Monday Morning Music Shuffle – Sno-Cone Mix

It’s all but officially summer.  Temps are supposed to climb into the mid to upper 90s here this week, and I’m sure the humidity will ratchet up and few notches.  Here in the South, we know it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity….

Reminders:  The Band of the Month polling has begun – exercise your right to check out righteous music and pick your favorite’s here. (Voting continues until the end of the month, and this time you can come back and vote as often as you like).

Over the weekend, we offered the World Premier of the brand new promo video for our April Band of the Month – The Disappointment.  The post which is here, also offered detailed to purchase and download the band’s latest release and provided details for checking out the band live in Brooklyn.  Again – it is here.

Finally – Ear to the Ground’s favorite cartoonist (and an early and often influence on our tastes in music – as well as our partner-in-crime at a number of live shows in the late 80s and early 90s), Ron Ruelle has released a new book featuring the Sunday strips from his At the Zu/Darwin & Co. strips. 

 You can order the book here. And check out the dedication page!  

One last thing before we get to the morning shuffle – Today is the 70th Birthday for the “Cute” Beatle (Paul McCartney) and another Paul (Weller) of The Jam & The Style Council, has released version of  the Beatles’ Birthday which you can download today only on Amazon:


Tonight, we plan to load in a ton of songs into the mix, but before we did, we thought we should take a shuffle through some of the coolest songs in our archives.

Blue Sky Mine the sort-of title track to Midnight Oil’s 1990 album Blue Sky Mining found the Australian band and their politician/activist/environmentalist lead singer offering up a scathing indictment of the greed over people and the planet mentality, and doing so in an amazingly danceable format. 

Don’t Be Cruel was recorded in the summer of 1956 in New York City buy a 21 year old singer from Tupelo, Mississippi named Elvis Aaron Presley.  The song was written by Otis Blackwell. The Jordanaires sang back-up on the record. When my daughter was in 4th Grade, I helped chaperone a trip to Memphis which included a tour of Graceland and accompanying us on the field trip was the grandfather of one of my daughter’s classmates who happened to be Gordon Stoker – one of the original Jordanaires, how cool is that?
And finally, we have Free Man in Paris by Joni Mitchell from her classic 1974 album Court and Spark.
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Midnight Oil Midnight Oil
Midnight Oil

Elvis Don't Be Cruel Framed Record Elvis Don’t Be Cruel Framed Record
This beautifully framed and matted record has been silverized and is presented along with an image of Elvis. High-quality components and hand-cut mats. Black metal frame measures 12″ X 16″. Limited edition of 5,000.Made in the United States

Court and Spark Court and Spark
Court and Spark isJoni Mitchell’s most overt attempt at making a hit record, full ofglossy production, catchy choruses, and even guest stars from everystratum of rock culture, high (Robbie Robertson) and low (Cheech andChong). The record was a smash, reaching number two on the charts inMarch of 1974, spawning three hit singles; Help Me, Free Man in Parisand Raised on Robbery and cementing Mitchell’s position as a commercialas well as an artistic force. Sean Nelson, a well known musician himself (Harvey Danger, the Long Winters), is particularly well equipped to understand all the elements that went into the making of this classic album, and he does so with clarity and wit.

The Disappointment – Damn Righteous (EttG Exclusive)

Sometime in early May, when The Disappointment narrowly defeated Nikki Sue & the Bad News to become our Band of the Month of April, they promised some celebratory goodies for us to share with you.  Well, The Disappointment don’t… come on you think I’m going to use that line… well, but they don’t….

And so, I offer you a exclusive look at the new promo video for the song, The Prince and the Playground from the band’s brand new 5 song release called Damn Righteous, and so without further ado (even though I like ado), here it is:

The Disappointment – The Prince and The Playground (Damn Righteous Promo Video) from The Disappointment on Vimeo.

