my Label tagging is to be believed this is the first appearance by this Alt-Folk band from Vancouver. Unintentional oversight.  This will not be the last.  I love this band.

“Django and Jimmie” by Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard

Proving that even heroes have heroes and that unbroken line that meets itself many times over (or something like that). The title track from the fantastic new album by Willie and Merle.

“Pumpernickel” by The Danbury Lie

Going way back to January 2015 – from the album Scattered Moments of Connection.  Fun Fact: The Danbury Lie are currently the third most tagged artist in Ear to the Ground history (behind The End Men and Darrin Bradbury).  It is not a coincidence. They (he) is one of my favorites.

“Josh Gibson” by Ted Drozdowski’s Scissormen

In addition to the Love and Life album  (which you simply must own), Ted and company just released download on Noisetrade that includes a few songs from the album plus a couple of non-album tracks including this one about the great Negro League slugger that appeared on a limited edition vinyl release that also includes The Baseball Project and Todd Snider among others. 

“Billions of Eyes” by Lady Lamb

Another first timer in the #E2TG shuffle.  Lady Lamb is Aly Spaltro from Maine.  This song is from the album After –  released late in 2014.  Another artist I need to check out more.

“My Own Saving Grace” by Andrew Bryant

Andrew Bryant is from Mississippi. Yet another first timer in the shuffle.  This one came to me from the May edition of Feel Bad for You, and finally made it’s way through the grueling randomization process to make it to the shuffle.  From the album, This is the Life which was released earlier in 2015.

“Santiago’s Shottis” by David Schnaufer     window.amznpubstudioTag = “eartothegro00-20”;

We close out the day’s shuffle with some music to make you dance.  Late dulcimer master, David Schnaufer… Did not find a video of this song, so I posted a video of the song Fisher’s Hornpipe by The Cactus Brothers (featuring Mr. Schnaufer).



Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Long Black Train Mix

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Okay – two quick announcements…. 1.  I am going to put the Events Page on hiatus until I am able to make some changes.  It was an experiment, and to be honest the effort/effectiveness ratio of the current format wasn’t really working for me.  I am going to look into some alternative formats etc., and look to re-launch hopefully sooner than later.

Last nights, Traveler show was amazing. Traveler is Cory Chisel, Robert Ellis, and Jonny Fritz.  They brought out Dave Rawlings for one song. The whole show was fabulous.  The always awesome Aaron Lee Tasjan opened.

“Someone to Let You Down” by Drew Kohl

We open up the weeks shuffle with another one from Drew Kohl’s awesome EP Sweetheart.

“Almost Over Now” by Carolina Story

I’ve been a fan of Carolina Story for some time.  This song comes from their 2014 album Chapter Two.

“In Your Shoes” by Sarah McLachlan

In case you forgot, besides breaking our hearts with her public service announcements, Sarah McLachlan is still a talented singer-songwriter. This song is from her 2014 album Shine On.

“Industry Standard” by Burning Bridges

So glad, I finally got to meet Rob from The Danbury Lie in person. This is a track from his old band Burning Bridges – think The Danbury Lie with the metal turned up to eleven.  (By the way, the video I inserted for this song, is one of Rob’s Road Videos from his current trip that was shot here in Nashville.  Trivia: Some of it was shot from the passenger seat of my van including bits from my accidently, random tour of random and somewhat interesting Nashville sites. 

“Knocking on Heaven’s Door” (live) by The Alarm

The Alarm were one of my favorite bands way back in the day.  Like U2, they had a larger than life quality, and there was a time that they lived up to that quality.  The video of this song is from a huge concert they put on in 1985 at UCLA.  Of course, the song is by Dylan, but in many ways, it seemed to have been written for The Alarm.  Trivia: When I saw Bob Dylan in 1988, The Alarm opened for him.

“Roots and Wings” by Miranda Lambert

You may not believe it, but I added this song to my playlist before the recent events in Ms. Lambert’s personal life. I don’t go for the gossip. Suffice it to say, Miranda Lambert is a pretty awesome singer/songwriter.

“Wait a Minute” by Jesse and Noah

Another great song from Jesse and Noah.  This is from their Brethren: Acoustic Covers EP.  Wait a Minute is a cover of a tune by The Seldom Scene from their 1974 album Old Train.  The song serves as an excellent showcase for Jesse and Noah’s incredible vocal harmonies.

“Diamond Jelly” by The Danbury Lie

Speaking of The Danbury Lie – we close out the shuffle with this track from Choose Your Delusion – the second of three (releases in 2015).


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Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – A Czech at the Blue Line Mix

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I saw a remarkable show at City Winery – Nashville last night.  It was a CD Release show for Darrell Scott’s new album which features the songs of the late Ben Bullington.  You can read my review on No Depression here.

On to the shuffle….

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“In Between Drinks” by Tim Carroll

My visual interpretation of the awesome song that I get to hear at least once just about every week.


“An Arrow in the Gale” by Magnolia Electric Co.

From the 2009 album Josephine.  Jason Molina is very much missed in this world.

“Hit Somebody (The Hockey Song)” by Warren Zevon

A song about the importance of knowing your role and waiting for the right opportunity to rise above it. Or something like that… It’s Warren Zevon singing about hockey! What else do you want?