Pretty cool, huh?  Well, now I  know that you are wondering, ‘So, how do I buy the record?  Well, we got you covered right here:, now you gotta be wondering how do I find out more about this awesome Brooklyn band, guess what? They have an awesome new website:  It’s

And only logical question left is are these guys single…. I don’t know the answer to that question, but I can tell you where to go and ask them.  The Disappointment have a show this coming Friday at The Space Place in Brooklyn and the details are here.


April Band of the Month – Polls finally Opened

You can now vote for the Band of the Month for April 2012.  Due to my sloth busyness  whatever – we have a head to head match between the Brooklyn band – The Disappointment  and New Jersey’s own Nikki Sue & the Bad News.  Vote early and often…  To help you out –

UPDATE: New Video 

 The Disappointment:

Nikki Sue & the Bad News:

Band of the Week: Year 2, Month 5, Week 1ish – The Disappointment

Okay Okay Band of the Week is back after a week off, and we have a surprise – we felt so bad about not having a Band of the Week that we are going to have two this week.  

Our good friends, and previous Band of the Month runners-up The End Men, turned us on to two bands a while back.  The first was The Gypsy West who ended up being our Band of the Month for February.  Now, we present for your listening pleasure The Disappointment.

The Disappointment are from Brooklyn. The make music for the new depression.  Here is how they describe themselves:

the shockingly unique and poetic story of four white males, with beards, living in brooklyn, who like a modern take on rocknroll, blues, and soul music. big surprise. tell your friends.

Here is Technically 17 a demo single. These audacious kids… They done went and made an EP of John Lennon songs called the Plastic Ono EP.  It’s available from Bandcamp also for free.’ll avoid the way too obvious The Disappointment will not disappoint (oops).  Sarcasm and bluesy soulful rock and roll are not an obvious match.  I just mean that soulful, at least theoretically, denotes a level of straight-forwardness… regardless, The Disappointment make it work.  Like The End Men and some of  the other bands coming out of the tri-state area, The Disappointment in spite of their sarcasm play authentic blues-based music which their own style, and they play it well.   

You know the drill go Like, Follow, Stalk or whatever:  I’ll leave you with a live version of Working Class Hero from the aforementioned Plastic Ono EP.

Part two our Band of the Week catch up entry will be on tap tomorrow.

Wednesday Morning Music Shuffle – Payback Mix

Yesterday, I  stopped by someone who had stopped me on the street last week asking for a dollar for the bus. I thought they were going to hit me up again, and I was thinking about the fact that I wasn’t carrying any money, but instead he reached in his pocket and gave me a dollar back.
Some days it rains, but inside I am feeling all sunny.  Some days, the opposite is true.  I like the former, better than the latter. Today is one of those former days, and I’m happy.  One thing I’ve noticed, I love dark music and the blues whether I am happy or not. I’m not sure why.  Maybe, when I down and dark and blue, that music reminds me that I’m not alone in feeling that way, and when I’m  up and light and joyful, the music grounds me and reminds me that everything is temporary.
The music shuffle includes songs I’ve added over the past three or so weeks since the elevator incident.
When Etta James died earlier this month, she left an enduring legacy of great music. At Last, was written in 1941 for a film called Orchestra Wives and recorded by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra. Nearly 20 years, later Ms. James recorded her definitive version of the song on the album of the same name off of the Chess label.

Next up – The Disappointment are yet another kick ass band from Brooklyn – h/t to The End Men for pointing us in the direction of this great band. The song today Well Well Well comes from October 2011’s Plastic Ono EP – which can be yours for free using the widget below (via the band’s bandcamp page) And finally, we have a track from Delta Spirit. It’s called Bushwick Blues and it’s some might fine music in the Americana/Alt-Country/ReallyCoolMusic vein.  The version I listened to today is slightly different than the version available on this album:

The version I have came from a Noisetrade offering that is now unavailable – so if you missed that, grab the album above to hear Bushwick Blues.

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