“Sleeping Bag” by Patrick Sweany

Patrick Sweany filled in for Tim Carroll a few weeks back for the Rock and Roll Happy Hour, and he did a mighty fine job.  This is an awesome song from his 2011 album, That Old Southern Drag.  Sweany is from Ohio but now resides in East Nashville.  He was worked with Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys among many others.

“Saint Valentine” by Gregory Alan Isakov

The South African born, American singer-songwriter with a song from his 2013 album The Weatherman.  This came off of a Noisetrade Bonnaroo sampler.

“Glacial Flood” by the transcendents

There is a reason I still check out as much of the music that comes through my e-mail as I can…  This band from New Zealand has rapidly become one of my favorites simply because their songs and music is so amazing.  They seem like descent people, too, and it will be good to know some people if I ever wake up and find myself in New Zealand…

“Love/H8” by The Danbury Lie

Interestingly, I have been reading a book written by someone named Dan Burylie.  I have no idea if the book is connected to this #E2TG favorite, but the cover of the book and the cover of the album (Choose Your Delusion) are identical.  So if the two works are not related there may be a lawsuit in the future…  come to think of it, the title is similar, too… hmm… 

Choose Your Delusion: Stream-of-Consciousness Ramblings from the Mind of Dan Burylie
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“Argosvinis Moni” by Imam Baildi

Also from that Noisetrade Bonnaroo sampler.  This is a band from Athens… such a great history of music from  Athens –  B52s, R.E.M…. oh wait, this band is from Athens, Greece.  Never mind.  Anyway, it some cool exotic sounding music to expand your musical vocabulary.

“Roberta Sparrow” by Grumsling

From the EP, A Church, On a Boat, In the Sea.  This highly creative Oakland, California band has captured my attention in short order.  I highly recommend the Philosophy of Time Travel if you want to know where the title of this song came from…

“Tying Ten Knots in the Devils Tail” by Townes Van Zandt

I kind of sort of think that maybe I featured this song before, but it may have been on one of my Facebook posting sprees… which you would know about if you “Liked” by Facebook page (link at the top of this entry).. hint, hint…  either way, it is Townes Van Zandt so even if this is a repost, you know what?  I don’t care… the song was written by Gail Gardner.

“Belly of the Beast” by Holy Sheboygan!

I had the wonderful opportunity to see Wisconsin based Holy Sheboygan! last month when they brought their little bus and inventive, upbeat music to Nashville.    They brought everything but the kitchen sink to the stage of Foobar… and it was kind of dark, so I’m not completely sure that there wasn’t a kitchen sink.. Cameron Carrus who plays bass for Darrin Bradbury and Tim Carroll among others is a long time member of this band. 


Tuesday Morning Music Shuffle – Obligated to Follow Mix

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Well… It’s just Tuesday, and this is shaping up to be an incredible week for great music in intimate settings…  more on that later… we have a shuffle to put on…

“The Last Hotel/Some of the Dharma” by Jack Kerouac w/Al Cohn and Zoot Sims

One of my prized possessions is the Jack Kerouac box set of CDs which was a gift from my late brother-in-law who knew me and my tastes very well.  This is the penultimate track from one of the CDs, I’ve been spinning of late. For the Beat Poet within us all…

“Buy Eggs” by Circus Propaganda

There must be something in the water up there in Bethany, CT… must be… from the hometown of The Foresters (and featuring Evan and Hayden from that band) comes this band of young people who manage to make shopping for dairy products sound interesting….  (or this could be some hip teen talk for something besides shopping for dairy products… what do I know?)  Anyway, it’s a cool song… more to come from this band and the wildly talented young people of Bethany, CT.

“It’s Been Too Long” by Beat Rodeo

Another track from the great album, Home in the Heart of the Beat. I think I have one more song from that album, too (maybe more).

“Baby I’m Broken” by The Record Company

We have another track from the L.A. Rock and Blues band The Record Company.  From what I gathered from the You Tube video, this song was used in an episode of CSI.  Found out yesterday that CSI is ending its 15 year run this season. The shuffle must have heard that, too.

“Like Unto a Mockingbird” by John Hartford

Within the last several months, I have found myself from to the music of the late, great John Hartford, and I feel called to dig deeper still. From Tim Easton, I learned that John Hartford is buried along Gallatin Pike in East Nashville, Tennessee.  More recently, Hartford’s song “In Tall Buildings” has come up a number of times in unrelated settings.   

“The Thanks I Get” by Wilco

From a Rarities collection called, Alpha Mike Foxtrot…  The song was issued as a free download to owners of Sky Blue Sky, and was used in a Volkswagen commercial.

“Time After Time (annElise)” by R.E.M.

This is the second the last song we have from Reckoning.  A lovely track from the iconic second album of the band from Athens, GA.

“Timeline” (Cave Version) by Chappo

An alternative version (taken from a Noisetrade sampler) of a song from the bands December 2014 EP Celebrate.  Has circumstances have it, today is the release date for the band’s brand new full length album, Future Former Self.

“The Scene” by The Danbury Lie

Yesterday, we heard a couple of tracks from The Danbury Lie precursor, Burning Bridges. Today, we move up to the present with a track from the latest The Danbury Lie album, Choose your Delusion.   Maybe there is something in the water in the whole state of Connecticut, and maybe it’s been there for several years….


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